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Some and ancient
Some areas may provide archeological values such as ancient Indian village sites or hunting areas, caves, artifacts, etcetera.
Some time later the missing part of the relic was found and the complete inscription, together with other new evidence, fully corroborated the ancient priest's information.
Some sources mention the use of an abacus called a nepohualtzintzin in ancient Mayan culture.
Some ancient cultures used lime-based cement for the plaster to protect against rain damage.
* Some ancient Egyptian statues of Anubis read ,"... I am death ... I eat ambrosia and drink blood ..." which hints that ambrosia is a food of some sort.
Some of the fragments quoted by ancient scholars were able to be integrated by scholars in the nineteenth century.
Some scholars contend that the most ancient and genuine story told of only four sons of Aeolus: Sisyphus, Athamas, Cretheus, and Salmoneus, as the representatives of the four main branches of the Aeolic race.
Some ancient writers viewed Atlantis as fiction while others believed it was real.
Some remains of the ancient baths have been discovered ( S. Mandruzzato, Trattato dei Bagni d ' Abano, Padua, 1789 ).
Some of the ancient names of this body of water include Sindhu Sagar ( meaning " Sea of Sindh " in Sanskrit ) and Erythraean Sea.
Some celebrate in a way as near as possible to how the ancient Gaels did, while others observe the holiday with rituals taken from sundry unrelated sources, Gaelic culture being only one of the sources used.
Some of the better-known ancient law codes include the code of Lipit-Ishtar of Isin, the code of Hammurabi of Babylonia, the Hittite code, the Assyrian code and Mosaic law.
Some modern scholars claim the universality of the accusations in ancient texts lends credence to the crime.
Some of the most elaborate columns in the ancient world were those of the Persians, especially the massive stone columns erected in Persepolis.
Some Biblical scholars interpret Genesis 19: 5 as indicating that homosexual activity led to the destruction of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Some scholars have argued that the Book of Revelation incorporates imagery from ancient mythology.
The Bible describes Jesus ' tomb as being outside the city wall, as was normal for burials across the ancient world, which were regarded as unclean, but the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in the heart of Hadrian's city, well within the Old City walls, which were built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538 Some have claimed that the city had been much narrower in Jesus ' time, with the site then having been outside the walls ; since Herod Agrippa ( 41 – 44 ) is recorded by history as extending the city to the north ( beyond the present northern walls ), the required repositioning of the western wall is traditionally attributed to him as well.
Some scholars have suggested that some ancient and religious texts bear similarities to what would later be called detective fiction.
Some writers and dachshund experts have theorized that the early roots of the dachshund go back to ancient Egypt, where engravings were made featuring short-legged hunting dogs.
Some of the symbolism within the coronation ceremony for British monarchs, in which they are anointed with holy oils by the Archbishop of Canterbury, thereby ordaining them to monarchy, perpetuates the ancient Roman Catholic monarchical ideas and ceremonial ( although few Protestants realize this, the ceremony is nearly entirely based upon that of the Coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor ).
Some ancient scholars attributed ninety-five plays to him but according to the Suda it was ninety-two at most.
Some of this work employed infrared technology — previously used for satellite imaging — to detect previously unknown material by Euripides in fragments of the Oxyrhynchus papyri, a collection of ancient manuscripts held by the university.
Some ancient sources, such as Hippolytus, and some modern scholars consider that the epistle " from Laodicea " was never a lost epistle, but simply Paul recycling one of his other letters ( the most common candidate is the contemporary Letter to the Ephesians ), just as he asks for the copying and forwarding of the Letter to Colossians to Laodicea.
Some ancient authorities in the doxographic tradition credited the Greek philosophers Pythagoras, in the 6th century BC, and Parmenides, in the 5th, with recognizing that the Earth is spherical.
Some dishes can be traced back to ancient Greece: lentil soup, fasolada, retsina ( white or rosé wine flavored with pine resin ) and pasteli ( candy bar with sesame seeds baked with honey ); some to the Hellenistic and Roman periods: loukaniko ( dried pork sausage ); and Byzantium: feta cheese, avgotaraho ( cured fish roe ) and paximadi ( traditional hard bread baked from corn, barley and rye ).

Some and yoga
Some observers describe the figure as sitting in a traditional cross-legged yoga pose with its hands resting on its knees.
Some of these scenes are a transparent inside a church with someone walking by, a black man praying, a monk sitting while a bird flies off his stick, the same monk walking by the river, a bird flying by a sunset, more children ( similar to the final scene in " That Place "), crows flying above a river, two men rowing their boat in that river, a woman praying in the Ganges River, two men doing yoga, another monk, and a temple in Nepal.
Some sportsmen and professional dancers claim to prefer Bikram yoga, because proponents argue it has injury-healing, emotion-strengthening, toxin-flushing, weight-managing, and career-extending effects though no concrete peer reviewed evidence has arisen to back up a single one of these claims.
Some instructors encourage sipping water during the class ; most recommend not eating heavy food 3 hours before doing hot yoga.
Some teachers have even begun to incorporate stress-reduction techniques such as yoga and deep-breathing.
Some observers describe the figure as sitting in a traditional cross-legged yoga pose with its hands resting on its knees.
Some of her hobbies include writing, Ninjitsu, horseback riding, surfing, yoga, skiing and spending time with her big brother, Shane.
Some scholars distinguish between hatha and rāja yoga varieties of prāṇāyāma, with the former variety usually prescribed for the beginner.
Some of them are actively involved in propagating ayurveda, yoga, Indian classical music and the Hindi language.
Some of Krishnamacharya's students include many of yoga ’ s most renowned teachers: his son T. K. V.
Some of the dialogue occurs while Stirling is demonstrating yoga and standing on his head while conversing with Smallwood.
Some of the programs being offered at this YMCA include playgym and swim lessons for preschoolers, gymnastics, karate, swimming and basketball programs for children, and aerobics, yoga and aquafit for adults.
Some examples of workshops now are: gestalt therapy, massage, politics, meditation, yoga, polyamory, mud-brick construction, geodesic domes, tantra, self-sufficiency, paganism, vegetarianism and music.
Some observers describe the figure as sitting in a traditional cross-legged yoga pose with its hands resting on its knees.
Some proponents regard NIA as a body-mind-spirit exercise like yoga.

Some and masters
Some masters use different systems, or even no system at all.
Some Rosicrucians include Francis Bacon among their masters and trace their origins back to the time of Thutmosis III.
Some critics class him with Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujirō Ozu as one of the masters of Japanese cinema.
Some of the writings of Paul, especially in Ephesians, instruct slaves to remain obedient to their masters.
Some ex-slaves moved to towns and villages, feeling that field labor was degrading and inconsistent with freedom, but others pooled their resources to purchase the abandoned estates of their former masters and created village communities.
Some of the masters have been identified by John James, and drafts of these studies have been published on the web site of the International Centre of Medieval Art, New York, accessible in pdf format at http :// medievalart. org /? page_id = 214.
Some mythic masters like Musaeus, and Thamyris were believed to have been born in Thrace, another place of extensive Greek colonization.
Some schools and masters claim to be " the only true and legitimate heirs " of the art, but ninjutsu is not totally centralized like modernized martial arts such as judo, karate or taekwondo.
Some masters demanded market rates ; others set a lower amount in consideration of service.
Some masters, such as those found inside custom ASICs may not support clock stretching ; often these devices will be labeled as a " two-wire interface " and not I²C.
Some races call for for youth or masters events.
Some real-time operating systems prohibit peripherals from becoming bus masters, because the scheduler can no longer arbitrate for the bus and hence cannot provide deterministic latency.
Some careers in horticultural science require a masters ( MS ) or doctoral ( PhD ) degree.
Some German combat manuals have sections dedicated to flamboyant techniques to be employed in such Klopffechten (" knockabout fighting "), which would be impractical in serious combat, and the Late Medieval German masters distinguish mock fights ( fechten zu schimpf ) and real combat ( fechten zu ernst ).
Some were pressed from masters leased from European labels, others were recorded by Okeh in New York.
Some Lincoln issues were pressed from Cameo masters, although the name of the band which recorded for Cameo was usually changed to a pseudonym so that the Lincolns would not compete with those on Cameo.
Some universities require a masters degree in order to progress to a doctoral program ( PhD ).
Some consider Shiki to be one of the four great haiku masters, the others being: Matsuo Bashō, Yosa Buson and Kobayashi Issa.
Some of the greatest djembe masters from Segu, Mali came to Tambacounda in the mid 1900's, bringing with them their history, knowledge, and secrets of the djembe.
Some Bulgarians, primarily masters and craftsmen, were forcibly moved to Sarai and other southern cities of the Golden Horde.
Some Buddhist masters assert that Kalachakra is the most advanced form of Vajrayana practice ; it certainly is one of the most complex systems within tantric Buddhism.
Some of Abulafia ’ s mystic ways were adapted by the Ashkenazic Hasidic masters.
Some masters hired out their slaves and allowed them to keep a portion of their earnings.
Some speculate that this intense bonding arose in the breed because the dogs were selected to work in proximity to their masters on small fishing boats, unlike other working dogs such as herding dogs and water dogs that range out to perform tasks.
Some kris are rumored to stand upright when their real names are called by their masters.

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