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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 68
from Brown Corpus
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Some and know
Some ten years ago that page was torn out, I don't know by whom.
Some Allied officers who were acquainted with the superior numbers of the enemy, and aware of their strong defensive position, ventured to remonstrate with Marlborough about the hazards of attacking ; but the Duke was resolute – " I know the danger, yet a battle is absolutely necessary, and I rely on the bravery and discipline of the troops, which will make amends for our disadvantages ".
Some, like Henry Sidgwick, argue that a certain degree of egoism promotes the general welfare of society for two reasons: because individuals know how to please themselves best, and because if everyone were an austere altruist then general welfare would inevitably decrease.
Young was once quoted as saying, " Some may have thought it was essential to know how to curve a ball before anything else.
Some online classes provide experience in a class so that when you take it you have already been introduced to the subject and know what to expect, and even more classes provide High School / College credit allowing you to take the class at your own pace.
Some of the scenes completed by Masaccio and Masolino were lost in a fire in 1771 ; we know about them only through Vasari's biography.
Some of the men disagree with Tyler's decision and Tyler replies with, " I don't know ", to their questions.
Some Bavarian dialects preserve a " light " initial in words like < i > wuoz </ i > ( Standard German < i > weiß </ i > ' know ').
; Special living environment: Some documentary-style programs place cast members, who in most cases previously did not know each other, in artificial living environments ; The Real World is the originator of this style.
Some medical geneticists question whether the term " syndrome " is appropriate for this condition because its clinical phenotype is normal and the vast majority ( an estimated 97 % in Britain ) of 47, XYY males do not know their karyotype.
In 1959, in a letter to Kazan, he writes,Some day you will know how much I value the great things you did with my work, how you lifted it above its measure by your great gift .”
Some Muggles, however, know of the wizarding world.
Some of these approaches are more purely stylistic and have minor effects on the actual story-telling ; some are profound and involve the point of view of characters whom the reader never expected to get to know so well.
Some argue that gender-neutral language is unnecessary because no bias exists, finding the endeavor to be " useless, for we all know that the masculine pronoun refers to female and male people ".
Some Hawaiians say that because foreigners did not know or use the honi, a Polynesian greeting by touching nose-to-nose and inhaling or essentially sharing each other's breaths, and so the foreigners were described as " breathless.
Some people take the annual mass mailing of cards as an opportunity to update those they know with the year's events, and include the so-called " Christmas letter " reporting on the family's doings, sometimes running to multiple printed pages.
He complained of a universal weakness, but no fixed pain ; a noise in his ears, and giddiness of his head .... As there were little obvious symptoms of fever, I did not well know what to make of the case ... Some weeks passed with little alteration ... excepting that he was evidently become more meager.
* The B-24 is featured in the classic novel Goodbye to Some by Gordon Forbes, a former pilot, who seems to know the foibles of the aircraft.
* Some languages know sorting conventions that differ from the language of the catalog.
Some of the imprecision in the definition of the names ( e. g., " mineral oil ", " white oil ") reflects usage by buyers and sellers who did not know, and usually did not need to care about, the precise chemical makeup.
In his introduction to Orphans of the Helix, Simmons elaborates :" Some readers may know that I've written four novels set in the ' Hyperion Universe '— Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and The Rise of Endymion.
Some consumers do not know that numbers starting with 060 are premium rate numbers because 060 is mistaken for one of long-distance area codes in Korea ( there are 062, 061 and 063 ).
Some children do not know they have an LGBT parent ; coming out issues vary and some parents may never come out to their children.
Some companies set up traps or " hot spots " to attract people and are then able to know when someone is trying to hack into that area.

Some and area
Some plant-location specialists take these signs to mean St. Louis county doesn't want industry, and so they avoid the area, and more jobs are lost.
Some of this trend toward area vocational schools has been related to the problems of persistent labor surplus areas and their desire to attract new industry.
Some of the people of Curraun consider themselves Achill people, and most natives of Achill refer to this area as being " in Achill ".
Some people scream, cry, have trouble breathing, have excessive sweating or even heart trouble when they come in contact with an area near spiders or their webs.
Some carriers have been known to disable payphone calls to 958 or 959 test lines, such as Bell Canada's system-wide ANAC line at 958-2580 or ( area code ) 958-6111.
Some high performance permanent PSAs exhibit high adhesion values and can support kilograms of weight per square centimeter of contact area, even at elevated temperature.
Some artists from elsewhere in New York City have begun to converge on the area, and housing prices have nearly quadrupled in the area since 2002.
Some heavy metro infrastructures were built in Brussels, Antwerp and the Charleroi area, but these are currently used by light rail vehicles, and their conversion to full metro is not envisaged at present due to lack of funds.
Some CEN cycle standards were developed before ISO published their standards, leading to strong European influences in this area.
Some Anglican suffragans are given the responsibility for a geographical area within the diocese ( for example, the Bishop of Stepney is an area bishop within the Diocese of London ).
Some local associations agree on specific colours for stickers for each of the clubs in their area.
Some parts of the earth have more or less the same kind of abiotic and biotic factors spread over a large area, creating a typical ecosystem over that area.
Some programs are still economically based, as to the needs of the area, province and country.
Some of them, such as the DBI family of modules used for interfacing with SQL databases, are nearly irreplaceable in their area of function ; others, such as the List :: Util module, are simply handy resources containing a few common functions.
Some corporations and supermarkets have introduced self-checkout machines, where the customer is trusted to scan the barcodes ( or manually identify uncoded items like fruit ), and place the items into a bagging area.
Some of the roads in more rural area are rough and unpaved, and require a four-wheel drive vehicles.
Some argue that it is not merely fasting or feasting or particular area of emotions, conduct or intellect that are denounced but doing them with an independent spirit, not connected to Christ, the head of the body or lack of appreciation of the gospel of grace.
Some scholars have suggested that this refers to the canonical Epistle to the Ephesians, contending that it was a circular letter ( an encyclical ) to be read to many churches in the Laodicean area.
Some classifications now reserve the term woodland for an area with more open space between trees and distinguish among woodlands, open forests, and closed forests based on crown cover.
Some of the participants would eventually minister extensively in this area.
Some specialists recommend using seaweed mulch or spray on the plants and minimize the insect habitat by cleaning the garden area of debris and weeds.

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