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Some and Democrats
Some independent Social Democrats contested the October 1974 and 1979 General Elections, but none were elected.
Some people, for the most part Democrats, joined the far-left Populist Party.
Some say this was the result of a political deal, the so-called Compromise of 1877 whereby the Democrats agreed to Hayes's election and he agreed to withdraw all federal troops in the South, bringing an end to Republican Reconstruction in the South.
Some white Democrats, however, have continued to win some public offices in the parish, including Sheriff Rickey A. Jones and several school board members.
Some political observers see these efforts as an attempt to reinforce support from Hispanics, labor union members and liberal Democrats.
Some elements of the Tea Party fit this sketch, but many other independents and Democrats could fall into the same category as well.
Some Eastern Democrats called for total annexation of Mexico and claimed that some Mexican liberals would welcome this, but Pres.
Some former The Wall Street Journal reporters have said that since Rupert Murdoch bought the paper, news stories have been edited to adopt a more conservative tone, critical of Democrats.
Some political parties such as the English Democrats Party want a full English parliament.
Some politicians of the Alliance of Free Democrats and Hungarian Socialist Party parties have argued for the introduction of marriage for same-sex couples.
Some Democrats feared Wallace's appeal to organized blue-collar workers would damage Humphrey in northern states like Ohio, New Jersey, and Michigan.
Some argued that Ralph Nader was drawing support from left leaning Democrats that would otherwise vote for Al Gore.
Some wartime radicals had been conservative Democrats before the war, often taking proslavery positions.
Some people in Britain, mostly associated with the Liberal Democrats, have called for a new " Great Reform Act " to introduce electoral changes they favour.
Some members of the Waffle remained New Democrats but Laxer, Watkins and the bulk of members quit the NDP in 1972 and continued the Waffle under the official name, the Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada, but still commonly referred to as the Waffle.
Some historians argue that the assurances offered to some Southern Democrats to prevent a filibuster were not a " compromise " but a foregone conclusion.
Some who would typically vote Labor voted instead for the Greens and the Democrats in protest against what they saw as the ALP's complicity.
Some Democrats pitched in to keep the issue alive as they recognized the issue was deeply dividing the Republican party between advocates of reform and advocates of the status quo.
Some pro-life Democrats feel that abortion should be strictly illegal under all conditions except instances in which the mother's life is in danger.
Some Democrats are members of both the Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democratic Coalition, as was former Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.
Some leading Democrats had tried to convince Taylor to stand aside and not seek the position in deference to Moore, who was the state's Attorney General and who was also a Gulf Coast resident, but Taylor doubled Moore's vote total on the first ballot.
Some believe that Governor Schweiker would easily have won that campaign given his strong appeal to rural Democrats in southwestern Pennsylvania as well as moderate voters in his home region of southeastern Pennsylvania.
Some Democrats supported Charles O ' Conor, who ran for President on the Straight-Out Democratic ticket.
Some Social Democrats opposed it.

Some and saw
Some expressed incomprehension or even hostility, varying from a rejection by the archaeological mainstream of what they saw as an archaeoastronomical fringe to an incomprehension between the cultural focus of archaeologists and the quantitative focus of early archaeoastronomers.
Some saw the 1891 team — the first sanctioned by the Rugby Football Union — as the English national team, though others referred to it as " the British Isles ".
Some saw this as the United Kingdom meddling in the territory's affairs to benefit itself ( and the EU ), at the expense of the islands ' economy.
" Some commentators have questioned whether Thatcherism was consistent with the traditional concept of conservatism in the United Kingdom, and saw her views as more consistent with radical classical liberalism.
Some early digs merely saw labourers haul away tons of materials with little regard to anything that was not of immediate economic value.
Some saw Christianity, with its ritual of baptism, as a mystery religion.
Some saw the banning of n3td3v as an attack on freedom of speech in an email post to the list August 31 2009, while others accuse him of being an internet troll.
Some Christian theologians ( particularly neo-Scholastics ) saw Cantor's work as a challenge to the uniqueness of the absolute infinity in the nature of God — on one occasion equating the theory of transfinite numbers with pantheism — a proposition which Cantor vigorously rejected.
Some East Germans saw the state as illegitimate, artificial, a Stalinist puppet regime, and they opposed the dominance of the Socialist Unity Party while viewing West Germany as more socially and politically ' attractive '.
Some scientists speculated they saw a " little man " ( homunculus ) inside each sperm.
Some Liberals soon became dissatisfied by what they saw as Holt's weak leadership.
Some have read dark overtones into The Radiant City: from the " astonishingly beautiful assemblage of buildings " that was Stockholm, for example, Le Corbusier saw only “ frightening chaos and saddening monotony .” He dreamed of " cleaning and purging " the city, bringing " a calm and powerful architecture "— referring to steel, plate glass, and reinforced concrete.
Some of the other members of Minor Threat, Jeff Nelson in particular, took exception to what they saw as MacKaye's imperious attitude on the song.
Some saw players file down the teeth for added comfort.
Some artists have composed music specifically for the musical saw.
: Some children saw Nasreddin coming from the vineyard with two basketfuls of grapes loaded on his donkey.
Some authors saw the latter as languages which had not yet completely evolved to full Bantu status, whereas others regarded them as languages which had partly lost original features still found in Bantu.
Some communities saw decreased social problems and others did not.
Some US critics saw this as an attempt by the royal family to placate the kingdom ’ s Islamist radicals.
Some were later involved in his usurpation with the Whigs, which they saw as defending the Anglican Church.
* Some Eastern European economies struggled after the fall of communism, but Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania saw healthy economic growth rates in the late 1990s.
Some National Socialist education officials viewed him as a rival, while others saw his efforts as comical.
Some countries, such as Spain and Russia, saw the advantages of harmonising their units of measure with those of their trading partners.
Some of acquired technologies ( such as Flip from Pure Digital ) saw their product lines terminated.

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