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Some and important
Some fiscal changes are important.
Some of the species of Allium are important food plants for example onions ( Allium cepa ), chives ( A. schoenoprasum ), garlic ( A. sativum and A. scordoprasum ), and leeks ( A. porrum ).
Some operations may change the state of the ADT ; therefore, the order in which operations are evaluated is important, and the same operation on the same entities may have different effects if executed at different times — just like the instructions of a computer, or the commands and procedures of an imperative language.
Some of his most important images were in editions of only 30 and many were described as rare in 1970.
Some antioxidants are only found in a few organisms and these compounds can be important in pathogens and can be virulence factors.
Some of these have functions by themselves or in a modified form ; for instance, glutamate functions as an important neurotransmitter.
Some important Roman ruins are exposed under the Plaça del Rei, its entrance located by the city museum ( Museu d ' Història de la Ciutat ); the typically Roman grid plan is still visible today in the layout of the historical centre, the Barri Gòtic (" Gothic Quarter ").
Some theorists, however, have speculated on what they consider suitable pre-conditions, and basic mechanisms that might have been important driving forces.
Some other important names in this regard are UK and Italy.
Some of the problems in the Wessex genealogies may have come about because of efforts to integrate Ceawlin's line with the other lineages: it was very important to the West Saxons to be able to trace their ancestors back to Cerdic.
Some critics, among them William Veeder, suggest that Carmilla, notably in its outlandish use of narrative frames, was an important influence on Henry James ' The Turn of the Screw.
Some philosophers think there is an important distinction between " knowing that ," " knowing how ," and " acquaintance-knowledge ," with epistemology primarily interested in the first.
Some scholars argue that, regardless of whether one system is considered better or worse than another, experiencing a different way of education can often be considered to be the most important, enriching element of an international learning experience.
Some of the more important characteristics are listed below:
Some authors also require the domain of the Euclidean function be the entire ring R ; this can always be accommodated by adding 1 to the values at all nonzero elements, and defining the function to be 0 at the zero element of R, but the result is somewhat awkward in the case of K. The definition is sometimes generalized by allowing the Euclidean function to take its values in any well-ordered set ; this weakening does not affect the most important implications of the Euclidean property.
Some of the important properties of soils that are used by geotechnical engineers to analyze site conditions and design earthworks, retaining structures, and foundations are:
Some historians think that Thomas Cromwell affected a " Tudor Revolution " in government, and it is certain that Parliament became more important during his chancellorship.
Some of the most important sources for this era are the writing tablets from the fort at Vindolanda in Northumberland, mostly dating to 90-110.
Some of the most important Musical-Productions are the rock musicals of the German rock musician Heinz Rudolph Kunze, which take place at the Garden-Theatre in the Great Garden.
Some important theatre-events are the Tanztheater International, the Long Night of the Theatres, the Festival Theaterformen and the International Competition for Choreographs.
Some other important events are the Calenberger Cabaret Weeks, the Hanover Cabaret Festival and the Wintervariety.
Some other important running events are the Gilde Stadtstaffel ( relay ), the Sport-Check Nachtlauf ( night-running ), the Herrenhäuser Team-Challenge, the Hannoversche Firmenlauf ( company running ) and the Silvesterlauf ( sylvester running ).
Some other important sport events are the Lower Saxony Beach Volleyball Tournament, the international horse show German Classics and the international ice hockey tournament Nations Cup.
Some important precursors of musical impressionism include works by Chopin, Liszt, Mussorgsky, Chabrier, and Grieg.

Some and contributors
Some claimed that it was the successor to White Dwarf amongst the UK role-playing community with numerous contributors from across the hobby, including Phil Masters and Marcus Rowland.
Some contributors, such as Irwin Stelzer, argue from an American neoconservative position.
Some 11 % of the contributors were American, and a New York office was established to manage that part of the enterprise.
Some evidence suggests that they might be major contributors to the aging process and age-associated pathologies.
Some of the more notable contributors were Sir Geoffrey Elton, John Clive, Arnaldo Momigliano, Frances Yates, Jeremy Catto, Robert S. Lopez, Michael Howard, David S. Katz, Dimitri Obolensky, J. H.
Some of the more notable contributors:
Some believe the anorectal angle is one of the most important contributors to continence.
Some noted contributors include:
Some open government groups, such as the Sunlight Foundation and the Campaign Legal Center, criticize the Center's failure to disclose its contributors, particularly since it is so influential in appointments to the Obama administration.
Some of its contributors at this time included T. E.
Some web-based brainstorming techniques allow contributors to post their comments anonymously through the use of avatars.
Some more frequent contributors, such as Dave Lindorff and Saul Landau, cover a wide range of subjects.
Some guest hosts were normal contributors to the show, while others became regular fill-ins.
Some of its more notable contributors included: Branislav Nušić, Ivo Andrić, Vasa Popović, Zuko Džumhur, Ljubomir Vukadinović, Miroslav Radojčić, Moša Pijade, etc.
Some personalities associated with sister service Bande à part have also appeared on the network as reporters or correspondents covering Quebec's music scene, and several of the network's technical producers are also occasionally heard as segment contributors or guest hosts.
Some of the major contributors of the period include:
Some time later Ryter, Spaz, and Bean are thrown out of Eden because the elders who rule over Eden decide they are unacceptable, even though Bean is extremely smart, having beaten one of Lanaya's contributors in chess.
Some of the major contributors, such as Father Gibault, François Riday Busseron, Charles Gratiot, and Francis Vigo, would never receive payment during their lifetime, and would be reduced to poverty.
Some articles were written by the usual contributors of Warhammer Quest while others were fan-submitted material.
Some notable contributors are Fredric Jameson, Cornel West, Andrew Ross, Judith Butler, Laura Kipnis, Ellen Willis, Edward Said, Stanley Aronowitz, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.
Some founders of the theory are considered to be Isaac Newton and Bernhard Riemann, with main contributors being Niels Henrik Abel, Henri Poincaré, Max Noether, among others.
Some of the site's contributors were also involved with " Off the Telly ", a more academic television review and analysis site.
Some 524 biographies by 311 contributors ranged from 400 to 12, 000 words in length, encompassing the years 1861 to 1870.
Some contributors were so sympathetic to the grievances of Nazi Germany that one sceptical member found it difficult to distinguish between letters to Peace News and those in the newspaper of the British Union of Fascists.

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