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Some and hotel
Some connections may be as low as 20 kbit / s in extremely " noisy " environments, such as in a hotel room where the phone line is shared with many extensions, or in a rural area, many miles from the phone exchange.
Some of the inflicted deaths and injuries occurred in the road outside the hotel and in adjacent buildings.
Some took jobs in the hotel industry.
Some famous people went through Chrisman, Illinois like Barack Obama when he was going to Paris, Illinois to campaign for the Illinois Seanate seat and Abraham Lincoln to stay up in a hotel in Danville, Illinois.
Some of the cast made an appearance on Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2003, in which they find a suitcase full of money in a Miami hotel room and assume it belongs to a drug dealer who wants to shoot them-but actually it belongs to U2, who invite them to their penthouse.
Some schools host their proms at hotel ballrooms or other venues where weddings typically take place.
Some hotel units were built in the 1950s, but the enterprise never achieved what Murphy had originally intended.
Some on the city council said that public financing would enable Baltimore to share in the profits that the hotel would generate and if it was privately funded, the city would not receive anything.
Some brick and stone buildings from before the fire remain, including the hotel and the high school.
Some of the new areas he ventured into included a taxi company called Daiya, a love hotel with rooms rented by the hour, and individually portioned instant rice.
Some prostitutes have a nearby caravan, others use the customer's car, still others use hotel rooms.
Some say Hires discovered root beer on his honeymoon in New Jersey where the woman who ran his honeymoon hotel served root tea.
Some scenes were filmed at the ( now closed ) Pasta Foods factory on London Road, St Albans in Hertfordshire and at a hotel in Castagnola, Switzerland.
Some online travel websites allow visitors to compare hotel and flight rates with multiple companies for free.
Some examples of such online travel websites that sell hotel rooms are Expedia, Orbitz and WorldHotel-Link.
Some paperback editions have more historical backstory than others, including a meeting with an older Liam Devlin in a Belfast hotel.
Some distinguished visitors to the hotel etched their names into the windows of the then cocktail bar ( now the reception area ): these were still in place into the 1970s.
Some investigators learned that he was supposedly reprimanded for inappropriate behavior with female guests at the Hotel Pennsylvania, a New York City hotel often used by EgyptAir crews.
Some days feature self-contained episodes exploring particular elements of the routine of a large hotel in detail.
Some. um websites, like ' hotel. um ' and ' co. um ' appeared after the TLD registry opened, however as of April 20, 2008, the. um domain has been removed from the root zone.
Some of the booming hotel businesses of the era included the Victoria Hotel, New Victoria Hotel and the King Edward Hotel.
" Some larger companies in the area have travel agreements with this hotel, which is undergoing an expansion and renovation.
Some of the bullet holes from the skirmish remained in the masonry of the hotel entrance porch until well into modern times.
The hotel is featured on a US Postage Stamp honoring director Billy Wilder, with images of Marilyn Monroe and the hotel from Some Like It Hot.

Some and sauna
Some thermae also featured steam baths: the sudatorium, a moist steam bath, and the laconicum, a dry steam bath much like a modern sauna.
Some of his quirkier moments included playing blackjack with the blind Ray Charles, interviewing a Soviet general in a Russian sauna, and having a practical joke played on him by Muhammad Ali.
Some Finns prefer the " dry sauna " using very little steam, if any.
Some infrared sauna proponents claim that the sauna is an effective method for considerably raising the rate of energy expenditure in the body.

Some and facilities
Some vocational training schools provide such training, but the current need exceeds the facilities.
Some bicycle activists ( including some traffic management advisers ) seek the construction of segregated cycle facilities for journeys of all lengths.
Some of the work will be relocated to Cessna's Independence, Kansas or Mexican facilities.
Some communications, transport and logistics facilities, however, were converted for civilian use and it is due to these installations that Christmas Island came to serve as the administrative center for the Line Islands.
Some telephones have facilities to make calls through a calling card service whose access details and PIN are also stored in the telephone's memory.
Some were purpose-built just for cycling, others were built as parts of facilities for other sports ; many were built around athletics tracks or other grounds and any banking was shallow.
Some airbases, known as military airports, provide facilities similar to their civilian counterparts.
Some airbases are co-located with civilian airports, sharing the same ATC facilities, runways, taxiways and emergency services, but with separate terminals, parking areas and hangars.
; Congestion of villages and beauty spots: Some of the most popular " honeypot " areas attract large numbers of visitors, resulting in overcrowded car parks, blocked roads, and overstretched local facilities, particularly on Sundays in the summer and on bank holidays.
Some of ARRA ’ s aims include smart grid technology, retrofitting of homes and federal buildings, automated aviation traffic control, advancing freight and passenger rail services, and upgrading water and waste facilities.
Some colocation facilities require that employees escort customers, especially if there are not individual locked cages / cabinets for each customer.
Some of these mobile gypsy houses were quite elaborate, with beds, toilets, showers and cooking facilities.
Some of these buildings contain facilities for processing and storing olive oil, such as Maroni-Vournes and Building X at Kalavassos-Ayios Dhimitrios.
The Board for Critical Care Transport Certification ( BCCTPC ®) has developed a certification exam for flight and ground critical care paramedics Some educational facilities that provide this training are UMBC Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program or.
Some synchrotron radiation facilities scatter laser light off the stored electron beam.
Some of the more advanced revision-control tools offer many other facilities, allowing deeper integration with other tools and software-engineering processes.
Medical facilities in the U. S do not report waiting times in national statistics as is done in other countries and it is a myth to believe there is no waiting for care in the U. S. Some argue wait times in the U. S could actually be as long as or longer than in other countries with universal health care.
Some early examples of this involved aviation medicine and the use of helicopters, and the transfer of critical care patients between facilities.
Some tolls are used as general tax fund for local governments and may have little or nothing to do with transportation facilities.
Both sites are managed by the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association Some of the fish hatched at these facilities are released into the famous Homer fishing hole.
Some facilities may be shared between several houses or dorms.
Some estates, such as Telford Park to the west of Streatham Hill, were spaciously planned with facilities like tennis clubs.
Some of the Park ’ s campsites charge a nominal fee as these have shower and toilet facilities, others are free, however they have limited or no facilities.

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