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Some and modern
Some modern descendants of this culture often choose to use the term " Ancestral Pueblo " peoples.
Some modern historians theorize that Nero's decision to kill Agrippina was prompted by her plotting to set Gaius Rubellius Plautus ( Nero's maternal second cousin ) or Britannicus ( Claudius ' biological son ) on the throne.
Some wanted the modern liberal constitutional system, some wanted the continuance of the Ancien Régime, some wanted independence.
Some Protestant charismatic and British New Church Movement churches include " apostles " among the offices that should be evident into modern times in a true church, though they never trace an historical line of succession.
Some of these places are modern well-equipped hotels and spas ; the mineral waters of Afyon are renowned for their healing qualities.
Some sources include the requirement that the curve may not cross the line infinitely often, but this is unusual for modern authors.
Some dioceses around the Mediterranean Sea which were Christianised early are rather compact, whereas dioceses in areas of rapid modern growth in Christian commitment — as in some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and the Far East — are much larger and more populous.
Some modern scholars suggest the book of Esther to be a historical novella.
Some efforts have been partially effective in creating fear, due to the lack of visibility associated with modern biological weapon use by small organizations.
Some modern sources allude to a linguistic connection between the bunyip and Bunjil, " a mythic ' Great Man ' who made the mountains and rivers and man and all the animals.
Some modern editing systems can use OCR techniques to read BITC in situations where other forms of timecode are not available.
Some modern commentators have suggested this was a deliberate ploy to encourage a double envelopment of the Persian centre.
Some modern scholars use the belief of Jesus ' followers in the resurrection as a point of departure for establishing the continuity of the historical Jesus and the proclamation of the early church.
Some notable modern examples are Intel's SSE and the PowerPC-related AltiVec ( also known as VMX ).
Some modern proposals for new constellations were not successful ; an example is Quadrans, eponymous of the Quadrantid meteors, now divided between Boötes and Draco.
Some modern cooks apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation.
Some of the more technical safety measures include that all new Croatian tunnels have modern safety equipment and there are several control centers, which monitor highway traffic.
Some of the new countries became British Dominions, the genesis of the modern Commonwealth of Nations.
" Some modern readers find this narrow definition disappointing, but his focus was on the conduct of military operations in war, not on the full range of the conduct of politics in war.
Some modern scholars claim the universality of the accusations in ancient texts lends credence to the crime.
Some writers, such as James-Charles Noonan, hold that, in the case of cardinals, the form used for signatures should be used also when referring to them, even in English ; and this is the usual but not the only way of referring to cardinals in Latin .< ref > An Internet search will uncover some hundreds of examples of " Cardinalis Ioannes < surname >", examples modern and centuries-old ( such as this from 1620 ), and the phrase " dominus cardinalis Petrus Caputius " is found in a document of 1250.
Some Western modern occultists equate the Chinese classical element of metal with air, others with wood due to the elemental association of wind and wood in the ba gua.
Some call the modern development of classical liberalism " neo-classical liberalism ", which argued for government to be as small as possible in order to allow the exercise of individual freedom, while some refer to all liberalism before the 20th century as classical liberalism.
Some modern historians think that Caligula suffered from hyperthyroidism.
Some of the most widely used types of modern cannon are howitzers, mortars, guns, and autocannon, although a few superguns — extremely large, custom-designed cannon — have also been constructed.

Some and writers
Some ancient writers viewed Atlantis as fiction while others believed it was real.
Some writers trace the process to the medieval mode of trial by combat, in which some litigants, notably women, were allowed a champion to represent them.
Some writers ascribe to him a third son, Abimi ( Bacher, Ag.
Some writers have suggested that they may have evolved as a visual signal of sexual maturity and fertility.
Some of these writers have finished incomplete Conan manuscripts by Howard.
Some writers have also alleged that Maritime business people were unwilling to take risks or invest in manufacturing, a thesis Acheson devotes much attention to debunking.
Some writers of the " realist " strain of modern Arthurian fiction have attempted a more sensible Camelot ; inspired by Alcock's Cadbury-Camelot excavation, writers Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mary Stewart, and Catherine Christian place their Camelots in that city and describe it accordingly.
Some writers and dachshund experts have theorized that the early roots of the dachshund go back to ancient Egypt, where engravings were made featuring short-legged hunting dogs.
Some writers have noted that diaspora may result in a loss of nostalgia for a single home as people " re-root " in a series of meaningful displacements.
Some writers have argued that with detailed use of real unit accounting and demand surveys a planned economy could operate without a capital market, in a situation of abundance, The purpose of the price mechanism is to allow individuals to recognise the opportunity cost of decisions: in a state of abundance, there is no such cost.
( Judd ) Some writers credit sportsman, hunters and fisherman with the increasing influence of the conservation movement.
Some environmental writers, for example William Cronon have criticized the ecocentric view as have a dualist view as man being separate from nature.
Some writers use furigana to represent slang pronunciations, particularly those that would become hard to understand without the kanji to provide their meaning.
Some Christian writers believe it extremely rare that God provides a supernatural intervention that actually reverses the natural laws governing the human body.
Some e-mail viruses written after the Good Times scare contained text announcing that " This virus is called ' Good Times ,'" presumably hoping to gain kudos amongst other virus writers by appearing to have created a worldwide scare.
Some writers on counter-insurgency warfare emphasize the more turbulent nature of today's guerrilla warfare environment, where the clear political goals, parties and structures of such places as Vietnam, Malaysia, or El Salvador are not as prevalent.
Some writers that emerged after the Second World War followed Hugh MacDiarmid by writing in Scots, including Robert Garioch and Sydney Goodsir Smith.
Some media writers and many attorneys recommend against using handloaded ammunition for defensive use.
Some writers have proposed building megastructures that have some similarities to a hollow Earth – see Dyson sphere, Globus Cassus.
Some writers have proposed that Hezekiah served as coregent with his father Ahaz for about 14 years, beginning during 729 BC.
Some writers restrict the meaning of endothermy to mechanisms that directly raise the animal's metabolic rate in order to produce heat.
Some writers see a conflict between Godwin's advocacy of " private judgement " and utilitarianism, as he says that ethics requires that individuals give their surplus property to each other resulting in an egalitarian society, but, at the same time, he insists that all things be left to individual choice.
Some writers, such as Edward Said, use the term more broadly to describe any system of domination and subordination organized with an imperial center and a periphery.

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