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Some and breasts
Some people show a sexual interest in female breasts distinct from that of the person, which may be regarded as a breast fetish.
Some estrogens are also produced in smaller amounts by other tissues such as the liver, adrenal glands, and the breasts.
Some contain water-filled body areas such as the breasts or buttocks.
* Some phrases are translated into contemporary English ; e. g. " they beat their breasts " ( Luke 23: 48 ) is translated as " They went home in deep sorrow " with again footnotes providing more literal interpretations.
Some actresses prefer not to expose their bodies to others and use a body double even for exposure of breasts.
Some patients complain of burning sensations on the nipples or breasts.
Some form of stays was still worn by most women but these were often " short stays " ( i. e. which did not extend very far below the breasts ).
Some frozen schnitzels are breaded patties made from processed chicken or turkey meat, not whole poultry breasts.
Some scientists have hypothesized that sexual attraction towards breasts is the result of their function as a secondary sex characteristic.
Some have examples of megalithic art with images of axes, breasts and necklaces carved on their walls.
Some of the outrages committed against her included being dragged face down on cobbled steps, stripped and whipped, having cigarettes stubbed out on her breasts and further beating.
Some actresses prefer not to expose their breasts and use a body double.
Some cosmetic products and herbal supplements claim various health benefits of the extracts of Pueraria mirifica including increasing appetite, enlarging breasts, improving hair growth, and other rejuvenating effects ; however, there is no scientific evidence to support any these claims.
" Some also objected to camera angles focusing on Mireille's legs, or breasts when she isn't wearing a bra.
Some flat-chested women feel self-conscious about their small breasts and want to enhance their sexual attractiveness by seeking breast augmentation.
Some recent science fiction and comedy films have featured minor female characters with one or more additional breasts: The Warrior and the Sorceress ( four breasts ); Total Recall ( three breasts ); Star Trek V ( three breasts ); Earth Girls Are Easy ( four breasts ); Firecracker ( three breasts ); Flesh Gordon 2 ( more than four breasts, but just on a sign ); Good Luck Chuck ( three breasts ); Dumb and Dumberer ( three breasts ); Silence of the Hams ( three breasts ); Necropolis ( six breasts ); Paul ( three breasts ); and Return of the Jedi ( six breasts )( the Askajian ).

Some and are
Some of us might be inclined to argue, in fact, that an independence of mind and action and an intolerance of regimentation, either mental or physical, are particularly Southern traits.
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
Some are fishing, some driving the team, and many are sitting indolently on the banks of the river.
Some historians have found his point of view not to their taste, others have complained that he makes the Tory tradition appear `` contemptible rather than intelligible '', while a sympathetic critic has remarked that the `` intricate interplay of social dynamics and political activity of which, at times, politicians are the ignorant marionettes is not a field for the exercise of his talents ''.
Some of the marble busts in the park are of young Englishmen who fought and died for Garibaldi.
Some accounts are quite lengthy but Florida's is the shortest of all, requiring only four paragraphs.
Some plant-location specialists take these signs to mean St. Louis county doesn't want industry, and so they avoid the area, and more jobs are lost.
Some fiscal changes are important.
Some brilliant rookies nailed them down, so that this spring just two spots, left and right field, are really up for grabs.
Some of the stumps are as much as three feet long, but most of them have been flattened by the pressure of the overlying sediments.
Some privately held inholdings are a source of direct damage to these Federal lands.
Some 45 frequencies are assigned for use primarily by dominant Class 1, -- A or Class 1, -- B clear-channel stations, designed to operate with adequate power and to provide service -- both groundwave and ( at night ) skywave -- over large areas and at great distances, being protected against interference to the degree necessary to achieve this objective.
Some deductions are subtracted from Gross Income to determine Adjusted Gross Income.
Some renditions are of symphonic dimensions, with the contrabass given free rein.
Some of them are obvious, such as the fact that we associate recorded and live music with our responses and behavior in different types of environments and social settings.
Some tasty frank toppings are chili con carne, Coney Island sauce and savory sauerkraut.
Some general things to look for in a site, if you haven't already bought one, are accessibility, water drainage, and orientation.
Some distribution costs are kept up by competitive pressure, some by the fact that the customers have come to expect certain niceties and flourishes.
Some of these temperatures are plotted in figure 4.
( Some suspensions break up before they are near to the direction of shear, and some become asymptotic to it without breakup.
Some experiments are composed of repetitions of independent trials, each with two possible outcomes.
Some of these speculations may have some merit, others are somewhat ambiguous.
Some phonetic features, for example glottal catch or murmur, are sometimes to be assigned to segmental phonemics and sometimes to accentual systems.
Some are failing to achieve as much as their ability would permit ; ;

Some and mounted
Some cavalry were retained as mounted troops behind the lines in anticipation of a penetration of the opposing trenches that it seemed would never come.
Some engagements in late 20th and early 21st century guerrilla wars involved mounted troops, particularly against partisan or guerrilla fighters in areas with poor transport infrastructure.
Some of the most popular multi-fin configurations use two rail fins ( a " twin-fin "), two rail fins plus a similar-sized central fin mounted further back ( e. g. a " Thruster "), or four fins ( a " quad ").
Some vehicles mount more machine guns ; for example on the German Marder, one machine gun fires from the rear of the vehicle, and the Russian BMP-3 has two machine guns mounted in the hull facing forward.
Some portions of the armies of Germanic peoples who occupied Europe from the 3rd century CE, had always been mounted, and some armies, such as those of the Ostrogoths, comprised mainly cavalry.
Some early attempts were often no more than a field gun or anti-tank gun mounted on a truck-a technique known in the British Army as carrying portee.
Some of the smallest machines for cotton covering have a large drum, which grips the wire and moves it through toothed gears ; the wire passes through the centre of disks mounted above a long bed, and the disks carry each a number of bobbins varying from six to twelve or more in different machines.
Some are also equipped with rim or disc brakes, having the lever mounted under the tip of the saddle.
Some gazers use a " palm ball " of a few inches in diameter that is held in the hand ; others prefer a larger ball mounted on a stand.
Some snorkels used to be made with small " ping pong " balls in a cage mounted to the open end of the tube to prevent water ingress, but these are no longer sold nor recommended to be used since they are considered hazardous to the snorkeler.
Some of the oldest surviving European ship models have been those of early craft such as galleys, galleons, and possibly carracks, dating from the 12th through the 15th centuries and found occasionally mounted in churches, where they were used in ceremonies to bless ships and those who sailed in them, or as votive offerings for successful voyages or surviving peril at sea, a practice which remained common in Catholic countries until the 19th century.
Some games, however, have mounted optical guns, such as Exidy's Crossbow.
Some bicycles have even had car stereos mounted onto them using spare parts as mounting brackets.
Some Italian decks add two more court cards: the maid and the mounted lady.
Some scenes were actual local moonshine drivers shot with a camera mounted on a pickup tailgate.
Some turntable ladders may have a basket ( sometimes known as a bucket ) mounted at the top of the ladder, as on a hydraulic platform ; these are called tower ladders.
Some tractor manufacturers produced matching equipment that could be directly mounted on the tractor.
Some payphones, particularly at gas stations, are mounted in drive-up structures that can be used without leaving the vehicle.
Some jurisdictions, however, have additional right-of-way signs mounted above, below or next to the traffic lights ; these take effect when the lights are no longer active.
Some of the largest and most modern Ferris wheels have cars mounted on the outside of the rim, and electric motors to independently rotate each car to keep it upright.
Some appliances consist of an electrical motor upon which is mounted various attachments so as to constitute several individual appliances, such as a blender, a food processor, or a juicer.
Some aircraft have no fuselage but do have a separate horizontal stabilizer surface mounted on one or more booms ; these are also commonly referred to as flying wings, although this is not strictly correct.
Some aircraft have no fuselage but do have a horizontal stabilizer mounted on one or more booms.
Some cameras allow separate flash units to be mounted via a standardized " accessory mount " bracket ( hot shoe ).

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