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Some and groups
Some faculty members and many administrators oppose faculty review groups because they either repeat department's actions or act pro forma.
Some religious groups, such as the Association of Christian Schools International, opposed the ADA in its original form.
Some have suggested that this was Sargon's original employment for the king of Kish, giving him experience in effectively organising large groups of men ; a tablet reads, " Sargon, the king, to whom Enlil permitted no rival — 5, 400 warriors ate bread daily before him ".
Some groups identifying as Ásatrú have been associated with neo-Nazi and " white power " movements.
Some of the ethnic groups that continued to influence the cuisine were here in prior years ; while others arrived more numerously during “ The Great Transatlantic Migration ( of 1870 — 1914 ) or other mass migrations.
Some of these more prominent groups include the following:
Some notable historical groups formed along the way include Colgate University's The Colgate 13 ( 1942 ), Dartmouth College's Aires ( 1946 ), Cornell University's Cayuga's Waiters ( 1949 ) and The Hangovers ( 1968 ), the Columbia University Kingsmen ( 1949 ), the Jabberwocks of Brown University ( 1949 ), and the University of Rochester YellowJackets ( 1956 ).
Some larger universities now have multiple groups.
Some featured groups on the album series include the USC SoCal VoCals, Tufts Beelzebubs, Berklee Pitch Slapped, BYU Noteworthy and Oregon On the Rocks.
Some critics have also analyzed the use of alleged front organizations and conflicted patient " advocacy " groups funded by pharmaceutical companies that seek to set the mental health agenda, including the use of the law to force people to take antipsychotics against their will, often justified by claims about risk of violence.
Some even provided gateways, such as UFGATE, by which members could send / receive e-mail to / from the Internet via UUCP, and many FidoNet discussion groups were shared via Usenet.
Some Burundian rebel groups have used neighboring countries as bases for insurgent activities.
Some of the groups include ethnic Russians, however in recent times the growth in interest in the Balalaika by non-ethnic Russians has been considerable.
Some became independent companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, others were acquired by larger financial groups.
Some groups of individuals who hold basic Protestant tenets identify themselves simply as " Christians " or " born-again Christians ".
Some, like Grafton Elliot Smith, argued that different groups must somehow have learned from one another, however indirectly ; in other words, they argued that cultural traits spread from one place to another, or " diffused ".
Some of those who advocated " independent invention ", like Lewis Henry Morgan, additionally supposed that similarities meant that different groups had passed through the same stages of cultural evolution ( See also classical social evolutionism ).
Some Protestant groups have cited Genesis 9: 5 – 6, Romans 13: 3 – 4, and
Some groups offer training courses to help cyclists integrate themselves with other traffic.
Some of these groups have been transferred out of the Kingdom Fungi, in part because of fundamental biochemical differences in the composition of the cell wall.
Some dissenting groups continue to solicit support among current members of the church.
Some species form packs or live in small family groups depending on the circumstances, including the type of available food.
Some patients report fatigue or non-specific neurocognitive problems, such as an inability to concentrate ; this is sometimes called post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, referred to as " chemo brain " by patients ' groups.
Some Christian denominations and other groups have rejected the authority of those creeds.

Some and Christadelphians
Some Christadelphian groups which are separated to a greater or lesser degree from the main body of Christadelphians use statements of faith which differ in some regard from the BASF and from each other.
Some Christian groups such as Catholics, Churches of Christ, and Christadelphians believe baptism is essential to salvation.

Some and particular
Some painters have less interest in the experience of the moment, with its attendant urgencies and ambiguities, than in looking beyond the flux of particular impressions to a higher, more serene level of truth.
Some appellate courts, particularly supreme courts, have the power of discretionary review, meaning that they can decide whether they will hear an appeal brought in a particular case.
Some alphabets today, such as the Hanuno ' o script, are learned one letter at a time, in no particular order, and are not used for collation where a definite order is required.
Some architectures use a particular register as an accumulator in some instructions, but other instructions use register numbers for explicit operand specification.
Some DNA-or RNA-binding enzymes can recognize specific base pairing patterns that identify particular regulatory regions of genes.
Some consumer cameras, in particular DV cameras, can " burn " ( overlay ) the tape timecode onto the composite output.
Some collect coins minted during a particular ruler's reign or a representative coin from each ruler.
Some areas of particular concentration are surveyed below.
Some relate directly to particular algorithms and techniques, while others are produced together.
Some are non-specialist detritus feeders, breaking down animal and plant debris ; some feed on particular kinds of carrion such as flesh or hide ; some feed on wastes such as dung ; some feed on fungi, some on particular species of plants, others on a wide range of plants.
Some constructions, however, rely on particular regional accents for the rhymes to work.
Some party and pub games focus on the doing of a particular act of skill, rather than on either the amount a participant drinks or the speed with which they do so.
Some layout engines such as Trident / MSHTML and Presto are associated primarily or exclusively with a particular browser such as Internet Explorer and Opera respectively.
Some countries have more particular naming for their missions and staff: a Vatican mission is headed by a nuncio ( Latin " envoy ") and consequently known as an apostolic nunciature.
Some argue that it is not merely fasting or feasting or particular area of emotions, conduct or intellect that are denounced but doing them with an independent spirit, not connected to Christ, the head of the body or lack of appreciation of the gospel of grace.
Some more focused reform projects, affecting only a particular feature of the language, have gained a few adherents.
Some anticonvulsant medications do not have primary FDA-approved uses in epilepsy but are used in limited trials, remain in rare use in difficult cases, have limited " grandfather " status, are bound to particular severe epilepsies, or are under current investigation.
Some such " internal effects " in ESP scores have also appeared to be idiosyncratic to particular participants or research methods.
Some currents of Neopaganism, in particular Wicca, have a ditheistic concept of a single goddess and a single god, who in hieros gamos represent a united whole.
Some refer to this political activity as a separate and radical branch of the ecology movement, one that takes the axioms of the science of ecology in general, and Gaia theory in particular, and raises them to a kind of theory of personal conduct or moral code.
Some Muslim religious organizations cite this work in support of the Islamic view of Jesus ; in particular, the Islamic apologists Rashid Rida in Egypt and Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi in Pakistan gave it qualified acceptance.
Some of the existing states, in particular Hanover, were abolished and annexed by Prussia as a result of the war of 1866.
Some currents of Neopaganism, in particular Wicca, have a bitheistic concept of a single Goddess and a single God, who in hieros gamos represent a united whole.

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