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Some and states
Some anthropologists, such as Lloyd Fallers and Clifford Geertz, focused on processes of modernization by which newly independent states could develop.
Some states also define assault as an attempt to menace ( or actual menacing ) by placing another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.
Sources disagree, as may differing states ' laws, as to what category of plea the Alford plea falls under: Some sources state that the Alford guilty plea is a form of nolo contendere, where the defendant in the case states " no contest " to the factual matter of the case as given in the charges outlined by the prosecution.
Some states still prohibit hunting in various degrees on Sundays.
Some states enacted reception statutes as legislative statutes, while other states received the English common law through provisions of the state's constitution, and some by court decision.
Some altered states occur naturally ; others can be produced by drugs or brain damage.
Some states conducted limited censuses for various purposes, and these are typically located in state archives.
Some states, such as Virginia, do not provide for any class actions, while others, such as New York, limit the types of claims that may be brought as class actions.
Some states permit plaintiff's counsel to settle for all the mass action plaintiffs according to a majority vote, for example.
Some Christians adhere to New Covenant theology, which states that Jews have rejected Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God have ceased being the Chosen People.
Some of the princes of these states were Persian client kings ; a disturbing fact in light of increasing tensions with that kingdom.
Some states and store chains have implemented restrictions, such as requiring signatures for DXM sale, limiting quantities allowable for purchase, and requiring that purchasers be over the age of majority in their state.
Some use the term dispute resolution to refer only to alternative dispute resolution ( ADR ), that is, extrajudicial processes such as arbitration, collaborative law, and mediation used to resolve conflict and potential conflict between and among individuals, business entities, governmental agencies, and ( in the public international law context ) states.
Some trajectories may be periodic, whereas others may wander through many different states of the system.
Some of the codes maintain the previous numerical system, particularly for states.
Some states also consider a felony conviction to be grounds for an uncontested divorce.
Some Culture Ministers of the states, especially in Prussia, decided, that the Sedantag would be an official festival in schools.
Some of the existing states, in particular Hanover, were abolished and annexed by Prussia as a result of the war of 1866.
Some monarchical states call this procedure Royal Assent.
Some states have fixed term legislatures, with no option of bringing forward elections ( e. g. Article II, Section 3, of the U. S. Constitution ).
Some states dispute the international acceptance of the right of their deposed monarchs to be referred to by their former title.
Some undefined conversation is shared lazily, the sun sets ; then Marlow states how their location also " has been one of the dark places of the earth.
Some notable pre-colonial states and societies in Africa include the Nok culture, Mali Empire, Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Kingdom of Sine, Kingdom of Saloum, Kingdom of Baol, Kingdom of Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Kongo, Ancient Carthage, Numidia, Mauretania, the Aksumite Empire, the Ajuuraan State and the Adal Sultanate.

Some and proposed
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
Some of the proposed mechanisms are:
Some convictions triggered an automatic penalty, but where this was not the case the two litigants each proposed a penalty for the convicted defendant and the jury chose between them in a further vote.
Some of these astrologers have proposed conventional causal agents such as electromagnetism and gravity.
Some systems have proposed as many as 90 subspecies, while recent DNA analysis has identified as few as five clades.
Some scholars disagree, and have proposed other theories.
Some cosmologists have proposed that Big Bang nucleosynthesis suggests there is a fourth " sterile " species of neutrino.
Some sort of continental drift without expansion was proposed by Frank Bursley Taylor, who suggested in 1908 ( published in 1910 ) that the continents were dragged towards the equator by increased lunar gravity during the Cretaceous, thus forming the Himalayas and Alps on the southern faces.
Some proposed that the Synod of Bishops should perform this function, a proposal that was not accepted, because, among other reasons, the Synod of Bishops can only meet when called by the pope.
Some official bodies have adopted the proposed Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy almost entirely, however a more common approach worldwide has been to retain the traditional groupings, and modify rather than replace them in the light of new evidence as it comes to hand.
Some parapsychologists have proposed that our different functional labels ( clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, etc.
Some workers in the field have also attempted to formulate hidden variable theories that exploit loopholes in actual experiments, such as the assumptions made in interpreting experimental data, although no theory has been proposed that can reproduce all the results of quantum mechanics.
Some scientists have proposed moving this species out of Homo and into Australopithecus due to the morphology of its skeleton being more adapted to living on trees rather than to moving on two legs like Homo sapiens.
Some radical feminists have proposed that because patriarchy is too deeply rooted in society, separatism is the only viable solution.
Some scholars have proposed the idea that the epistle is really John's commentary on a selection of traditional parallel couplets.
Some writers have proposed building megastructures that have some similarities to a hollow Earth – see Dyson sphere, Globus Cassus.
Some writers have proposed that Hezekiah served as coregent with his father Ahaz for about 14 years, beginning during 729 BC.
Some scholars have proposed that the figure mentioned in both of these references is one and the same as the Hengist of the Hengist and Horsa accounts, though Horsa is not mentioned in either source.
Some critics eased their opposition after witnessing the proposed scale of the pyramid.
Some early, observation based ideas about language acquisition were proposed by Plato, who felt that word-meaning mapping in some form was innate.
Some traditional Native lands and boreal forest on the east side of Lake Winnipeg are a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Some researchers have proposed a link to languages like Tungusic and Turkic, which are often included alongside Mongolic in a group called Altaic languages, though this is controversial.
Some examples of epistemic probability are to assign a probability to the proposition that a proposed law of physics is true, and to determine how probable it is that a suspect committed a crime, based on the evidence presented.
Some evolutionary biologists, for example Allan Wilson, have proposed that evolution in promoter or regulatory regions may be more important than changes in coding sequences over such time frames.
Some proposed that it was the cause for increasing resistance on trans-Atlantic phone cables, while others predicted that if polywater were to contact ordinary water, it would convert that water into polywater, echoing the doomsday scenario in Kurt Vonnegut's novel Cat's Cradle.

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