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Some and Pope
Some notable collectors were Pope Boniface VIII, Emperor Maximilian of the Holy Roman Empire, Louis XIV of France, Ferdinand I, Henry IV of France and Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg, who started the Berlin Coin Cabinet ( German: Münzkabinett Berlin ).
The canonization of Saint Udalric, Bishop of Augsburg, by Pope John XV in 999 is the first undoubted example of a papal canonization of a saint from outside Rome ( Some historians maintain that the first such canonization was that of Saint Swibert by Pope Leo III in 804 ).
Some of them claim to be the one true Catholic Church from which, in their view, other Christians, including those in communion with the Pope, have fallen away.
Some Lollard writings denounced the Pope as the Antichrist.
Pope Innocent III ( d. 1216 ; mural 1219 ) Some barons began to conspire against King John in 1209 and 1212 ; promises made to the northern barons and John's submission to universal rule of the papacy in 1213 delayed a French invasion.
Some manuscripts of it contain a brief mention of a female Pope named Joanna ( the earliest source to attach to her the female form of the name ), but all these manuscripts are later than Martin's work.
Some of Pope Pius III's most famous portraits can be viewed in the Louvre Museum.
Some corrections to Pope Pius V's text proved necessary, and Pope Clement VIII replaced it with a new typical edition of the Roman Missal on 7 July 1604.
Some setbacks occurred: in 1436 the Canaries were officially recognized as Castilian by the Pope ; earlier they were recognized as Portuguese.
Some of the most in-demand orchestrators today ( and of the past 30 years ) include Jeff Atmajian, Pete Anthony & Brad Dechter ( James Newton Howard, Christoper Young, John Powell, Hans Zimmer ), Conrad Pope ( John Williams ), Eddie Karam ( John Williams ), Tony Blondal ( Rolfe Kent, Henry Jackman, Chris Young, Ramin Djawadi et al.
Some go further, claiming that Claudia was Caratacus ' daughter, and that the historical Pope Linus, who is described as the " brother of Claudia " in an early church document, was Caratacus ' son.
Some of the University's better-known students include: Christian Doppler, Kurt Adler, Franz Alt, Bruno Bettelheim, Rudolf Bing, Lucian Blaga, Josef Breuer, F. F. Bruce, Elias Canetti, Ivan Cankar, Otto Maria Carpeaux, Felix Ehrenhaft, Mihai Eminescu, Paul Feyerabend, Heinz Fischer, O. W. Fischer, Ivan Franko, Sigmund Freud, Alcide De Gasperi, Ernst Gombrich, Kurt Gödel, Erich Göstl, Franz Grillparzer, Jörg Haider, Edmund Husserl, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Marie Jahoda, Elfriede Jelinek, Percy Lavon Julian, Karl Kautsky, Elisabeth Kehrer, Hans Kelsen, Rudolf Kirchschläger, Arthur Koestler, Jernej Kopitar, Karl Kordesch, Karl Kraus, Bruno Kreisky, Richard Kuhn, Paul Lazarsfeld, Gustav Mahler, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Lise Meitner, Gregor Mendel, Franz Mesmer, Franc Miklošič, Alois Mock, Matija Murko, Pope Pius III, Maxim Podoprigora, Hans Popper, Karl Popper, Otto Preminger, Wilhelm Reich, Peter Safar, Mordkhe Schaechter, Arthur Schnitzler, Albin Schram, Wolfgang Schüssel, Joseph Schumpeter, Theodor Herzl, John J. Shea, Jr., Adalbert Stifter, Yemima Tchernovitz-Avidar, Kurt Waldheim, Otto Weininger, Stefan Zweig, and Huldrych Zwingli.
Some historians identify the crowning of Charlemagne in 800 as the moment in which the Church started having an international importance in a modern sense, although the temporal power can be traced even earlier to either the Donation of Pepin in 754, or the crowning of Pepin by Pope Zachary in 752 which was the first time a secular sovereign was crowned by a pope.
Some do refuse to accept the 1955 changes in the liturgy of Palm Sunday and the Easter Triduum and in the liturgical calendar ( see General Roman Calendar of Pope Pius XII ), and instead use the General Roman Calendar as in 1954.
Some of them argue that, unlike earlier reforms, the revision of 1969-1970 which replaced the Tridentine Mass with the Mass of Pope Paul VI represented a major break with the past.
Some other missals reproduced date from before 1955 and so do not have the revised Holy Week rites promulgated by Pope Pius XII.
Some texts are written with instructions on how to summon demons in the name of God and often were claimed to have been written by individuals respected within the Church, such as the Lesser Key of Solomon or The Grimoire of Pope Honorius ( although these the earliest manuscripts were from well after these individuals had died ).
Some still observe the calendars of the Roman Rite from the Tridentine Calendar until 1969, in which Saint Valentine was at first celebrated as a simple feast, until 1955, when Pope Pius XII reduced the mention of Saint Valentine to a commemoration in the Mass of the day.
* Some right-wing Roman Catholics also claimed Giuseppe Siri ( 20 May 1906 – 2 May, 1989 ) had been elected as Pope Pius XII's successor in 1958 but that his election was in effect vetoed under Communist threat that Catholics in Communist countries would be persecuted if Siri, who allegedly had announced that he wished to be known as Pope Gregory XVII, was accepted as Pope.
Some Copts argue that the choice of Pope Shenouda III as Pope ( and Bishop ) of Alexandria was not canonical, as Shenouda was already a bishop ( although without a diocese ), arguably violating Canon 15 of the Council of Nicea against the translation of bishops from one See to another.

Some and Gregory
Some scientists and engineers have expressed reservations about nuclear power, including: Barry Commoner, S. David Freeman, John Gofman, Arnold Gundersen, Mark Z. Jacobson, Amory Lovins, Arjun Makhijani, Gregory Minor, Joseph Romm and Benjamin K. Sovacool.
Some of Gregory's theological writings suggest that, like his friend Gregory of Nyssa, he may have supported some form of the doctrine of apocatastasis, the belief that God will bring all of creation into harmony with the Kingdom of Heaven.
Some of those who argue that the Homeric poems developed gradually over a long period of time give an even later date for the composition of the poems ; according to Gregory Nagy for example, they only became fixed texts in the 6th century BC.
Some hard SF authors have distinguished themselves as working scientists, including Gregory Benford, Geoffrey A. Landis and David Brin, while mathematician authors include Rudy Rucker and Vernor Vinge.
Some weeks later he named the peak after his brother, Sir Augustus Charles Gregory ( 1819 – 1905 ).
Some Black-American comedians such as Redd Foxx, George Kirby, Bill Cosby and Dick Gregory began to cross over to white audiences during this time.
Some of its most famous people are former Mayor Burl Laxton, Al Carolla, Bradley Gregory, Eddie Payne, Davis and Dawson families.
Some of its most famous people are former Mayor Burl Laxton, Former Police chief Franklin Church, Al Carolla, Bradley Gregory, Eddie Payne, Davis and Dawson families.
Some writers, such as Gregory Wolfe, view this resurgence as part of a larger rebirth of Christian humanism.
Some, such as Pope Gregory I and Ambrose were prominent writers of letters and short treatises.
Some paleoconservative and libertarian writers, such as Paul Craig Roberts, William Lind, Sheldon Richman and Anthony Gregory are also regularly published in CounterPunch.
Some historians supposed Theosebia was the wife of Gregory of Nyssa, others suppose she was one of his sisters like Macrina the Younger.
Some scholars have suggested that Fortunatus is simply trying to appease a new patron ( Chilperic ) because of Gregory s uncertain future.
Some researchers, such as Gregory S. Paul, have suggested it may represent a juvenile specimen of a coelophysid theropod such as Coelophysis or Procompsognathus.
Some Neoplatonic ideas were adopted by Christianity, among them the idea of contemplation, taken over by Gregory of Nyssa for example.
Some writers declare that they know nothing of its origin and history ; others, on the contrary, trace it back to the translation of the Holy House ( 1294 ); others, to Pope Sergius I ( 687 ); others, again, to Gregory the Great or to the 5th century ; while others go as far back as the earliest ages of the Church, and even Apostolic times.
** Daniel Gregory Mason, Some Letters of William Vaughn Moody ( 1913 )
Some economic historians ( e. g., David Landes, Gregory Clark ( economist )) refer to national psychology and argue that some nations or cultures ( e. g., Europe ) are inherently better equipped for capital accumulation, due to cultural habits, customs and values.
* Gregory Isaacs Vinyl Page Some of Isaacs ' vinyl releases
Some of her most notable screen performances include the cult favorite Lord Love a Duck ( 1966 ) with Roddy McDowall, Ruth Gordon and Harvey Korman ; Pretty Poison ( 1968 ), co-starring Anthony Perkins and Beverly Garland ; A Safe Place ( 1971 ), co-starring Jack Nicholson and Orson Welles ; I Walk the Line ( 1970 ), opposite Gregory Peck ; and Play It As It Lays ( 1972 ), again with Perkins, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.
Some of Mackendrick's most notable students include David Kirkpatrick, Doug Campbell, Terence Davies, Don device, F. X. Feeney, Richard Jefferies, James Mangold, Stephen Mills, Thom Mount, Sean Daniel, Bruce Berman, Gregory Orr, Don Di Pietro, Michael Pressman, Douglas Rushkoff and Lee Sheldon, and David Brisbin, amongst others.
Some of these treasures were taken to Venice, where they can still be seen in St Mark's Basilica, while the body of St. Gregory was brought to Rome.
Some prefer the term C-value enigma because it explicitly includes all of the questions that will need to be answered if a complete understanding of genome size evolution is to be achieved ( Gregory 2005 ).

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