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Some and contemporary
Some scholars argue Plato drew upon memories of past events such as the Thera eruption or the Trojan War, while others insist that he took inspiration from contemporary events like the destruction of Helike in 373 BC or the failed Athenian invasion of Sicily in 415 – 413 BC.
Some historians may place Aztlán in Nayarit or the Caribbean while other historians entirely disagree, and make a distinction between legend and the contemporary socio-political ideology.
Some contemporary philosophers and scientists ( e. g. David Deutsch in The Fabric of Reality ) employ virtual reality in various thought experiments.
Some researchers consider that contemporary Russia is not a true democracy and instead resembles a form of dictatorship.
* Some contemporary deists believe ( with the classical deists ) that God has created the universe perfectly, so no amount of supplication, request, or begging can change the fundamental nature of the universe.
Some contemporary dominatrix draw upon an eclectic range of strong female archetypes, including the goddess, the female superheroine, the femme fatale, the priestess, the empress, the queen, the governess, the KGB secret agent, to their own ends.
Some researchers have taken up speculative views, such as Jerzy Strzelczyk, who assumed that in the light of contemporary concepts and habits of marriage of that time ( when as a rule marriages were contracted with teenage girls ) is assumed that Dobrawa had passed her early youth, so, it's probable that she was in her late teens or twenties.
Some contemporary bluegrass bands favor the electric bass, because it is easier to transport than the large and somewhat fragile upright bass.
Some of the most influential contemporary classical double bass players are known as much for their contributions to pedagogy as for their performing skills, such as US bassist Oscar G. Zimmerman ( 1910 – 1987 ), known for his teaching at the Eastman School of Music and, for 44 summers at the Interlochen National Music Camp in Michigan and French bassist François Rabbath ( b. 1931 ) who developed a new bass method that divided the entire fingerboard into six positions.
Some Essene rituals, such as daily immersion in the mikveh, coincide with contemporary Hasidic practices ; some historians had also suggested, that name " Essene " is a Hellenized form of the word " Hasidim " or " Hasid " (" pious ones ").
Some letters do not provide any information about contemporary English pronunciation.
Some ancient sources, such as Hippolytus, and some modern scholars consider that the epistle " from Laodicea " was never a lost epistle, but simply Paul recycling one of his other letters ( the most common candidate is the contemporary Letter to the Ephesians ), just as he asks for the copying and forwarding of the Letter to Colossians to Laodicea.
Some contemporary supporters even suggested connections between the " degenerate " man-creatures portrayed in The Time Machine and Wells's eugenic beliefs.
Some contemporary scholarship, however, discounts this approach, instead considering " an authentic Hamlet an unrealisable ideal.
Some contemporary texts still describe Ebbinghaus as a philosopher rather than a psychologist and he had also spent his life as a professor of philosophy.
Some modern churches include within hymnody the traditional hymn ( usually describing God ), contemporary worship music ( often directed to God ) and gospel music ( expressions of one's personal experience of God ).
Some contemporary players of these modern electric harps, especially solid body and minimalist design instruments, have been able to add the advantage of movement on stage into their musical performance.
Some contemporary Theravadin figures have thus indicated a sympathetic stance toward the Mahayana philosophy found in the Heart Sutra and the Fundamental Stanzas on the Middle Way.
Some contemporary Islamists have succeeded in replacing the greater jihad, the fight against desires, with the lesser jihad, the holy war to establish, defend and extend the Islamic state.
Some philosophers used to contend that positivism was the theory that there is " no necessary connection " between law and morality ; but influential contemporary positivists, including Joseph Raz, John Gardner, and Leslie Green, reject that view.
Some contemporary chroniclers suggested that in January Philip II of France had been charged with deposing John on behalf of the papacy, although it appears that Innocent merely prepared secret letters in case Innocent needed to claim the credit if Philip did successfully invade England.
Some other contemporary artists use mirrors as the material of art:
Some contemporary scholars contend this concept means healing from illness.
Some contemporary communist parties continue to regard Marxism – Leninism as their basic ideology, although some have modified it to adapt to new and local political circumstances.
Some claims of continuity between contemporary paganism and older forms of paganism have been shown to be spurious, or outright false, as in the case of Iolo Morganwg's Druid's Prayer.

Some and Finns
Some Finns make a special lemonade from lemons, brown sugar, and yeast called " sima ".
Some Finns also make doughnuts and a crisp pastry fried in oil made from a similar, more liquid dough.
Some Finns have proposed that the Finnish national anthem be changed to Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, with lyrics by V. A.
* Roger Connah K / K: A Couple of Finns and Some Donald Ducks: Cinema and Society.
Some observers have compared True Finns ' fiscal policies to the old national Social Democratic taxation policy, which has given the left-wing brand to the True Finns.
Some Finns prefer the " dry sauna " using very little steam, if any.
Some Finns, like the ancestors of John Morton, came to the Swedish colony of New Sweden, that existed in mid-17th century.

Some and nicknamed
Some sources later, and even today, list his middle name erroneously as " Tecumseh ", apparently as a result of being nicknamed " The Chief " by teammates.
Some Wake critics, such as Finn Fordham, argue that HCE's initials come from the initials of the portly politician Hugh Childers ( 1827 – 96 ), who had been nicknamed " Here Comes Everybody " for his size.
Some bodyguards specialize in the close quarter protection of children of VIPs, to protect them from kidnapping or assassination, a role which is nicknamed " mannyguarding " ( a pun on the word " nanny ").
Some people believe that there may be a lake monster, similar to the one alleged to live in Loch Ness, and anomalous photos have been taken of the supposed creature ;, it has been affectionately nicknamed " Bownessie.
Some sources claim that he was nicknamed " The Gentleman Highwayman ".
Some said that the study placed undue emphasis on the cruelty of the guards, such as one who was nicknamed " John Wayne ", and who said that he caused the escalation of events between guards and prisoners after he began to emulate a character from the Paul Newman film Cool Hand Luke.
Some antibiotics require monitoring to balance efficacy with minimizing adverse effects, including: gentamicin, vancomycin, amphotericin B ( nicknamed ' amphoterrible ' for this very reason ), and polymyxin B.
Furthermore, while individually developed non-white characters are rather infrequent, when they do occur, they are usually " positive ", from the Oxford-educated Chinaman, Li Chi, in Biggles Flies Again and Biggles Delivers the Goods and the perky Polynesian girl, Full Moon, in Biggles In The South Seas, to Alexander MacKay, a part-Native American ( Red Indian ) nicknamed " Minnie " who joins " the chums " as a valued colleague, and is in fact set to inherit Biggles ' job in Biggles Does Some Homework.
Some earlier exponents nicknamed it " Ying Quan / Eagle Fist " due to the numerous grabbing skills present.
Some regard the Barmy Army's unofficial leader to be Vic Flowers, nicknamed " Jimmy Savile " because of his resemblance to the late former disc jockey.
Some years after his death, the second of the two most important Couperins was born: François Couperin, nicknamed le Grand —" the Great ".
( Some play the Four of a kind hand as the beat all, therefore nicknamed the bomb, King Kong, or also tiki.
Some programmers nicknamed the finished product LOL memory, for Little Old Lady memory.
Some enthusiasts even nicknamed them graphics decelerators.
Some Russian sources claim that in the Gulf War of 1990-1991 an Iraqi MIG-29 managed to damage an American B-52G, nicknamed " In Harm's Way " with a R-27R missile.
Some sports teams use bright, contemporary interpretations of the argyle pattern: for example, the Garmin-Slipstream professional cycling team, nicknamed the " Argyle Armada ", and the Norwegian men's curling team at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Some late-model F3s had the same D27 traction motors used in the F7, and were nicknamed F5 models.
Some of these " Buffalo Soldiers ," as they were nicknamed, did participate in a border skirmish with Mexican troops accompanied by German military advisors near Nogales ; see Buffalo Soldiers for more information.
In the Fall of 2000, an enlarged group of twelve musicians departed from Virginia in a 1964 GMC motorcoach, nicknamed " The Dirty Bird ", on the six-week Get Some Tour of " theaters, bars, street corners and alleys.
Some sections of SR 17 are so dangerous that they have been nicknamed.
Some nicknamed it " The Wagon Wheel " due to its design.
Some of these areas were nicknamed by local residents.
Some members interviewed felt Brown showed an imperious attitude, and nicknamed him " The Czar.

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