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Some and adventure
Some of the oldest and most widespread stories in the world are stories of adventure such as Homer's The Odyssey.
Some English government officials felt that Louis Bonaparte was seeking foreign adventure in the spirit of his uncle — Napoleon I. Consequently, these officials felt that any close association with Louis Bonaparte would eventually lead Britain into another series of wars, like the wars with France and Napoleon dating from 1793 until 1815.
Some revenue has been realized from ecotourism ; the World Discoverer, an adventure cruise ship operated by Society Expeditions, visited the island once or twice annually for several years in the mid-1990s.
Some identify the love adventure at Siena that Aeneas related in his romance The Tale of the Two Lovers with an escapade of the chancellor.
Some of these books, such as The Number of the Beast and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, start out as tightly constructed adventure stories, but transform into philosophical fantasias at the end.
Some echoes of the Euripidean Oedipus have been traced also in a scene of Seneca's Oedipus ( see below ), in which Oedipus himself describes to Jocasta his adventure with the Sphinx.
Some national Scouting associations have special interest programs such as Air Scouts, Sea Scouts, outdoor high adventure, Scouting bands, and rider scouts.
Some reviewers have likened Ico to older, simpler adventure games such as Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider, that seek to evoke an emotional experience from the player ; IGNs David Smith commented that while simple, as an experience the game was " near indescribable.
Some reviewers criticized the game's similarities to other contemporary games and its slowness in places, but praised the game's graphics and its role-playing adventure and combat aspects.
Some of his stories incorporated elements of ratiocination, sleuthing, mystery and crime within stories of adventure, intrigue, the bizarre and the grotesque-though in his time this did not yet become a distinct genre on its own.
Some felt it was more of an action game than an adventure game, others worried that ScummVM, being geared towards bitmapped graphics, really was not the ideal platform for a polygon-based game.
Some choose to park in locations without camping sites for a variety of reasons, including saving money, more choice of location, isolation, privacy, adventure, more self-sufficiency and to be nearer a target location.
Some parallels to elements and incidents in Norse mythology have been detected in the tale, and the trappings of Jack's last adventure with the giant Galigantus suggest parallels with French and Breton fairy tales.
Some time later, Nightcrawler fought Shagreen the Sorcerer, and became lost in various dimensions in his first major solo adventure.
Some waterparks are more spa-oriented ; e. g. Schwaben Quellen, a member of European Waterparks Association ( EWA ) has no water slides, but instead has many saunas, steam rooms, " adventure showers ", and relaxation-oriented water play areas.
Some, such as James B. Harris ( Ranpo's first translator into English ), have erroneously called this the first piece of modern mystery fiction by a Japanese writer, but well before Ranpo entered the literary scene in 1923, a number of other modern Japanese authors such as Ruikō Kuroiwa, Kidō Okamoto, Jun ' ichirō Tanizaki, Haruo Satō, and Kaita Murayama had incorporated elements of sleuthing, mystery, and crime within stories involving adventure, intrigue, the bizarre, and the grotesque.
Some time later, Joan is back in New York City, delivering a new manuscript based on her adventure, and her publisher, Gloria ( Holland Taylor ), loves it.
Some point to the two-day Karrimor International Mountain Marathon, first held in 1968 as the birth of modern adventure racing.
Some found themselves suffering recurring injuries, and enjoy the cross-training adventure racing demands.
Some puzzles, although logical, are very simplistic-while in many adventure games ( even on more adult adventures ) the solution to pass by a NPC is working around him ( by distracting or giving some object ), in Dreamweb the use of a gun is quite common and the assassination of other characters frequent, sometimes with gory results.
Some of these sponsorships includes the PERT ( Petronas EON Rally Team ), the now defunct Foggy Petronas Superbike team ( in which PETRONAS debutes their own superbike, the FP1 ), and also the Petronas Adventure Team, a 4X4 adventure team.
Some obscure forms of adventure travel include disaster and ghetto tourism.
Some adventure travel destinations offer diverse programs and job opportunities developed specifically for the disabled.
Some notable ones ( which, unlike Dragon's Lair, are considered adventure games ) are Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, Voyeur, Star Trek: Klingon, Star Trek: Borg, Ripper, Black Dahlia, The X-Files Game, Phantasmagoria, Bad Day on the Midway and The Dark Eye.
Some of his most well known voice roles have been villainous pirate LeChuck from the Monkey Island series of adventure games.

Some and recreation
Some recreation features, such as scenic values and water interest, also have greater overall value than other interests.
Some sites are occasionally used by substance abusers for either recreation or disposal, and there may be used and / or infected syringe needles en route, such as those commonly used with heroin.
Some inline skates, especially those for recreation, have a " stop " or " brake " which is used to slow down while skating ; most have a heel stop rather than the toe stop, particularly indispensable for inline figure skating.
Some residents of Lowell live on Buell island, but the island is mostly used for recreation at Buell Park.
Some assert that the dialect was created by the women, children, and young men in the hop fields and sheep shearing sheds as a means of recreation, and that it spread through the community as the children continued using it when they grew up.
Some of the facilities available for the employees include a convenience store, a food court, an occupational health centre, a gym, a sports & recreation centre and a day care centre.
Some areas of the Yakama Nation are open for recreation, while other areas are open only to members of the tribe.
Some of his work features photographs of " pre-to barely pubescent boys " ( Art in America, Dec, 2001 ) in elaborately staged tableau settings, commonly showing multiple boys wearing traditional private school uniforms either engaged in school-life or recreation after school — but with often transgressive and erotic twists in their activities.
Some zip lines are used for transportation while others are purely for recreation and amusement.
Some national recreation areas are under the National Park Service ( Interior ), one under the Bureau of Land Management ( Interior ), and others are managed by the U. S. Forest Service ( Agriculture ).
Some also provide service to popular week-end getaway spots, and recreation areas.
Some years later, a large-scale reality warp originating on Earth-616 resulted in the recreation of the exterminated Earth-616 Jaspers and Fury as a single combined being.
Some links of the Emerald Necklace not only offer an opportunity for recreation in a wooded environment, but are also ecologically important urban wilds that provide nesting places for migratory birds and improve the air quality of the city.
Some areas along the Shubenacadie Canal are popular outdoor recreation areas for the Halifax Regional Municipality, including:
Some other missions are power generation, recreation, and wildlife management.
Some of the facilities and infrastructures include: shops, mobile library, community hall, children's play centre, pub, health centre, St. Andrew's Church ( with its A2 Youth & Community Centre ), Lakers Youth Centre, Waitrose supermarket, garage, lake, recreation grounds, field hockey pitch, football pitch, cricket pitch, offices, trading estate, chemist, hairdressers, scout and Guide hall, canal, recycling facilities, children's playgrounds, basketball court, skateboard area, skateboard ramp.
Some community centres are squatted, sometimes rented buildings, mostly in Europe, which have been made into organizing centres for community activities, support networks, and institutional initiatives such as free kitchens, free shops, public computer labs, graffiti murals, free housing for activists and travelers, recreation, public meetings, legal collectives, and spaces for dances, performances and art exhibitions.

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