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Some and marriages
Some psychologists, in fact, suggest that career-bound husbands often are more to blame for topsy-turvy marriages than their wives.
Some Christians believe that gender equality is appropriate for Christian marriages and that the spouses share equal responsibility within the family.
Some researchers have taken up speculative views, such as Jerzy Strzelczyk, who assumed that in the light of contemporary concepts and habits of marriage of that time ( when as a rule marriages were contracted with teenage girls ) is assumed that Dobrawa had passed her early youth, so, it's probable that she was in her late teens or twenties.
Some religions permit polygamous marriages or same-sex marriages.
Some religions and branches of religions, including Quakers, Unitarians, Ethical Culture, Reform and Reconstructionist Jews, the Metropolitan Community Church, and the Reformed Catholic Church perform and recognize same-sex marriages, even if the government of their geographic area may not.
Some continued to have common-law marriages or community-recognized relationships.
Some journalists have also expressed concern over Falun Gong's teachings on the children of interracial marriages, and noted a belief in distinct heavens for people of different races.
Some authorities say that the Hierophant generally represents assistance, friendship, good advice, alliances ( including marriages ), and religious interests.
Some couples report high levels of marital satisfaction and have long-lasting open marriages.
Some open marriages are one-sided as well.
Some states recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, even though they do not grant such licenses themselves, including Maryland and Rhode Island.
Some modern writers have alleged that his unsuccessful marriages were the result of homosexuality, but the chronicle of Charles of Viana acknowledges a son who predeceased his father at fifteen years of age in an accident and he had several known bastards: Ferdinand, William, and Roderick, all of unknown maternity.
Some polyamorous people also report that it is difficult to find partners who are mutually compatible enough to form committed group marriages like polyfidelity.
Some were common-law marriages of affection.
Some of the sub-clan names are found in more than one clan, and while it is unusual for the member of a sub-clan in one clan to marry a member of the corresponding sub-clan in another clan, there is no absolute barrier preventing such marriages.
Some other party leaders, such as former prime minister Lionel Jospin, disapproved publicly of same-sex marriages.
Some of the reports provided by these pay sites are only expanded versions of a basic people search providing a 20 year history of addresses, phone numbers, marriages and divorces, businesses owned and property ownership.
Some writers reported on Singh's officiating at mass marriages where many couples would be betrothed and everyone wore white.
Some marriages in medieval times were marriages of convenience, such as those of Agnes of Courtenay, or that of her daughter Sibylla, and that of Jeanne d ' Albret, among many other examples.
Some advocates complained that the rule had the effect of breaking up marriages and promoting matriarchy ( see also single-parent family ).
Some D / s relationships may be compared to the idealized marriages portrayed in older television programs, in which one partner is domestic and service-oriented and the other partner is the provider, protector, and household authority.

Some and acknowledge
Some writers will refer to " whisk ( e ) y " or " whisky / whiskey " to acknowledge the variation.
Some continue to be used commercially, although the firmware of the two-line models fails to acknowledge dates after the end of 1999.
Some recommend avoiding polytherapy and maintaining the minimal dose possible during pregnancy, but acknowledge that current data do not provide clear answers.
Some informed consent laws have been criticized for allegedly using " loaded language in an apparently deliberate attempt to ' personify ' the fetus ," but those critics acknowledge that abortion information provided pursuant to informed consent laws " most of the information in the materials about abortion comports with recent scientific findings and the principles of informed consent, some content is either misleading or altogether incorrect.
Some countries use terms like " acknowledge ", " understand ", " take note of ", while others explicitly use the term " support " or " recognize " for Beijing's position on the status of Taiwan.
Some difficulties surrounding her case stemmed from Mallon's vehement denial of her possible role, as she refused to acknowledge any connection between her working as a cook and the typhoid cases.
Some of these countries accept Israeli passports and acknowledge other indications of Israeli sovereignty.
Some feminist writers have suggested it would be better to give these women the diagnosis of a post-traumatic disorder as this would acknowledge their abuse, but others have argued that the use of the PTSD diagnosis merely medicalizes abuse rather than addressing the root causes in society.
Some scholars acknowledge a Middle Bronze III.
Some of Philip's allies refused to serve under him, and Luther, under the plea that it was a matter of advice given in the confessional, refused to acknowledge his part in the marriage.
Some groups, in particular AKATHA acknowledge Paul Twitchell, but claim that Darwin Gross and Harold Klemp were figureheads but not true Masters.
Some warlords who were aligned with the White movement, such as Grigory Semyonov and Roman Ungern von Sternberg, did not acknowledge any authority but their own.
Some baseball reference works decline to acknowledge the Federal League as a " major league ", and therefore give Plank credit for only seven 20-win seasons and 305 total wins.
Some purists do not even acknowledge other or future sequels of this series.
The Puritans knew this, yet they forced the Long Water people to teach the children that Hobbomock was a “ Bogeyman .” The Puritans redefined Hobbomock, Maushop, and other Quinnipiac spirit helpers as “ devils .” Some Puritan descendants still maintain a paternalistic attitude towards Quinnipiac traditionalists and refuse to acknowledge even their existence, by choosing to hold on to the misconception that the Quinnipiac have vanished from the earth.
Some ( such as British American Tobacco and Philip Morris ) acknowledge the medical consensus that second-hand smoke carries health risks, while others continue to assert that the evidence is inconclusive.
Some gay rights advocates acknowledge that as a spoof it is humorous, but claim the message behind it is still as malicious as someone who seriously possessed the opinion.
Some interpretations favour a single male character, and virtually all commentaries acknowledge the possibility, though this is the less orthodox of the two views.
Some advocates acknowledge that despite the stabilizers, the procaine in Gerovital H3 breaks down rapidly into DMAE and PABA, but ascribe the beneficial effects to these breakdown products.
Some scientists acknowledge the possibility that the SARS virus was man-made, and some have also noticed there is genetic material in the SARS DNA sequence that does not match any previously known virus, implying it could be man-made.
Some historians see the change as a response to social activism-the civil rights, feminist, and various other social movements saw the core curriculum as an inflexible way to promote the canon of " dead white males " and as a failure to acknowledge the essential contributions of other global cultures.
Some timed train stops require the driver to acknowledge a stimulus before the trip arm is lowered on a yellow signal.
Some of Galambos ' students were required to acknowledge a " proprietary notice " which asked those students to give credit ( both intellectually and financially ) for the information gleaned from his courses ; later he required that all participants in his lectures sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent publication of his ideas before he published them himself.
Some scholars acknowledge the intellectual merits of Callicott ’ s critique of the wilderness idea, but regard it as both a betrayal of one of Aldo Leopold ’ s most cherished causes and as giving aid and comfort to the environmental movement ’ s enemies.

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