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Some and episodes
Some of the earlier episodes have touches of the supernatural, as suited to the legendary background.
Some of the last issues were printed versions of episodes from the 1996-1998 Dennis and Gnasher animated TV series.
Some episodes even show them watching Bears games.
Some of the extra chapters were turned down by Egmont because they were not interested in any more episodes.
Some realistic references to ARPA in fiction are in Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X ( DARPA consults on a technical threat ), in episodes of television program The West Wing ( the ARPA-DARPA distinction ), the television program Numb3rs ( DARPA research into creating the first self-aware computer ), and in the motion picture Executive Decision ( use of a one-of-a-kind experimental prototype in an emergency ).
In season one ( 1990 ) episodes " Life on the Fast Lane " and " Some Enchanted Evening ", Marge was said to be 34.
Some filming locations are confidential, but many scenes were recorded in places such as the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, part of the Auckland Regional parks often credited at the end of the episodes.
Some individuals with bipolar I disorder have hypomanic as well as manic episodes.
Some folklorists prefer to use the German term Märchen or " wonder tale " to refer to the genre over fairy tale, a practice given weight by the definition of Thompson in his 1977 edition of The Folktale: " a tale of some length involving a succession of motifs or episodes.
Some early episodes of the series, including the first, were wiped in the late 1970s.
Some episodes featured Larry Anderson ( who later hosted Truth or Consequences and created the JawDroppers video magic course ) as Blake's assistant.
Some later episodes from the series were repeated by pay TV broadcaster Foxtel in the late 1990s.
Some of these functions are episodes of binge eating, restriction of food, and vomiting.
Some television series, again including Magnum, P. I., have also used shots of the raid on Pearl Harbor taken from the film to illustrate episodes.
Some of the episodes that focus on Santa's Little Helper have been inspired by popular culture or real experiences that staff members of the show have gone through.
Some ideas for episodes featuring Santa's Little Helper come from reality.
Some 450 five-minute-long episodes were made and were originally broadcast between 1964 and 1971 on ORTF.
Some episodes have specific themes, with cartoons to fit that episode's theme.
Some episodes of both the original black and white series and the colour sequel were adapted for radio, with the original television cast.
Some early episodes are also believed to be damaged or in poor quality, whereas much of the output of other broadcasters – such as many early episodes of The Avengers ( shot in the electronic studio rather than on film ) produced by Associated British Corporation – have been destroyed.
Some versions of the Māori story of Tāwhaki contain episodes where the hero causes a flood to destroy the village of his two jealous brothers-in-law.
Some especially memorable episodes:
Some parts of it are at variance with contemporary sources e. g. the work describes Wallace leading an army to the outskirts of London, and it includes some episodes of doubtful accuracy before Wallace enters history with the Action at Lanark.
Some sufferers of anorexia nervosa exhibit episodes of bulimic tendencies through purging ( either through self-induced vomiting or laxatives ) as a way to quickly remove food in their system.

Some and have
Some painters have less interest in the experience of the moment, with its attendant urgencies and ambiguities, than in looking beyond the flux of particular impressions to a higher, more serene level of truth.
Some historians have found his point of view not to their taste, others have complained that he makes the Tory tradition appear `` contemptible rather than intelligible '', while a sympathetic critic has remarked that the `` intricate interplay of social dynamics and political activity of which, at times, politicians are the ignorant marionettes is not a field for the exercise of his talents ''.
Some of these thoughts -- not all of them -- have taken organized form in later years.
He said, `` Some have criticized your book as being neither literary criticism nor history.
Some have felt that Washington Irving comes out rather slimly, but let them look at the title of the book ''.
Some of us have imagination and sensibility too.
Some of former President Truman's off-the-cuff discourses have been in that vein.
Some of the stumps are as much as three feet long, but most of them have been flattened by the pressure of the overlying sediments.
Some memorable plays have been drawn from books, notably Life With Father and Diary Of Anne Frank.
Some families already have held weekend rehearsals in their home shelters to learn the problems and to determine for themselves what supplies they would need.
Some special health requirements might have to be met.
Some weapons systems have become obsolescent while still in production, and some while still under development.
Some offices have very broad responsibilities, touching on almost all aspects of a university's instructional program.
Some manufacturers have had the foresight to provide a socket for the chuck key ; ;
Some recreation features, such as scenic values and water interest, also have greater overall value than other interests.
-- Some areas may already have been improved and contain buildings, roads, utilities, cleared land, etcetera which may raise the cost of the site.
Some distribution costs are kept up by competitive pressure, some by the fact that the customers have come to expect certain niceties and flourishes.
Some men have no talent for or interest in management ; ;
Some agents have been shown to be much more toxic or infectious to experimental animals when exposed to aerosols of optimum particle size than by the natural portal.
Some of those who question the value of BW have assumed that the only potential would be in the establishment of epidemics.
Some members of the bee family have become idlers, social parasites that live at the expense of their hardworking relatives.
Some investigators have found a parallelism between remissions and return of the sympathetic reactivity of the hypothalamus to the normal level as indicated by the Mecholyl test and, conversely, between clinical impairment and increasing deviation of this test from the norm.
Some of the oldest, most persistent, and most cohesive forms of social groupings have grown out of religion.

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