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Some and municipal
Some municipal agencies will pay for orthodontic treatment for children of needy parents.
Some opposition to the home rule movement started to be heard yesterday, with spokesmen for the town's insurgent Democratic leadership speaking out against the home rule charter in favor of the model municipal league charter.
Some historians credit Sennett's films with having been responsible for municipal police forces across North America altering their uniforms to include military style officers ' caps since by the 1920s tall, British-style hats had become so indelibly associated with slapstick comedy.
Some of the world's larger cities culturally, if not officially, span into multiple counties and those crossing state or provincial boundaries culturally are quite common as well, but are rarely incorporated within the same municipal government.
Some other states have traditionally had strong regions, such as the Federal Republic of Germany ; yet others have been structured on the basis of national and municipal government with little in between.
Some 2, 688 voluntary and municipal hospitals in England and Wales were nationalised and came under Bevan's supervisory control as Health Minister.
Some villas that had not been modernised were demolished to make way for yet more municipal housing ; some buildings had to be listed to protect them.
Some confusion comes from the difference between neighborhood boundaries, and the arbitrary ZIP Code boundaries that do not necessarily coincide with municipal boundaries resulting in Township mailing addresses which use place names outside of the Township.
Some responsibilities of the Mayor include preparation of the budget, enforcement of the ordinances, supervision of municipal departments and property, execution of Council decisions, and oversight of other functions of the municipality.
Some members of the tribe are still concentrated in the municipal vicinity.
Some of the municipal islets are considered part of the Gothenburg archipelago.
Some municipalities in the Kingdom of Sweden have divided their territory into smaller areas, which often are assigned an administrative board responsible for certain elements of municipal governance within their district.
Some form of municipal government was granted to Geel as early as the first half of the 13th century.
Some municipal bonds are insured by monoline insurers that take on the credit risk of these bonds for a small fee.
Some of the city's attractions include Canada's Largest Ribfest, Sound of Music Festival, Burlington Art Centre, and Spencer Smith Park, all located near the city's municipal offices in the downtown core.
Some expected that Lastman would face Independent federal MP John Nunziata in the 2000 municipal election, but Nunziata nixed the rumours when he found that he could not hold onto his seat in Parliament while campaigning for Mayor.
Some of the CAOs duties include assisting in the creation of the municipal budget, and ensuring that municipal funds are spent in a responsible manner.
Some unincorporated settlements which are not part of a larger municipality — particularly those in rural areas — may have some types of municipal services provided to them by a quasi-governmental agency such as a local services board in Ontario.
Some Socialist and Liberal dominated municipal councils opposed this policy, claiming that the job of a registrar is to marry all couples, regardless of gender.
Some municipal councils, many nobles and clergy, and several important citizens requested that the regent revoke the Constitutional Charter and reign as king.
Some industrial facilities generate ordinary domestic sewage that can be treated by municipal facilities.
Some of these facilities can install a pre-treatment system to remove the toxic components, and then send the partially treated wastewater to the municipal system.
Some municipalities, particularly Toronto, also complained that the government was " downloading " the costs of services that the province had formerly paid for onto local city and municipal governments.

Some and sewage
Some builders are installing waterless urinals and even composting toilets that completely eliminate water usage in sewage disposal.
Some home sewage treatment systems use biological treatment, usually beds of plants and aquaria, that absorb nutrients and bacteria and convert greywater and sewage to clear water.
Some of the oldest pre-system sewage types are pit toilets, latrines, and outhouses.
Some cattle raised in the United States feed on pastures fertilized with sewage sludge.
Some houses that took no water that were just outside Elm were flooded with sewage, as the drains backed up and burst up into these houses.
Some of the districts demolished were truly decrepit, such as Newlands, where most of the houses were condemned unfit for human habitation, with sewage pouring down the street and people sharing one room in cramped courtyards of subdivided flats.
Some also saw the possibility of higher taxes, costs for a town hall, a mayor, and water and sewage services as reasons to not incorporate.
Some commercial dry suits are rated for hazardous-environment diving, and when combined with a full-face helmet can completely isolate and protect the diver from hazardous environments such as sewage pits and chemical storage tanks.
Some cities also have combined sewers, which may discharge untreated sewage during rain storms.
Some may have information kiosks, vending machines, and picnic areas, but little else, while some have " dump " facilities, where recreational vehicles may empty their sewage holding tanks.
Some waste waters, such as those from biological secondary sewage treatment, will already contain a large population of microorganisms acclimated to the water being tested.
Some of the olive ridley ’ s foraging grounds near southern California are contaminated due to sewage, agricultural runoff, pesticides, solvents and industrial discharges.
Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal.
Some of the Bangalore's sewage mixes with this river via varthur lake and other channels.
Some have public health significance being associated with sewage filter beds and septic tanks.
Some people protest that sewage may end up on the nearby beaches: http :// news. google. com / newspapers? id = giRZAAAAIBAJ & sjid = SucDAAAAIBAJ & pg = 2013, 6785385 & dq = wonga + point + bateau & hl = en
Some have suggested that it was part of the hotel's waste management system and that at one time the sewage from the hotel was being flushed into James Bay.

Some and systems
Some weapons systems have become obsolescent while still in production, and some while still under development.
Some phonetic features, for example glottal catch or murmur, are sometimes to be assigned to segmental phonemics and sometimes to accentual systems.
Some school systems provide written instructions to principals and teachers designating when certain information is to be recorded on cumulative record forms and explaining how the information is to be summarized and used.
Some US School districts and systems return to school in August.
Some belief systems, such as those in the Abrahamic tradition, hold that the dead go to a specific plane of existence after death, as determined by a god, gods, or other divine judgment, based on their actions or beliefs during life.
Some, like Hernando De Soto, argue that much of the poverty in the Third World countries is caused by the lack of Western systems of laws and well-defined and universally recognized property rights.
Some systems are vacuum-insulated, acting something like large thermos bottles.
Some proven intensive, low-effort food-production systems include urban gardening ( indoors and outdoors ).
Some systems used a CD-ROM drive to make the files available.
Some bicycle parts, particularly hub-based gearing systems, are complex, and many cyclists prefer to leave maintenance and repairs to professional bicycle mechanics.
Some systems have proposed as many as 90 subspecies, while recent DNA analysis has identified as few as five clades.
Some modern editing systems can use OCR techniques to read BITC in situations where other forms of timecode are not available.
Some linguists, such as John DeFrancis and J. Marshall Unger have argued that genuine ideographic writing systems with the same capacities as natural languages do not exist.
Some writing systems of the world, notably the Arabic and Hebrew scripts, and derived systems such as the Urdu, Persian, Yiddish, Jawi, and Ladino scripts, are written in a form known as right-to-left ( RTL ), in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side.
Some systems used both codes and ciphers in one system, using superencipherment to increase the security.
Some take the approach of looking for coherent justifications of established copyright systems, while others start with general ethical theories, such as utilitarianism and try to analyse policy through that lens.
Some critics of this approach feel that while these models approach biological reality as a representation of how the system works, they lack explanatory powers because complicated systems of connections with even simple rules are extremely complex and often less interpretable than the system they model.
Some jurisdictions give priority to motorized traffic, for example setting up one-way street systems, free-right turns, high capacity roundabouts, and slip roads.
Some masters use different systems, or even no system at all.
Some light rail systems may run on a narrower gauge.
Some missiles can be fitted with any of a variety of navigation systems ( Inertial navigation, TERCOM, or satellite navigation ).
Some GC systems allow such other resources to be associated with a region of memory that, when collected, causes the other resource to be reclaimed ; this is called finalization.
Some, like VirtualBox and VMware Player run on Windows and Linux hosts and can run many other operating systems.

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