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Some and fans
Some buildings have been aerodynamically designed so that convection via ducts and interior spaces eliminates any need for electric fans.
Some artists have also been linked to neo-Nazism, although most black metal fans and most prominent black metal artists shun Nazism and oppose its influence on the black metal subculture.
Some angry fans of Earnhardt wrote hate letters and death threats to Sterling Marlin, blaming him for causing the crash.
Some fans have used “ Dilbertian ” or “ Dilbertesque ” to analogize situations in real life to those in the comic strip.
Some fans wanted their news spread, others reveled in the artistry and beauty of fine printing.
Some fans write fan fiction, stories based on the universe and characters of their chosen fandom.
Some fans were particularly upset by the removal of a shot showing Godzilla reflected in the windows of the Yurakucho Mullion Building during the scene in which he attacks the Bullet Train.
Some of his fans were upset, however, that the album was not released simultaneously around the world.
Some computers ( which typically have high-performance microprocessors, large amounts of RAM, and high-performance video cards ) use a water-cooling system instead of many fans.
Some North American fans, already attached to particular spellings, took great umbrage at Schodt's renditions, forgetting that in the original Japanese most character and mecha names are written in katakana, and that there were, therefore, no " official spellings.
Some fans enjoy a pastime of collecting tapes of wrestling shows from specific companies, of certain wrestlers, or of specific genres.
Some are fans of both teams.
Some terms used in fanspeak have spread to members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (" Scadians "), Renaissance Fair participants (" Rennies "), hacktivists, and internet gaming and chat fans, due to the social and contextual intersection between the communities.
Some writers and fans were starting to compare Buffalo to the Super Bowls losers Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos.
Some Bills fans appeared to be defensive about their team's presence in the game ; during Buffalo's victory in the AFC championship game a week earlier, one fan displayed a banner defiantly proclaiming, " We're back ; deal with it, America!
Some large transformers employ electric-operated fans or pumps for forced-air or forced-oil cooling or heat exchanger-based water-cooling.
Some fans loyal to Willow reacted angrily as she chose to be with Tara when Oz made himself available, and they lashed out at Tara and Amber Benson on the fansite message boards.
A series of small shows were played in 2010, at 250-to 1, 000-capacity venues with the plan not to say who the band really are and just announce the shows as if they are a new band, Grant later hinted it was really Feeder to the fans on their website, which caused a series of rumours that suggested the band changed their name permanently, although " Some people got it straight away ", but as intended got people talking.
Some Sparta fans have refused to enter Feyenoord's De Kuip stadium, even when Sparta had reached the KNVB Cup final, which was played in De Kuip.
Some of the more ambitious modifications created by fans include Marathon Eternal and Marathon Rubicon, both of which take place after the events of the trilogy, and Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge, a scenario for Marathon, Marathon Infinity, and Aleph One.
Some types also use steerable propellers or ducted fans.
Some fans even went so far as to issue death threats against Leonard Nimoy's family.
Some fans were crushed in the crowd and the concert was cancelled as the team were hastily bundled out of the shopping centre, some of them in tears.
Some fans tried to break through the cordon to ferry injured fans to waiting ambulances but were forcibly turned back.

Some and made
Some odor made him lean over the man.
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
Some time ago, however, Mr. Khrushchev decided that when bigger bombs were made, the Soviet Union would make them.
Some predictions had been made concerning factors R, N, I and Co on these inventories which appeared to be directly related to control and security aspects of personality functioning which were hypothesized as being of importance in differential Kohnstamm reactivity.
Some of the earliest recordings, made in the 1940's demonstrated that psychiatrists reacted immediately to anger and anxiety in the sound track, whereas written records of the same interview offered far fewer cues to therapy which -- if they were at all discernible in print -- were picked up only by the most skilled and sensitive experts.
Some of the choicest remarks made by soldiers in their letters were in disparagement of unpopular officers.
Some of these mothers, apparently feeling a desperate urgency, made, on the spur of the moment, commitments, in love and sex, that would have life-long consequences.
Some idea of the competence of the women is indicated in the contribution made by them during the past 25 years that totals $840,000.
Some time later, after a check had been made of all automatic equipment, the crew would join the others.
Some amateur astronomers use home-made radio telescopes, while others use radio telescopes that were originally built for astronomy research but have since been made available for use by amateurs.
Some alloys are made by melting and mixing two or more metals.
Some signs that are created with a 1 handshape can also be made using an L or a 5 handshape ( open handshape ).
Some of the earliest settlements were made on the slopes of Mount Benacantil.
Some traditions related that at the time when Aeacus was born, Aegina was not yet inhabited, and that Zeus changed the ants () of the island into men ( Myrmidons ) over whom Aeacus ruled, or that he made men grow up out of the earth.
Some of which are based on Theosophical interpretations and were notably represented by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who made clear throughout his life and his own commentary on the Gita that it was " an allegory in which the battlefield is the soul and Arjuna, man's higher impulses struggling against evil.
Some legitimate customers had problems with this though if they made certain changes to their own phone, such as replacing the battery and / or antenna.
Some believed that Hague had been unlucky, although most considered him to be a talented orator and an intelligent statesman, he had come up against the charismatic Tony Blair in the pomp of his political career, and it was no surprise that little progress was made in reducing Labour's majority after a relatively smooth parliament.
Some modern sources allude to a linguistic connection between the bunyip and Bunjil, " a mythic ' Great Man ' who made the mountains and rivers and man and all the animals.
Some early ' skyscrapers ' were made in masonry, and demonstrated the limitations of the material – for example, the Monadnock Building in Chicago ( opened in 1896 ) is masonry and just 17 stories high ; the ground walls are almost thick, clearly building any higher would lead to excessive loss of internal floor space on the lower floors.
Some old characters, like The Three Bears and Little Plum, have more recently made a return.
These include two 135 tonne Yunnan-class landing craft, which are able to carry and launch smaller craft for troop insertions. Some effort has been made to assess equipment needs to bring L ' Audacieux P103 and Bakassi P104 to an effective combat status.
Some improvements have been made in the last ten years.
Some speculate that the pope could leave instructions in writing, perhaps in his will, for the appointment to be made known after his death ; but it is difficult to imagine a case in which the pope would consider that his own death would remove the obstacle in the way of publishing the name.
Some cardinals will still have a galero made, even though it is not officially part of their apparel.
Some wonders are made obsolete by new technologies.

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