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Some and adaptations
Some of these have specific adaptations such as enlarged teeth for biting or spines on the chest, arms or thumbs.
Some 20th-century ethnologists, like Julian Steward, have instead argued that such similarities reflected similar adaptations to similar environments ( see cultural evolution ).
Some evolutionary psychologists apply the same thinking to psychology, arguing that the mind has a modular structure similar to that of the body, with different modular adaptations serving different functions.
Some adaptations of weighted reference counting seek to avoid this by attempting to give weight back from a dying reference to one which is still active.
Some Arctic species like Gynaephora groenlandica have special basking and aggregation behaviours apart from physiological adaptations to remain in a dormant state.
Some must consume other fish that are the same size or larger than them and they need adaptations to help digest them efficiently.
Some were written directly for the series, but most were adaptations of already published stories.
* Some issues of Marvel Fanfare feature adaptations of the Mowgli stories by Gil Kane.
Some of the early Soviet children's prose was loose adaptations of foreign fairy tales unknown in contemporary Russia.
Some of these practitioners have made contributions and adaptations completely unforeseen by Bohm himself, making the subject of " Bohm Dialogue " much greater than the dialogue theory Bohm himself originally established, which, Don Factor believes, would have delighted him if he were still alive.
Some adaptations show him conspiring with Claudius in the murder of King Hamlet.
Some of these adaptations include unique hemoglobin-binding enzymes, doubled nitric oxide production, hearts that can utilize glucose, and lungs with an increased sensitivity to low oxygen.
Some of the best known adaptations are:
Some of them are direct adaptations of several video games from KOF ' 94 to KOF ' 00.
Some of the smallpipe tunes in Peacock's book, from the early 19th century, are in the Lydian mode, with a tonic of c, but with one sharp in the key signature ; these-' Bobby Shaftoe ' is one-make more musical sense in the major mode with an f natural, viewed as adaptations from originals for Border pipes.
Some adaptations have made Goblins distinct from Orcs.
Some of Tyne Tees best known programming includes the groundbreaking music show The Tube, critically acclaimed adaptations of Catherine Cookson novels, and children's programmes such as Supergran.
Some of the additional packages were adaptations for netbooks and notebooks.
Some of the stories he appeared in include adaptations of Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong 64, as well as original stories.
Some of our bodily features-eyebrows, beards and moustaches, deep adult male voices, perhaps female breasts-strongly resemble adaptations to producing signals.
Some of their adaptations were unlike those seen in their living relatives.
Some of the memorable adaptations include Daphne du Maurier's " The Birds ", Carl Stephenson's " Leiningen Versus the Ants " ( filmed in 1954 as " The Naked Jungle ", Algernon Blackwood's " Confession ", Ray Bradbury's oft-reprinted " Mars Is Heaven ", George R. Stewart's Earth Abides ( the program's only two-parter ), Richard Connell's " The Most Dangerous Game " and F. Scott Fitzgerald's " The Diamond as Big as the Ritz ".
Some of the fan websites have even been granted exclusive interviews with key members of the Harry Potter cast ; in 2011, TheHPFan conducted a popular interview with Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley in the film adaptations of the books.
Some of them ( especially after the introduction of the Boss Borot ), were heavy on slapstick and jokes, even to the point of making fun of the hero and the villains ; others carried strong melodramatic touches ( this characteristic of heavy satire humor and melodrama were in fact staples of almost all of Go Nagai's creations in manga, even before their adaptations to the small screen ).

Some and Latin
Some writers, such as James-Charles Noonan, hold that, in the case of cardinals, the form used for signatures should be used also when referring to them, even in English ; and this is the usual but not the only way of referring to cardinals in Latin .< ref > An Internet search will uncover some hundreds of examples of " Cardinalis Ioannes < surname >", examples modern and centuries-old ( such as this from 1620 ), and the phrase " dominus cardinalis Petrus Caputius " is found in a document of 1250.
Some small improvements were made to law and court procedure, for example all court proceedings were now conducted in English rather than in Law French or Latin.
Some countries have more particular naming for their missions and staff: a Vatican mission is headed by a nuncio ( Latin " envoy ") and consequently known as an apostolic nunciature.
Some of them resembled a modern lowercase Latin " e ", some a " 6 " with a connecting stroke to the next letter starting from the middle, and some a combination of two small " c "- like curves.
Some authorities claim the word derives from the Late Latin phrase forestam silvam, meaning " the outer wood "; others claim the term is a latinisation of the Frankish word * forhist " forest, wooded country ", assimilated to forestam silvam ( a common practise among Frankish scribes ).
Some manual representations of non-Roman scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, Devanagari, Hebrew, Greek, Thai and Russian alphabets are based to some extent on the one-handed Latin alphabet described above.
Some printed editions of Ars Minor, a schoolbook on Latin grammar by Aelius Donatus may have been printed by Gutenberg ; these have been dated either 1451 – 52 or 1455.
Some guitarists incorporate a Latin jazz influence, acid jazz-style dance club music uses samples from Wes Montgomery, and guitarists such as Bill Frisell continue to defy categorization.
Some consider Justinian the " Last of the Romans ," for he was the last Roman Emperor to speak Latin.
Some scholars have suggested it is relevant to this debate that the legendary King Arthur's name only appears as Arthur, or Arturus, in early Latin Arthurian texts, never as Artōrius ( though it should be noted that Classical Latin Artōrius became Arturius in some Vulgar Latin dialects ).
Some earlier Latin poets tried to make up for this deficiency by creating new compound words, as the Greeks had done.
Some commentaries suggest that the name is derived from the Latin name, meaning ' man from Lucania, ( a region of Italy ).
* Some modern dictionaries and coursebooks of classical Greek and Latin, where the macron is sometimes used in conjunction with the breve.
Some of the earliest origins of minestrone soup pre-date the expansion of the Latin tribes of Rome into what became the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire, when the local diet was " vegetarian by necessity " and consisted mostly of vegetables, such as onions, lentils, cabbage, garlic, fava beans, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and turnips.
Some use natural law synonymously with natural justice or natural right ( Latin ius naturale )
Some sources suggest that construction of the canal would enable Nicaragua to become one of the wealthiest countries in Central America, and one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America in per capita terms.
Some pubs also have Latin inscriptions.
Some traditional Catholics have used the term following Vatican II, particularly in defence of the Latin mass and sacred tradition.
Some of them migrated to the north of the peninsula in times of persecution bringing elements of the styles, food and agricultural practices learned from the Moors, while they continued practicing their Christianity with older forms of Catholic worship and their own versions of the Latin language.
Some offer a classical education ( Latin, Greek ), while others concentrate on economics and the like.
* Some Latin Christian authors, such as Tertullian and Augustine, followed Varro's threefold usage, though Augustine also used the term more simply to mean ' reasoning or discussion concerning the deity '

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