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Some and academics
Some academics prefer to transliterate the term as Khalīfah.
Some academics believe that the term Indian should be considered outdated or offensive.
Some mainstream academics also argue the Oxford theory is based on simple snobbishness: that anti-Stratfordians reject the idea that the son of a mere tradesman could write the plays and poems of Shakespeare.
Some film academics have noted film ’ s great illusory abilities.
Some academics studying the subject have divided religions into three broad categories:
Some academics believe that scientific colleagues who suspect scientific misconduct should consider taking informal action themselves, or reporting their concerns.
Some academics suggest that the control of serfs was the root of domestic stagnation.
Some academics ( such as Thomas Alured Faunce ) feel that whistleblowers should at least be entitled to a rebuttable presumption that they are attempting to apply ethical principles in the face of obstacles and that whistleblowing would be more respected in governance systems if it had a firmer academic basis in virtue ethics.
Some academics and scholars have deemed her frivolous and superficial, and have attributed the start of the French Revolution to her ; however, others have claimed that she was treated unjustly and that views of her ought be more sympathetic.
Some contemporary anarchists agree, including the academics Cindy Milstein, David Graeber, and Peter Staudenmeier.
" Some academics consider genocide as a subset of " murderous ethnic cleansing.
Some universities and other institutional employers of scientists, physicians, and / or academics offer the opportunity to qualify for paid sabbatical as an employee benefit, called sabbatical leave.
Some academics have explored Umberto's possible homosexuality.
Some academics have linked the reclamation of the symbol with the publication, in the early 1970s, of concentration camp survivor Heinz Heger's memoir, Men with the pink triangle.
Some of these supplemental programs include: Student Assistance Program for students who may be struggling with other areas in their life and not just academics.
Some American boarding schools offer a post-graduate year of study in order to help students prepare for college entrance, most commonly to assimilate foreign students to American culture and academics before college.
Some academics claim the CER is a valuable value-based measure of innovation which accords truly significant advances in therapy ( those that provide ' health gain ') higher prices than free market mechanisms.
Some academics, such as David Lowenthal, have critiqued the way in which these histories are constantly culturally and socially reconstructed and condemned the " commercial debasement " of sites such as the Tower of London.
Some academics have questioned the accuracy of the Reports.
Some academics consider burglary as an inchoate crime.
Some academics make the case that revenues should be disposed as a direct transfer payments to former road users.
Some experts and academics have questioned the use of robots for military combat, especially when such robots are given some degree of autonomous functions.
Some academics have criticised the usage of the word radical because of its supposed ambiguity.
Some academics consider American society sociologically and economically fragmented in such a manner that no clear class distinctions can be made.
Some of them were opposition supporters, and some of them were former academics.

Some and assert
Some sources state that At < sub > 2 </ sub > does not exist, or at least has never been observed, while other sources assert or imply its existence.
Some Buddhist scholars assert words are inadequate to describe the goal of the Buddhist path, but concerning the usefulness of words in the path itself, schools differ radically.
Some modern scholars assert that the Tyrsenian languages are distantly related to the Indo-European family.
Some years after the 1900-1901 publication of his main work, the Logische Untersuchungen ( Logical Investigations ), Husserl made some key conceptual elaborations which led him to assert that in order to study the structure of consciousness, one would have to distinguish between the act of consciousness and the phenomena at which it is directed ( the objects as intended ).
Some say that speech in tongues was " not understood by the speaker " Others assert that " the tongues-speaker normally understood his own foreign-language message ".
Some scholars assert that the gospel teaches that salvation can only be achieved through revealed wisdom, specifically belief in ( literally belief into ) Jesus.
Some scholars assert that the Sheol mentioned in Isaiah 38: 18, Psalm 6: 5 and Job 7: 7-10 was an earlier concept than Heaven, but this theory is not universally held.
Some scholars are critical of Neusner's methodology, and assert that many of his arguments are circular or attempt to prove " negative assumptions " from a lack of evidence ( e. g., Cohen, Evans, Maccoby, Poirier, Sanders ).
Some philosophers assert that property rights arise from social convention, while others find justifications for them in morality or natural law.
Some of the language in April's KSČ Action Programme may have been chosen to assert that no counter-revolution was planned, but Kieran Williams suggests that Dubček was perhaps surprised at, but not resentful of, Soviet suggestions.
" Some experts assert that in fact the right to privacy " should not be defined as a separate legal right " at all.
Some scholars assert that critical verses in the New Testament have been used to incite prejudice and violence against Jewish people.
Some environmentalists assert that ( re ) introducing predators would achieve the same end with greater efficiency and less negative effect, such as introducing significant amounts of free lead into the environment and food chain.
Some linguistic scholars assert that the term " Kurdish " has been applied extrinsically in describing the language the Kurds speak, while Kurds have used the word " Kurdish " to simply describe their ethnic or national identity and refer to their language as Kurmanji, Sorani, Hewrami, Kermanshahi, Kalhery or whatever other dialect or language they speak.
Some cite design limitations and a lack of methodological rigor, while others assert that the quality is improving and that when suitable assessment criteria are applied, scientific evidence supports the therapeutic value of meditation.
Some cite design limitations and a lack of methodological rigor, while others assert that the quality is improving and that when suitable assessment criteria are applied, scientific evidence supports the therapeutic value of meditation.
Some of them assert that the great power he wielded was not his own personal achievement, but that of the dynasty he represented ; they also argue that, since Byzantine imperial power declined catastrophically after Manuel's death, it is only natural to look for the causes of this decline in his reign.
Some compatibilists assert that determinism is not just compatible with free will, but actually necessary for it ; that the randomness of indeterminism is a greater obstacle to free will.
Some assert that it was Ottawa artist Arthur II who joined the band to play drums and that, at best, Aykroyd was a member of the audience.
Some Muslim scholars assert that this prohibition actually addresses only the abuse of alcohol, but they do not have sufficient numbers or authority to override the familiar total prohibition.
Some adherents of monotheistic religions assert that miracles, if established, are evidence for the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent God.
Some researchers assert that most Russians today have come to regret the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Some local historians consider that the settlement pre-dates Odessa by about thirty years and assert that the locality was founded by Moldavians who came to build the fortress of Yeni Dunia for the Ottomans and eventually settled in the area in the late 1760s, right next to the settlement of Khadjibey ( since 1795 Odessa proper ), on what later became the Prymorsky Boulevard.
Some Christian groups such as Catholics believe that faith is necessary for salvation but not sufficient ; that is, they assert that sola fide is an error because, in addition to believing, God also requires obedience and acts of love and charity as a prerequisite for acceptance into His kingdom, and for the reward of eternal life.
:" Some of the faction of the Sicarion ... not content with having saved themselves, again embarked on new revolutionary scheming, persuading those that received them there to assert their freedom, to esteem the Romans as no better than themselves and to look upon God as their only Lord and Master " ( quoted by Eisenman, p 180 ).

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