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Some and conciliators
Some of the top leaders from among the revolutionary sectors of the " Almeyda " Partido Social, along with conciliators and opportunists, on realizing that the idea of overthrowing the dictatorship was not a viable strategy, began to take control of the party and distance themselves from the Communist Party.

Some and operate
Some 45 frequencies are assigned for use primarily by dominant Class 1, -- A or Class 1, -- B clear-channel stations, designed to operate with adequate power and to provide service -- both groundwave and ( at night ) skywave -- over large areas and at great distances, being protected against interference to the degree necessary to achieve this objective.
Some organisations adapt and operate playbuses or learning buses to provide a playground or learning environments to children who might not have access to proper play areas.
Some services operate only during peak hours.
Comparison of several forms of disk storage showing tracks ( not-to-scale ); green denotes start and red denotes end .< nowiki >*</ nowiki > Some CD-R ( W ) and DVD-R ( W )/ DVD + R ( W ) recorders operate in ZCLV, CAA or CAV modes.
Some writers have argued that with detailed use of real unit accounting and demand surveys a planned economy could operate without a capital market, in a situation of abundance, The purpose of the price mechanism is to allow individuals to recognise the opportunity cost of decisions: in a state of abundance, there is no such cost.
Some, such as the 2010 edition, feature advanced, but rare, technology that is risky to use due to the average Gamma World character not knowing how to properly operate such devices.
Some vendors operate from kiosks ( see mall kiosk ), selling small, inexpensive consumables such as newspapers, magazines, lighters, street maps, cigarettes, and confections.
Some electric locomotives can also operate off battery power to enable short journeys or shunting on non-electrified lines or yards.
Some weapons, such as the AR-15 / M16, do not have a piston, instead using a system of direct impingement in which the gases operate the bolt carrier by acting directly on it.
Some microcontrollers may use four-bit words and operate at clock rate frequencies as low as 4 kHz, for low power consumption ( milliwatts or microwatts ).
Some operate with high-enriched uranium fuel, and international efforts are underway to substitute low-enriched fuel.
Some nuclear reactors can operate with a mixture of plutonium and uranium ( see MOX ).
Some pawnshop companies operate a chain of stores in a state or province.
Some states ( such as North Dakota ) provide exemptions for farmers, allowing non-commercial license holders to operate semis within a certain air-mile radius of their reporting location.
Some variable nozzle turbochargers use a rotary electric actuator, which uses a direct stepper motor to open and close the vanes, rather than pneumatic controllers that operate based on air pressure.
Some modern designs are still developed to operate in a non-linear fashion.
Some VTOL aircraft can operate in other modes as well, such as CTOL ( conventional take-off and landing ), STOL ( short take-off and landing ), and / or STOVL ( short take-off and vertical landing ).
Some of these systems, such as CTV Two, Citytv, and the now-defunct E !, essentially operate as mini-networks, but have reduced geographical coverage.
Some optimization techniques primarily designed to operate on loops include:
Some analyzers can also operate in a " compare " mode, where they compare each captured data set to a previously recorded data set, and halt capture or visually notify the operator when this data set is either matched or not.
Some currently available digital multiplexers have been designated as Dl -, DS -, or M-series, all of which operate at T-carrier rates.
Some types of transmitting antenna systems in the VLF, LF, MF and lower SW range depend on a good ground to operate efficiently.
Some, such as the Fantastic Four, DNAgents, and X-Men, have common origins and usually operate as a group.
Some other Internet security systems in widespread use, such as Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ), Transport Layer Security ( TLS ) and Secure Shell ( SSH ), operate in the upper layers of the TCP / IP model.

Some and under
Some weapons systems have become obsolescent while still in production, and some while still under development.
Some caecilians are aquatic but most live underground in burrows in damp soil, in rotten wood and under plant debris.
Some frogs and toads are toxic, the main poison glands being at the side of the neck and under the warts on the back.
Some jurisdictions allow force to be used in defense of property, to prevent damage either in its own right, or under one or both of the preceding classes of defense in that a threat or attempt to damage property might be considered a crime ( in English law, under s5 Criminal Damage Act 1971 it may be argued that the defendant has a lawful excuse to damaging property during the defense and a defense under s3 Criminal Law Act 1967 ) subject to the need to deter vigilantes and excessive self-help.
Sources disagree, as may differing states ' laws, as to what category of plea the Alford plea falls under: Some sources state that the Alford guilty plea is a form of nolo contendere, where the defendant in the case states " no contest " to the factual matter of the case as given in the charges outlined by the prosecution.
Some also claim it to be the oldest subway tunnel in the world, as it was built by the cut and cover method under a city street, specifically for the purposes of improved public safety, attaining grade separation and enhanced railway operations.
Some festivals were Plebeian in nature, and thus were under the superintendence of Plebeian Aediles.
Some of the late 90s / early 2000s games were under development by other companies at one time, but rights to the game programs and all of the existing code was bought and finished by other developers.
Some string manufacturers measure the thickness of their strings under tension so they are actually thicker then than specified when slack.
Herald-Traveler Corp. operated for years under temporary authority from the Federal Communications Commission stemming from controversy over luncheon meetings the newspaper's chief executive had with an FCC commissioner during the original licensing process ( Some Boston broadcast historians accuse the Boston Globe of being covertly behind the proceeding.
Some important Roman ruins are exposed under the Plaça del Rei, its entrance located by the city museum ( Museu d ' Història de la Ciutat ); the typically Roman grid plan is still visible today in the layout of the historical centre, the Barri Gòtic (" Gothic Quarter ").
Some grand unified theories of particle physics also predict that a single proton can decay, changing the baryon number by one ; however, this has not yet been observed under experiment.
Some Mark 1 catering cars had mixed bogies — a B5 under the kitchen end, and a B4 under the seating end.
Some articulated trams have bogies located under articulations, a setup referred to as a Jacobs bogie.
Some were Nazi collaborators who had fought under General Andrey Vlasov, but most were ordinary Soviet officers and men.
Some mixed economies, such as France under dirigisme, also featured a degree of indirect economic planning over a largely capitalist-based economy.
Some of the many issues dealt with under the convention include:
Some were lightly armed in the War of 1812, sailing under Letters of Marque and Reprisal, when the type — exemplified by Chasseur, launched at Fells Point, Baltimore in 1814 became known for her incredible speed ; the deep draft enabled the Baltimore clipper to sail close to the wind.
Some generating companies are under capitalized and at times unable to purchase adequate fuel supplies.
Some died in death camps under Adolf Hitler, who persecuted the kind of " Degenerate art " that Dada represented.
Some signals carry encryption and specify use conditions ( such as " may not be recorded " or " may not be viewed on displays larger than 1 m in diagonal measure ") backed up with the force of law under the WIPO Copyright Treaty and national legislation implementing it, such as the U. S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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