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Some and notable
Some of the more notable ones are:
Some notable historical groups formed along the way include Colgate University's The Colgate 13 ( 1942 ), Dartmouth College's Aires ( 1946 ), Cornell University's Cayuga's Waiters ( 1949 ) and The Hangovers ( 1968 ), the Columbia University Kingsmen ( 1949 ), the Jabberwocks of Brown University ( 1949 ), and the University of Rochester YellowJackets ( 1956 ).
Some of the more notable aerial battles in this period include the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Midway.
Some notable modern examples are Intel's SSE and the PowerPC-related AltiVec ( also known as VMX ).
Some notable Columbia alumni that have gone on to work in film include directors Sidney Lumet ( 12 Angry Men ) and Kathryn Bigelow ( The Hurt Locker ), screenwriters Howard Koch ( Casablanca ) and Joseph L. Mankiewicz ( All About Eve ), and actors James Cagney and Ed Harris.
Some programming languages almost always use curried functions to achieve multiple arguments ; notable examples are ML and Haskell, where in both cases all functions have exactly one argument.
Some notable moments in the rivalry include Washington's victory over Dallas in the 1982 NFC Championship and the latter's 1989 win over the Redskins for their only victory that season.
Some of the notable environmentalists who have been active in lobbying for environmental protection include:
Some notable translations of the Enchiridion include:
Some notable Japanese films are Tokyo Story, Seven Samurai, Ugetsu, Tampopo, In the Realm of the Senses, and Godzilla.
Some of his more notable songs include " The Treaty ", " The Battle of the Kegs ", and " The New Roof, a song for Federal Mechanics ".
Some notable philosophers, such as Alasdair MacIntyre, have theorized freedom in terms of our social interdependence with other people.
Some of the most notable feminist science fiction works have illustrated these themes using utopias to explore a society in which gender differences or gender power imbalances do not exist, or dystopias to explore worlds in which gender inequalities are intensified, thus asserting a need for feminist work to continue.
Some notable operations include: the Chadian – Libyan conflict in 1969 – 72 ( the first time that the Foreign Legion was sent in operations after the Algerian War ), 1978 – 79, and 1983 – 87 ; Kolwezi in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo in May 1978 ; Rwanda in 1990 – 94 ; and the Côte d ' Ivoire ( the Ivory Coast ) in 2002 to the present.
Some notable observed features of galaxy structure ( including our own Milky Way ) that astronomers wish to explain with galactic formation theories include ( but are certainly not limited to ) the following:
Some, however, have been notable in their own right, such as Dame Alexandra Hasluck and Lady Casey.
Some of the most notable designers of German-style board games include:
Some of the more notable limitations of the original GLUT library include:
Some of the more notable dishes in Hakka cuisine are listed as follows:
Some notable pre-colonial states and societies in Africa include the Nok culture, Mali Empire, Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Kingdom of Sine, Kingdom of Saloum, Kingdom of Baol, Kingdom of Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Kongo, Ancient Carthage, Numidia, Mauretania, the Aksumite Empire, the Ajuuraan State and the Adal Sultanate.
Some of the fastest CPU upgrade modules featured the IBM SLC / DLC family ( notable for its 16 kB L1 cache ), or even the Intel 486 itself.
Some notable portrayals include:
Some of the statement's more notable supporters are Rabbi Marc Angel, co-founder of The Rabbinic Fellowship ; Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, founder of Lincoln Square Synagogue, Efrat, and Ohr Torah Stone Institutions ; and Rabbi Avi Weiss, head of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, founder of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat, and co-founder of The Rabbinic Fellowship.
Some of the other notable alumni and former teachers of the university are:

Some and collectors
Some collectors are unwilling to share the rare items publicly as doing so risks decreasing the value of their prototypes.
Some collectors focus on coins of a certain nation or historic period.
Some collectors are completists and seek an example of every type of coin within a certain category.
* Copy collections: Some collectors enjoy acquiring copies of coins, sometimes to complement the authentic coins in their collections.
Some collectors choose to focus on a specific subtopic within their area of general interest.
Some countries authorize the production of postage stamps that have no postal use, but are intended instead solely for collectors.
Some collectors assume that it was also supplied as OEM product, Multivox CB-50.
Some collectors prefer a traditional stamp album.
Some collectors are generalists, accumulating merchandise, or stamps from all countries of the world.
Some collectors collect only in childhood while others continue to do so throughout their lives and usually modify their aims later in life.
Some novice collectors start purchasing items that appeal to them, and then slowly work at acquiring knowledge about how to build a collection.
Some collectors consider this as a third series but since unlike all series it was not published in the official journal of the European Union, it is actually an amendment and not a new series.
Some stamp collectors are interested in the cancellations themselves, on or off cover, of a particular country or issue, or collect a specific type of cancellation, such as fancy cancels.
Some art museums and art collectors feature American Western Art.
Some shell collectors find their own material and keep careful records, or buy only " specimen shells ", which means shells which have full collecting data: information including how, when, where, in what habitat, and by whom, the shells were collected.
Some collectors may specialize in specific fields ( such as Nobel Prize winners ) or general topics ( military leaders participating in World War I ) or specific documents ( i. e., signers of the Charter of the United Nations ; signers of the U. S. Constitution ; signers of the Israeli Declaration of Independence ; signers of the Charter of the European Common Union ; signers of the World War II German or Japanese surrender documents ).
Some collectors take note of which celebrities are the most gracious or the least forthcoming.
Some stamps, intended only for sale to stamp collectors have been issued without gum, for instance the United States Farley's Follies souvenir sheets of 1933.
Some of these cymbals are now collectors ' items.
Some of the early Moulton bicycles are today considered to be collectors ' items.
Some klystrons include depressed collectors, which recover energy from the beam before collecting the electrons, increasing efficiency.
Some collectors and investors also try to anticipate future trends and buy low now, this however, is difficult to get right and may take a long time to pay off.
Some limited edition sets from past collectors have drawn up to three times the original value.
Some coil issues will require collectors to save longer than even the PNC5 mentioned earlier.

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