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Some and attribute
Some attribute the poor play in the World Series to the long lay off from the NLCS.
Some applications ( but not XML or SGML parsers themselves ) also allow referencing notations indirectly by naming them in the < tt >" URN: name "</ tt > value of a standard CDATA attribute, everywhere a URI can be specified.
Some incorrectly attribute the first recording to Eddie Durham, but his recording with the Kansas City Five was 15 days later.
Some people attribute this poor performance to the reluctance of the campaign to cater to the prevalent mood of nationalism and patriotism, instead focusing on subjects such as global warming.
Some historians attribute this dramatic decline to his surprise and chagrin over the Sino-Indian War, which he perceived as a betrayal of trust.
Some servers support an operational attribute whose value indicates whether an entry has any subordinate entries, and some servers support an operational attribute indicating the number of entries subordinate to the entry containing the attribute.
Some scholars attribute to Luke the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, which is clearly meant to be read as a sequel to the Gospel account.
Some scholars attribute the disappearance of ancestor worship to the influence of Buddhist doctrines of anicca and anatta, impermanence and rejection of a ' self '.
Some experts also attribute the increase to the above road structural problems, lack of buckling up, the use of alcohol, excessive speed, and unaccustomed drivers such as expats returning home.
In 1912, for example, Eugene Debs ( a founding member of the IWW ) polled 6 % of the popular vote as the Socialist Party presidential candidate — a significant portion of the popular vote considering that this was 8 years before the adoption of universal suffrage in the U. S. Some political scientists would, in part, attribute the lack of an American labour party to the single member plurality electoral system, which tends to favour a two-party system.
Some attribute this hymn to Beatus, although this is still discussed by historians.
Some attribute the rigid arms found in most forms of Irish Dancing to the oppressive ruling classes of 18th and 19th century Ireland, either the priests, who banned dancing for being unsavory, or the English landlords who sought to wholly eradicate Irish culture through policies that outlawed Irish games ( Hurling and Irish Football ), Language and Dance.
Some attribute Level II's burning to the conquest of the city of Assur by the kings of Eshnunna ; but Bryce blames it on the raid of Uhna.
Some attribute Level Ib's burning to the fall of Assur, to other nearby kings, and, eventually, to Hammurabi of Babylon.
Some men who have undertaken foreskin restoration report a visibly smoother glans, which some of these men attribute to decreased levels of keratinization following restoration.
Some scholars are prepared to attribute the painting to Velázquez, though the Prado Museum in Madrid is reserving judgment.
Some attribute his loss in the election to this episode.
Some contemporary writers tend to posit an absolute importance of the feminine to the Hopi and attribute the role of a male Creator ( Tawa ) to intrusions into Hopi folklore of European beliefs.
Some persons also attribute to him the following: Daughters of Proetus, Hopes, Hymns, Heroines, Dirges, Lyrics, Elegies, Iambics, Epigrams.
Some environmentalists attribute the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico as being encouraged by nitrogen fertilization of the algae bloom.
Some sources attribute this to a drinking problem, while others attribute it to a sinus condition.

Some and city's
Some of the city's road design is the result of the curve of the Mississippi River, hilly topography, conflicts between developers of different neighborhoods in the early city, and grand plans only half-realized.
Some argue that Charles Anderson Dana of the New York Sun coined the term related to the hype of the city's promoters.
Some of their early accomplishments include passing the city's first zoning laws, contributing input to the planning of the city ’ s subway line, and commissioning public art throughout the city.
Some scholars believe the latter to be true, for a lion is also found in the city's coat of arms.
Some high tech biotech companies were also founded in Regensburg and have their headquarters and laboratories in the city's " BioPark ".
Some cities that used to have a city council but have subsequently had it abolished may have charter trustees, drawn from the local district council, who appoint the mayor and look after the city's traditions.
Some of the most recent development is in the city's third ward, situated mostly along Peyton Street, south of Wilson Street into the Old Austin community and Arkansas Highway 38 ; a small detached portion of the ward is located to the northwest along the railroad line and Arkansas Highway 367.
Some parts of the Tierra Buena CDP have been annexed by the City of Yuba City since 2001 and are therefore within that city's official limits ; however, some territory remains unincorporated.
Some major floods in the city's history occurred in 1896 ( twice ), 1969, 1974, 1979, 1996 ( twice ), and 1997.
According to the 2010 Census, the city's population was 89. 6 % White ( 86. 9 % Non-Hispanic White alone ), 0. 8 % Black or African American, 4. 4 % American Indian and Alaska Native, 0. 7 % Asian, 0. 1 % Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 1. 4 % from Some Other Race and 2. 9 % from Two or More Races.
Some of the city's notable buildings include:
Some residents have questioned the city's ethics and threatened lawsuits over the practice of being a " dumping ground " for Rock Hill's waste.
Some of the area's early residents attempted to change the city's name because in the Christian Bible, Moabites are demeaned as incestuous and idolatrous.
Some of the city's more notable employers include:
Some old sources spell the city's name " Malmédy " as this accent was intentionally added when being part of Prussia and Germany, but its official website lists it as " Malmedy ", with no accent.
Some of the city's attractions include Canada's Largest Ribfest, Sound of Music Festival, Burlington Art Centre, and Spencer Smith Park, all located near the city's municipal offices in the downtown core.
Some time around 1745, Hasse recommended Jommelli for a position as the Director of Music at the Ospedale degli Incurabili in Venice, one of that city's colleges for female musicians.
Some historians believe that over one million people died in the aftermath of the city's capture, including hundreds of thousands of refugees from elsewhere, making it one of the most bloody captures of a city in world history.
Some time later that century, Dyrrachium was struck by a powerful earthquake which destroyed the city's defences.
Some of the city's most prominent historical buildings are the Cathedral, the finest example of French-style classic Gothic architecture in Spain, the Basilica of San Isidoro, one of the most important Romanesque churches in Spain and resting place of Leon's medieval monarchs, the Monastery of San Marcos, a prime example of plateresque and Renaissance Spanish architecture, and the Casa Botines, a Modernist creation of the architect Antoni Gaudí.
Some fifty years later, in 1851, the city's first choral society, Washington Saengerbund, was formed.
Some urban thinkers have indeed argued that cities can only be understood if the context of the city's connections is understood.
Some of the closer sections of Toronto's radial railways were assimilated into the city's streetcar network, and with the city's expansion, some communities once linked by radial railway now have relatively central stations on the Toronto subway.

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