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Some and including
Some members provide products including cooking oils, lettuce, sunflower seeds, artichokes, sweetening agents, coffee substitutes and teas.
Some of these have explored and offered accounts of Christie's disappearance in 1926, including the 1979 film Agatha ( with Vanessa Redgrave, where she sneaks away to plan revenge against her husband ) and the Doctor Who episode " The Unicorn and the Wasp " ( with Fenella Woolgar, her disappearance being the result of her suffering a temporary breakdown due to a brief psychic link being formed between her and an alien ).
Some parts of Austin are served by other districts, including Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Manor, Del Valle, Lake Travis, Hays, and Eanes ISDs.
Some friendly Native Americans ( including Squanto ) helped the Pilgrims survive through the first winter.
Some also include the western part of Hants County, including the towns of Hantsport and Windsor even further to the east, but geographically speaking they are part of the Avon River valley.
Some of these tracks, including audio of Korner himself, appear on the Hendrix double-CD BBC Sessions, including Korner playing slide guitar on "( I'm Your ) Hoochie Coochie Man ".
Some other early Latter-day Saint leaders, including Brigham Young, Orson Pratt and Elizabeth Ann Whitney claimed to have received several words in the Adamic language in revelations.
* Some great battles of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars are engraved on the attic, including
Some critics have also analyzed the use of alleged front organizations and conflicted patient " advocacy " groups funded by pharmaceutical companies that seek to set the mental health agenda, including the use of the law to force people to take antipsychotics against their will, often justified by claims about risk of violence.
Some sabermetric statistics have entered the mainstream baseball world that measure a batter's overall performance including On-base plus slugging, commonly referred to as OPS.
Some of Bede's material came from oral traditions, including a description of the physical appearance of Paulinus of York, who had died nearly 90 years before Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica was written.
Some Protestant churches including the Lutheran and Methodist churches have bishops serving similar functions as well, though not always understood to be within apostolic succession in the same way.
Some other comics have also been translated into Breton, including Tintin, Spirou, Titeuf, Hägar the Horrible, Peanuts and Yakari.
* Some 24, 000 + scrolls, manuscripts, paintings, scriptures, and relics from the Mogao Caves, including the Diamond Sutra-claimed by the People's Republic of China
Some observers ( including George Kennan ) believed that the Japanese treaty led Stalin to approve a plan to invade U. S .- supported South Korea on June 25, 1950.
Some of the borders of Cameroon follow rivers, including the Aïna River and Ntem River.
Some films including people fitting the " fish-out-of-water " bill including The Big Lebowski and A Serious Man.
Some bicycle activists ( including some traffic management advisers ) seek the construction of segregated cycle facilities for journeys of all lengths.
Some of these Buddhist vegetarian chefs are in the many monasteries which serve wu hun and mock-meat ( also known as ' meat analogues ') dishes to the monks and visitors ( including non-Buddhists who often stay for a few hours or days, to Buddhists who are not monks, but staying overnight for anywhere up to weeks or months ).
Some countries, including Finland, India, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and Sri Lanka, as well as San Francisco in USA and Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia, use broad gauge.
* Some turtles, including the alligator snapping turtle and most sea turtles
Some studies have shown that ingredients in curry may help to prevent certain diseases, including colon cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
Some species form packs or live in small family groups depending on the circumstances, including the type of available food.

Some and Sheldon
Some paleoconservative and libertarian writers, such as Paul Craig Roberts, William Lind, Sheldon Richman and Anthony Gregory are also regularly published in CounterPunch.
Some include walking paths such as the Sheldon Forest track accessible via Warragal Road.
Some political scientists, such as Sheldon Wolin, have expressed concern that the twin forces of democratic deficit and superpower status have paved the way in the U. S. for the emergence of an inverted totalitarianism which contradicts many principles of Nazism.
* Some of the exterior scenes ( most notably where the Treasury agents chase Sheldon into the car painter ) were filmed in Englewood, NJ.
* Hall, Dr Sheldon Zulu: With Some Guts Behind It: The Making of the Epic Movie 2005 Tomahawk Press
Some songs such as " Limbo Rock " were credited under the pseudonym of Jon Sheldon.
Some of Mackendrick's most notable students include David Kirkpatrick, Doug Campbell, Terence Davies, Don device, F. X. Feeney, Richard Jefferies, James Mangold, Stephen Mills, Thom Mount, Sean Daniel, Bruce Berman, Gregory Orr, Don Di Pietro, Michael Pressman, Douglas Rushkoff and Lee Sheldon, and David Brisbin, amongst others.
The ArtWatch UK Journal 22 ( Autumn 2007 ) quoted Sheldon Keck from his work ' Some Picture Cleaning Controversies: Past and Present ' ( 1984 ):
Some notable visiting scholars have been the sociologist Shmuel N. Eisenstadt ( 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 ), the sociologist Toby Huff ( 2000 ), the indologist Sheldon Pollock ( 2001 ), the historian Paolo Prodi ( 2007-2008 ), the historian Dan T. Carter ( 2009 ), and the sociologist Paul Lichterman ( 2009 ).
Some within the Liberal camp began to redefine the message of Christ in light of socialist criticism, and the Social Gospel developed in the popular writings of Charles Sheldon ( the inventor of the " What Would Jesus Do " slogan ) and in the theological writings of Walter Rauschenbusch.

Some and speculate
Some historians speculate that it was his conservative powerbase's disapproval of his foreign, non-Orthodox bride, more so than her appearance, that caused Alexei to spurn Charlotte.
Some observers speculate that Alan Jay Lerner's pride was so badly bruised by Muselli's much-publicized rejection of him ( due to his drug addiction and neglect of their son ) that in revenge he portrayed her as a gold-digging spendthrift.
Some speculate that the pope could leave instructions in writing, perhaps in his will, for the appointment to be made known after his death ; but it is difficult to imagine a case in which the pope would consider that his own death would remove the obstacle in the way of publishing the name.
Some speculate that the dish may have been invented in Spain, the first European country in which the potato appeared via the New World colonies, and assumes the first appearance to have been as an accompaniment to fish dishes in Galicia, from which it spread to the rest of the country and further to the Spanish Netherlands, which became Belgium more than a century later.
Some dishes may be pre-Ottoman, only taking Turkish names later ; Ash and Dalby, for example, speculate that grape-leaf dolmathes were made by the early Byzantine period.
Some scholars speculate that Hildegard was placed in the care of Jutta, the daughter of Count Stephan II of Sponheim, at the age of eight, before the two women were enclosed together six years later.
Some speculate that sponges are not so primitive, but may instead be secondarily simplified.
Some speculate that his reason for giving disinformation was in order to draw the U. S. into an attack on Iraq, which al Qaeda believes will lead to a global jihad.
Some historians speculate that they occupied Red Ruthenia, and their center was in Przemyśl.
Some followers speculate that " the Word " will yet be " spoken ," or that Meher Baba did break his silence but in a spiritual rather than a physical way.
Some speculate that higher taxes could help reduce soda consumption.
Some speculate that in the long term, environmental problems may threaten the planet's liveability.
Some scholars speculate that the name of Sviatoslav, composed of the Slavic roots for " holy " and " glory ", was an artificial derivation combining those of his predecessors Oleg and Rurik ( they mean " holy " and " glorious " in Old Norse, respectively ).
Some biographies state that Marta's father was a gravedigger and handyman, while others speculate that he was a runaway landless serf.
Some speculate the maculae are outliers of the southern polar cap, which is in retreat in summer.
Some newspapers began to speculate on the motives for the murders.
Some scientists even speculate that the slugs are really just one organism in many bodies.
Some, including Martin Gardner, speculate there was an earlier version that was destroyed later by Dodgson when he wrote a more elaborate copy by hand .< ref >( Gardner, 1965 )
Some scholars speculate that the name derives from the Turkic root " Bala " or " Great ", and the clan-name " Endzhar ".
Some speculate that carpal tunnel syndrome is provoked by repetitive movement and manipulating activities and that the exposure can be cumulative.
Some speculate that Kerioth refers to a region in Judea, but it is also the name of two known Judean towns.
Some Shakespeare scholars speculate that it derives from Shakespeare's own draft, or " foul papers ," since it contains minor errors in speech labels and stage directions that are thought to be characteristic of the author in the process of composition.
Some speculate these reported creatures could be present-day specimens of the extinct giant ape Gigantopithecus.
Some historians speculate that the Giants got word that their star pitcher was risking his life and baseball career for the Stars and ordered him to stop, while others feel that the Stars ' coach got rid of Mathewson because he felt that, since the fullback's punting skills were hardly used, he could replace him with local resident Shirley Ellis.

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