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Some and Polish
Some 50, 000 Polish citizens, who after 1920 had been brought into the area by the Polish government after the decision to enlarge the harbour was made, were expelled into the General Government.
Some of them refused to fight against blacks, supporting the principles of liberty ; also, a few Poles ( around 100 ) actually joined the rebels ( Władysław Franciszek Jabłonowski was one of the Polish generals ).
Masurians showed considerable support for the Polish uprising in 1831, and maintained many contacts with Russian-held areas of Poland beyond the border of Prussia, the areas being connected by common culture and language ; before the uprising people visited each other's country fairs and much trade took placw, with smuggling also widespread Some early writers about Masurians-like Max Toeppen-postulated them as mediators between German and Slav cultures.
Some modern historians argue that the insurrection was caused more by economic than by religious issues, such as new taxes for the Church and the militarization of the early Polish polity.
Some of the Polish forces which were fighting the Soviets in the far South of the nation withdrew to Romania.
Some time in 1918 or 1919, Sergiusz Piasecki returned to Belarus, joining Belarusian anti-Soviet units, the " Green Oak " ( in Polish, Zielony Dąb ), led by Ataman Wiaczesław Adamowicz ( pseudonym: J. Dziergacz ).
Some Polish contributions were less visible, and most notably included the prewar and wartime decyphering of German Enigma machine codes by cryptologists Marian Rejewski and his colleagues.
Some other traditions ( e. g., Polish heraldry ) are less restrictive — allowing, for example, all members of a dynastic house or family to use the same arms, although one or more elements may be reserved to the head of the house.
Some Polish refugees from Kraków, following the defeat of the uprising there, invited him to speak at the meeting in November 1847 commemorating the Polish November Uprising of 1830.
Some composers attempted to create a Polish opera ( such as Jan Stefani and Maciej Kamieński ), others imitated foreign composers such as Haydn and Mozart.
Some famous Polish jazz artists are: Krzysztof Komeda, Adam Makowicz, Tomasz Stańko, Michał Urbaniak.
Some of the signs in the shop windows of the ghettoized Jewish population in the film are written in Esperanto, a language which Hitler condemned as a Jewish plot to internationalize and destroy German culture, perhaps because its inventor was a Polish Jew.
Some of these had a political or social context such as the column fragment of Wawel Castle located in its own niche over the upper-left corner of the main entrance, as a visual tribute to Chicago's large Polish populace, the largest such presence outside of the Republic of Poland.
Some time between 11th and 13th century, the town was annexed by the Ruthenians, and Polish princes of the Piast dynasty confirmed it in 1264, when in Tarnów, there was a meeting of Prince Bolesław V the Chaste, and Prince Daniel of Galicia, during which both sides agreed that the border would go between Rzeszów and Czudec ( Rzeszów belonged to Red Ruthenia, while Czudec and Strzyżów to Lesser Poland ).
Some Polish authors emphasize a wider emigration pattern motivated chiefly by economic conditions and the unwillingess of the German minority to live in the Polish state.
Some spurgos are similar to Polish pączki, but some specific recipes, such as cottage cheese doughnuts ( varškės spurgos ), were invented independently.
Some well-known German ( Andreas ), Swiss ( Derib and Cosey ) and Polish ( Grzegorz Rosinski ) authors work almost exclusively for the Franco-Belgian market and publishers.
Some sniper rifles – such as the American Barrett M95, the German WA 2000, the American XM500, the Chinese QBU-88, the Russian Dragunov SVU, and the Polish Bor – use the bullpup layout.
Others: Some subjects fail to fit neatly into any of the these three categories, like the courier to the Polish Government in Exile, Jan Karski.
Some German and Polish craftsmen also arrived, but they brought no food supplies.
Some Polish Hasidic leaders supported Napoleon

Some and linguists
Some linguists ' proposals for grouping within Afroasiatic
Some linguists believe the case for either interpretation is about equally strong ; they have been called the " skeptics ".
Some linguists restrict the double-dot subscript ⟨⟩ to murmured sonorants, such as vowels and nasals, which are murmured throughout their duration, and use the superscript hook-aitch ⟨⟩ for the breathy-voiced release of obstruents.
Some linguists, such as John DeFrancis and J. Marshall Unger have argued that genuine ideographic writing systems with the same capacities as natural languages do not exist.
Some linguists classify Northern Khmer as a separate, but closely related language rather than a dialect.
Some linguists do not differentiate between languages and dialects, i. e. languages are dialects and vice versa.
Some linguists, such as John McWhorter, have analyzed the evolution and construction of basic communication methods such as Pidginization and Creolization.
Some historical linguists presume that all languages go back to a single common ancestor.
Some linguists see this as the earliest arrival of Nostratic languages in the Middle East.
The first steps towards the finalization of Interlingua were taken in 1937, when a committee of 24 eminent linguists from 19 universities published Some Criteria for an International Language and Commentary.
Some other linguists, such as Antoine Meillet, also considered Macedonian dialects as comprising an independent language group distinct from both Bulgarian and Serbian.
Some linguists take an agnostic view.
Some linguists advocated dropping the verb " to be " from the English language, leaving " E Prime ", supposedly less prone to bad abstractions.
Some linguists ( such as Roman Jakobson, Morris Halle, and Noam Chomsky ) consider phonemes to be further decomposable into features, such features being the true minimal constituents of language.
Some linguists ( e. g. Ruhlen 1994 ) claim that this difficulty can be overcome by means of mass comparison and internal reconstruction ( cf.
Some linguists have used the term RP but expressed reservations about its suitability.
Some linguists have come to actually view the numeral as the head in this relationship to fit the rigid right-branching of these languages.
Some linguists believe the Turkic languages to be a part of a larger Altaic language family.
Some linguists point out strong similarities in the pronouns of Uralic and Altaic languages.
Some linguists maintain that Uralic and Altaic are related through a larger family, such as Eurasiatic or Nostratic, within which Uralic and Altaic are no more closely related to each other than either is to any other member of the proposed family, for instance than Uralic or Altaic is to Indo-European ( e. g. Greenberg 2000: 17 ).
Some modern linguists have suggested that the two variant Greek Keltoi and Galatai have a common origin.
Some linguists have argued that it was the more-common Low Malay that formed the base of the Indonesian language.
Some other linguists have argued, however, that some of these properties have been misanalyzed, and that others are actually expected under current theories of Universal Grammar.
Some modern linguists derive it and its Greek root from the Proto-Indo-European root * tel, ' to uphold, support '; others suggest that it is a pre-Indo-European name.

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