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Some and Linux
Some apps such as Microsoft Office are available in versions for several different platforms ; others have narrower requirements and are thus called, for example, a Geography application for Windows or an Android application for education or Linux gaming.
Some, like VirtualBox and VMware Player run on Windows and Linux hosts and can run many other operating systems.
Some Linux distributions have enabled privacy extensions as well.
Some Id Software titles ported to Linux are Doom ( the first Id Software game to be ported ), Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Doom 3, Quake 4, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
Some installations use Linux for zSeries to run Web servers, where Linux runs as the operating system within many virtual machines.
Some are PulseAudio, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture ( ALSA ), Open Sound System ( OSS ), and JACK Audio Connection Kit ( JACK ).
Some secure cryptoprocessors can even run general-purpose operating systems such as Linux inside their security boundary.
Some operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X have virtual drive functionality built-in ( such as the loop device ), while others such as Microsoft Windows require additional software.
Some " generic " GDI drivers have been written which make some GDI printers compatible with non-Microsoft operating systems such as Linux, but there is no guarantee that any particular GDI printer will be supported.
Some related utilities are available for Mac OS X and Linux.
Some operating systems, such as OpenBSD with its W ^ X feature, and Linux with the Exec Shield or PaX patches, may also limit the length of the code segment, as specified by the CS register, to disallow execution of code in modifiable regions of the address space.
Some Unix as well as Linux distributions use symbolic links extensively in an effort to reorder the file system hierarchy.
Some operating systems, such as Mac OS X and some Linux distributions, allow administrator accounts which provide greater access while shielding the user from most of the pitfalls of full root access.
Some examples are Window Maker ( which emulates the look and feel of the NeXTstep GUI ), Docky, and Avant Window Navigator, KXDocker ( amongst others ) for KDE and various other gdesklet / adesklets docks, AfterStep's Wharf ( a derivation from the NeXTstep UI ), iTask NG ( a module used with some Enlightenment-based Linux distributions such as gOS ) and Blackbox's Slit.
Some of the " more prominent organizations " involved in OSS development include the Apache Software Foundation, creators of the Apache web server ; a loose affiliation of developers headed by Linus Torvalds, creators of the Linux operating system kernel ; the Eclipse Foundation, home of the Eclipse software development platform ; the Debian Project, creators of the influential Debian GNU / Linux distribution ;
Some are skinable ; The open source Icebreaker's default skin varies radically from JezzBall, using Tux, the Linux mascot, in place of balls.
Some Linux systems such as GoboLinux and Syllable Server use a completely different approach from the FHS.
Some Unix, BSD, and Linux distributions also include DNS-SD functionality.
Some calculators, especially those with other PDA-like functions have actual operating systems including the TI proprietary OS for its more recent machines, MS-DOS, Windows CE, and rarely Windows NT 4. 0 Embedded et seq, and Linux.
Some companies currently manufacturing devices, such as the pcHDTV devices intended for the Linux market, would likely be forced to halt production.
Some have had partial success decoding it using audio tape recorder heads, laptop sound cards, and custom Linux software.
Some Linux users run Linux-based anti-virus software to scan insecure documents and email which comes from or is going to Windows users.

Some and distributions
Some plant species had distributions that were markedly different from succeeding periods ; for example, the Schizeales, a fern order, were skewed to the Northern Hemisphere in the Mesozoic, but are now better represented in the Southern Hemisphere.
Some wave functions produce probability distributions that are constant, or independent of time-such as when in a stationary state of constant energy, time vanishes in the absolute square of the wave function.
Some evaluations monitored fish passage 24 hours a day for over a year, producing estimates of fish entrainment rates, fish sizes, and spatial and temporal distributions.
Some distributions package KStars as a separate application, some just provide a kdeedu package, which includes KStars.
Some continental species also have tiny distributions ; for example the Black-banded Fruit Dove is restricted to a small area of the Arnhem Land of Australia, the Somali Pigeon is restricted to a tiny area of northern Somalia, and Moreno's Ground Dove is restricted to the area around Salta and Tucuman in northern Argentina.
Some correlation statistics, such as the rank correlation coefficient, are also invariant to monotone transformations of the marginal distributions of X and / or Y.
Some practitioners and theorists use the term to encompass representative bodies whose members authentically deliberate on legislation without unequal distributions of power, while others use the term exclusively to refer to decision-making directly by lay citizens, as in direct democracy.
Some species in this genus have quite large natural distributions, one, the Grey-headed Chickadee, is distributed from Scandinavia to Alaska and Canada.
Some bats have distributions that cross the line, but other mammals are generally limited to one side or the other ; an exception is the Crab-eating Macaque.
Some distributions, such as MEPIS, were competitive, and far less expensive.
Some species have highly localized distributions, and being poor fliers, they easily become isolated in small populations.
Some species, such as the Blue-masked Leafbird, have montane distributions, rarely descending below 1000 m.
Some species have more retricted distributions, such as the Yellow-throated Leafbird, which is endemic to the Philippine island of Palawan, and the Bornean Leafbird, restricted to northern Borneo.
Some species of piranha have broad geographic ranges, occurring in more than one of the major basins mentioned above, whereas others appear to have more limited distributions.
Some ( PANAIR, HESS and MACAERO ) were higher order codes, using higher order distributions of surface singularities, while others ( Quadpan, PMARC, USAERO and VSAERO ) used single singularities on each surface panel.
Some distributions are exponential families only if some of their parameters are held fixed.
: Some paleontologists consider " living fossils " with large distributions ( such as Triops cancriformis ) not to be real living fossils.
Some Linux distributions ( such as Debian ) provide the Freedict dictionaries as easily installable packages.
Some attempts have been made at finding a priori probabilities, i. e. probability distributions in some sense logically required by the nature of one's state of uncertainty ; these are a subject of philosophical controversy, with Bayesians being roughly divided into two schools: " objective Bayesians ", who believe such priors exist in many useful situations, and " subjective Bayesians " who believe that in practice priors usually represent subjective judgements of opinion that cannot be rigorously justified ( Williamson 2010 ).

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