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Some and extinct
Some plants and animals thought to be extinct on surrounding islands can still be found in Dominica's forests.
Some words were shortened ( győzedelem > győzelem, ' triumph ' or ' victory '); a number of dialectal words spread nationally ( e. g. cselleng ' dawdle '); extinct words were reintroduced ( dísz ' décor '); a wide range of expressions was coined using the various derivative suffixes ; and some other, less frequently used methods of expanding the language were utilized.
Some were filled by the surviving cynodonts and dicynodonts, the latter of which subsequently became extinct.
Some legends describe it as having an elephant-like body with a long neck and tail and a small head, a description which has been suggested to be similar in appearance to that of the extinct Sauropoda, while others describe it as more closely resembling elephants, rhinoceros, and other known animals.
Some extinct marine reptiles, such as ichthyosaurs, evolved to be viviparous and had no requirement to return to land.
Some of the captive-breeding programs for some equids are unusual, in that breeders have been carefully selecting specimens to recreate various recently extinct equids, such as the tarpan and quagga.
Some 57 % of all families and 83 % of all genera became extinct.
Some extinct deer had huge antlers, larger than those of any living species.
Some scientists consider a close relationship of sipunculans and the extinct hyoliths, operculate shells from the Palaeozoic, with which they share the helically twisted gut.
Some scientists estimate that up to half of presently existing species may become extinct by 2100.
Some of these species are functionally extinct, as they are no longer part of their natural habitat and it is unlikely the species will ever be restored to the wild.
Some paleontologists have classified the pangolins in the order Cimolesta, together with several extinct groups.
Some Kwakwaka ' wakw groups are now extinct.
Some became extinct, others had multiple creations, and some had merged with the crown upon the holder's accession to the throne.
Some speculate these reported creatures could be present-day specimens of the extinct giant ape Gigantopithecus.
Some species had actually become extinct long before this, including the Short-tailed Albatross, a species which occurs today only in the northern Pacific Ocean.
Some of Java endemic species are critically endangered, some even already extinct ; Java used to have its own endemic tiger subspecies that extinct in mid-1970s.
Some scholars have seen affinities between the Northwest Caucasian ( Circassian ) family and the extinct Hattic language.
Some Hutterites converted to Catholicism and retained a separate ethnic identity in Slovakia as the Habans until the 19th century ( by the end of World War II, the Haban group had become essentially extinct ).
Some of the mammals found are the very rare Dibbler and the Heath Rat, both of which were thought to be extinct at one time or another.
Some languages have become isolates after all their known relatives became extinct.
Some already disappeared and are most likely extinct, like the Yunnan Box Turtle and the Yunnan Lar Gibbon.
Some bumblebees native to North America are also vanishing, such as Bombus terricola, Bombus affinis and Bombus occidentalis, with one, Bombus franklini, that may even be extinct.

Some and members
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
Some members of the organization called attention also to the article on hymns of inspiration, the Daily Prayer and Three Minutes A Day, as being very helpful.
Some faculty members and many administrators oppose faculty review groups because they either repeat department's actions or act pro forma.
Some members of the bee family have become idlers, social parasites that live at the expense of their hardworking relatives.
Some new members will hesitate to ask questions audibly.
Some denominations ask new members to sign personally the chronological membership register.
Some members of the genera Ambystoma and Dicamptodon have larvae that never fully develop into the adult form but this varies with species and with populations.
* Some members of the Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair house
Some members provide products including cooking oils, lettuce, sunflower seeds, artichokes, sweetening agents, coffee substitutes and teas.
Some scholars have speculated that members of the Alemannic elite such as king Gibuld due to Visigothic influence may have been converted to Arianism even in the later 5th century.
Some members (" Groupers ") found the Group a help in maintaining sobriety.
) Some observers argue that, while academicians often perceive themselves as members of an elite, their influence is mostly imaginary: " Professors of humanities, with all their leftist fantasies, have little direct knowledge of American life and no impact whatever on public policy.
Some ANC members were upset by the actions of the MK, and refused to accept violence as necessary for the ending of Apartheid, but these individuals became a minority as the militant leaders such as Nelson Mandela gained significant popularity.
Some members of the Council, such as Pedrizzi and Mantovano were described as members of an unofficial Catholic Right faction.
Some bar associations are responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in their jurisdiction ; others are professional organizations dedicated to serving their members ; in many cases, they are both
Some members of the laurel family, as well as the unrelated but visually similar mountain laurel and cherry laurel, have leaves that are poisonous to humans and livestock.
Some even provided gateways, such as UFGATE, by which members could send / receive e-mail to / from the Internet via UUCP, and many FidoNet discussion groups were shared via Usenet.
Some of these managements ended up in dispute with their own members.
Some of those members may join a professional society, making a more defined and formalized group.
Some dissenting groups continue to solicit support among current members of the church.
Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase response tools and equipment for their members and team ( s ) ( subject to Stafford Act limitations ).
Some delegates objected to the establishment of the Politburo, and in response, the Politburo became responsible to the Central Committee, and Central Committee members could participate in Politburo sessions with a consultative voice, but could not vote unless they were members.

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