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Some and like
Some, she knew, looked upon Thompson almost as a saint, but others read in `` The Hound Of Heaven '' what they took to be the confessions of a great sinner, who, like Oscar Wilde, had -- as one pious writer later put it -- thrown himself `` on the swelling wave of every passion ''.
Some retailing, of course, always spreads with the population -- grocery stores, drugstores, local haberdasheries and dress shops, candy stores and the like.
Some, like the British and the French, maintain an elaborate system of personal contacts and have experts constantly studying special areas of the American scene.
Some national languages like Finnish, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian ( Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian ) and Bulgarian have a very regular spelling system with a nearly one-to-one correspondence between letters and phonemes.
Some of the persons listed are, like Korzybski, polymaths and several categories apply to them.
Some consider this more of a short story collection ; Milne didn't like it and considered The Day's Play as his first book.
Some fruit segments ( like those in Daucus spp.
Some, like Rambert, are exiles in double measure since they are not only cut off from those they want to be with but they do not have the luxury of being in their own homes.
Some others, like in Europe wanted republican independence as the French and Americans.
Some scholars argue Plato drew upon memories of past events such as the Thera eruption or the Trojan War, while others insist that he took inspiration from contemporary events like the destruction of Helike in 373 BC or the failed Athenian invasion of Sicily in 415 – 413 BC.
Some operations may change the state of the ADT ; therefore, the order in which operations are evaluated is important, and the same operation on the same entities may have different effects if executed at different times — just like the instructions of a computer, or the commands and procedures of an imperative language.
Some acids like tariric acid contains an alkyne group.
Some authors see a centralized peer – review process as less relevant and publish on their home pages or on unreviewed sites like arXiv.
Some systems are vacuum-insulated, acting something like large thermos bottles.
Some scenes, like Evil Ash walking along the graveyard while his skeleton minions come to life, blended stop-motion animation with live skeletons that were mechanically rigged, with prosthetics and visual effects.
Some encrusting bryozoan colonies with mineralized exoskeletons look very like small corals.
Some companies such as Topdeck Travel were set up to specifically use buses to drive the hippie trail or travel to places like north Africa.
Some Hilbert spaces, like, have finite dimension, while others have infinite dimension.
Some properties of this notation are convenient since we are dealing with linear operators and composition acts like a ring multiplication.
Some old characters, like The Three Bears and Little Plum, have more recently made a return.
Some questions are still unanswered, such as the inclusion in the BCI repertoire of some characters ( currently about 24 ) that are already encoded in the UCS ( like digits, punctuation signs, spaces and some markers ), but whose unification may cause problems due to the very strict graphical layouts required by the published Bliss reference guides.
Some black activists were also offended, claiming Clinton used his knowledge of black culture to exploit black people like no other president before for political gain, while not serving black interests.
Some local Radio stations promote the ideals of the people identifying with Boer / Afrikaner people, like Radio Rosestad ( in Bloemfontein ), Overvaal Stereo and Radio Pretoria.
Some of these early SIMD specifications like HP's Multimedia Acceleration eXtensions ( MAX ) and Intel's MMX were integer-only.

Some and Hernando
Some believe a fanciful story created for a popular early twentieth-century pageant held in Sarasota, that it was named after the daughter of famous explorer Hernando de Soto's daughter Sara.
Some hymns in the Nahuatl language by a composer of the same name ( Hernando don Franco ) are now presumed to be the work of a native composer who took Franco's name, as was the custom, on his conversion to Christianity and baptism ( if so, they may be the earliest extant notated music in the European tradition by a Native American composer ).

Some and De
Some of the gunpowder recipes of De Mirabilibus Mundi of Albertus Magnus are identical to the recipes of the Liber Ignium, and according to Partington, " may have been taken from that work, rather than conversely.
Some scholars have upset the standard account of the origins of International law, which emphasises the seminal text De iure belli ac pacis by Grotius, and argued for Vitoria and, later, Suárez's importance as forerunners and, potentially, founders of the field.
Some fifteen works in Latin or Greek are lost, some as recently as the 9th century ( De Paradiso, De superstitione saeculi, De carne et anima were all extant in the now damaged Codex Agobardinus in 814 AD ).
* On Some Consequences of the Breakdown of Counterfactual Definiteness in the Quantum World by W. De Baere
Some other interesting buildings are the town hall ( Stadhuis ), a 16th-century building that was badly damaged by a fire in 1929 but has its Renaissance façade designed by Lieven de Key still standing ; the Gemeenlandshuis van Rijnland ( 1596, restored in 1878 ); De Waag ( weigh house in Dutch ), built by Pieter Post ; the former court-house ( Gerecht ); a corn-grinding windmill, now home to a museum ( Molen de Valk ) ( 1743 ); the old gymnasium ( Latijnse School ) ( 1599 ) and the city carpenter's yard and wharf ( Stadstimmerwerf ) ( 1612 ), both built by Lieven de Key ( c. 1560 – 1627 ).
Some Sparta fans have refused to enter Feyenoord's De Kuip stadium, even when Sparta had reached the KNVB Cup final, which was played in De Kuip.
* Siegfried de Rachewiltz, De Sirenibus: An Inquiry into Sirens from Homer to Shakespeare, 1987: chs: " Some notes on posthomeric sirens ; Christian sirens ; Boccaccio's siren and her legacy ; The Sirens ' mirror ; The siren as emblem the emblem as siren ; Shakespeare's siren tears ; brief survey of siren scholarship ; the siren in folklore ; bibliography "
Some of the University's better-known students include: Christian Doppler, Kurt Adler, Franz Alt, Bruno Bettelheim, Rudolf Bing, Lucian Blaga, Josef Breuer, F. F. Bruce, Elias Canetti, Ivan Cankar, Otto Maria Carpeaux, Felix Ehrenhaft, Mihai Eminescu, Paul Feyerabend, Heinz Fischer, O. W. Fischer, Ivan Franko, Sigmund Freud, Alcide De Gasperi, Ernst Gombrich, Kurt Gödel, Erich Göstl, Franz Grillparzer, Jörg Haider, Edmund Husserl, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Marie Jahoda, Elfriede Jelinek, Percy Lavon Julian, Karl Kautsky, Elisabeth Kehrer, Hans Kelsen, Rudolf Kirchschläger, Arthur Koestler, Jernej Kopitar, Karl Kordesch, Karl Kraus, Bruno Kreisky, Richard Kuhn, Paul Lazarsfeld, Gustav Mahler, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Lise Meitner, Gregor Mendel, Franz Mesmer, Franc Miklošič, Alois Mock, Matija Murko, Pope Pius III, Maxim Podoprigora, Hans Popper, Karl Popper, Otto Preminger, Wilhelm Reich, Peter Safar, Mordkhe Schaechter, Arthur Schnitzler, Albin Schram, Wolfgang Schüssel, Joseph Schumpeter, Theodor Herzl, John J. Shea, Jr., Adalbert Stifter, Yemima Tchernovitz-Avidar, Kurt Waldheim, Otto Weininger, Stefan Zweig, and Huldrych Zwingli.
Some Dutch films have received international distribution and recognition, such as Turkish Delight (" Turks Fruit ") ( 1973 ), Soldier of Orange (" Soldaat van Oranje ") ( 1975 ), Spetters ( 1980 ) and The Fourth Man (" De Vierde Man ") ( 1983 ) by director Paul Verhoeven.
Atkinson emphasized Agnes De Mille's contributions as choreographer: " Some of the dances are merely illustrations for the music.
Some two million died and fifteen million were displaced-driven from their lands by those opposed to anyone and everything German ... De Zayas's moving plea is that one's home should be a human right.
Some of Statius ' works, such as his poems for his competitions, have been lost ; he is recorded as having written an Agave mime, and a four line fragment remains of his poem on Domitian's military campaigns, the De Bello Germanico composed for the Alban Games in the scholia to Juvenal 4. 94.
In Emperor Theodosius's edict De fide catholica of 27 February 380, enacted in Thessalonica and published in Constantinople for the whole empire, by which he established Catholic Christianity as the official religion of the empire, he referred to Damasus as a pontifex, while calling Peter an episcopus: "... the profession of that religion which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter, as it has been preserved by faithful tradition and which is now professed by the Pontiff Damasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria ... We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title Catholic Christians ..." Some see in this an implied significant differentiation, but the title pontifex maximus is not used in the text ; pontifex is used instead: "... quamque pontificem damasum sequi claret et petrum alexandriae episcopum ..." ( Theodosian Code XVI. 1. 2 ; and Sozomen, " Ecclesiastical History ", VII, iv.
Some of Arum's superstars from the 1990s include former world flyweight champion Michael Carbajal and six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya and current boxing superstars includes eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao and three-division world champion Erik Morales.
Some of the boxers featured on the magazine covers have included Andrew Golota, Salvador Sánchez, Jack Dempsey, Max Schmeling, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jake LaMotta, Rocky Marciano, Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali, Alexis Argüello, Wilfred Benítez, Wilfredo Gómez, Roberto Durán, Larry Holmes, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bud Taylor, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Thomas Hearns, Roy Jones Jr., Bernard Hopkins, Julio César Chávez, Félix Trinidad, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Mauro Mina, and Ricardo Mayorga.
Some of the most impressive museums in Belgium are The Royal Museum for Fine Arts, in Antwerp, which has an admirable collection of works by Peter Paul Rubens, the Groeningemuseum, in Bruges, with the Flemish Primitives, the MAS ( Museum Aan De Stoom ) wich is located on't eilandje is the biggest museum in Belgium, and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels, which has a cinema, a concert hall, and artworks of many periods, including a large René Magritte collection.
Some experts say that this was not the first compiled history of the Britons and that it was largely based on Gildas ' De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae written some two centuries before.
Some fifteen works in Latin or Greek are lost, some as recently as the 9th century ( De Paradiso, De superstitione saeculi, De carne et anima were all extant in the now damaged Codex Agobardinus in 814 AD ).
Some of Meise's most famous inhabitants are Eddy Merckx, Frank Deboosere, Tony De Pauw, Kris Wauters ( from the band Clouseau ), Bart Mullie and Jean-Pierre Van Rossem.

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