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Some and former
Some even say that this is the reason for the ultimate acceptance of the former.
Some Eastern Orthodox Churches have issued statements to the effect that Anglican orders could be accepted, yet have still reordained former Anglican clergy ; other Orthodox churches have rejected Anglican orders altogether.
Some had no briefing about the intermediate state in the former life.
Some former CCC sites in good condition were reactivated from 1941 to 1947 as Civilian Public Service camps where conscientious objectors performed " work of national importance " as an alternative to military service.
Some of Hofstadter's former students are:
Some of the well known individuals who have become involved include former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former presidents of Chile Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet, actress Susan Sarandon, actors Jeremy Irons and Raul Bova, singers Céline Dion and Anggun, authors Isabelle Allende and Andrea Camilleri, musician Chucho Valdés and Olympic track-and-field legend Carl Lewis.
Some of them, such as Mikhail Svetšnikov, led Red troops in western Finland throughout February 1918, while other officers were mistrustful of their revolutionary underlings and co-operated with their former colleague General Mannerheim, assisting the Whites in the disarmament of the Russian garrisons in Finland.
Some elements can play multiple roles ; e. g. lead can act both as a network former ( Pb < sup > 4 +</ sup > replacing Si < sup > 4 +</ sup >), or as a modifier.
Some states dispute the international acceptance of the right of their deposed monarchs to be referred to by their former title.
Some Afghan groups ( including the former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh and opposition leader Dr. Abdullah Abdullah ) believe that Karzai plans to appease the insurgents ' senior leadership at the cost of the democratic constitution, the democratic process and progress in the field of human rights especially women's rights.
Some points of interest are the Planet M., the former German Pavillon, some nations ' vacant pavilions, the Expowale, the EXPO-Plaza and the EXPO-Gardens ( Parc Agricole, EXPO-Park South and the Gardens of change ).
Some other remarkable towers are the VW-Tower in the city centre and the old towers of the former mid-age defence belt: Döhrener Tower, Lister Tower and the Horse Tower.
Some of the most violent irredentist conflicts of recent times in Europe flared up as a consequence of the break-up of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.
Some of the other notable alumni and former teachers of the university are:
Some scholars in the former USSR considered the Khazars to be an indigenous people of the North Caucasus, mostly Nakh peoples.
Some former Soviet scientists said they were actually hampered by Fuchs's data, because Beria insisted that their first bomb (" Joe 1 ") should resemble the American plutonium bomb (" Fat Man ") as much as possible, even though the scientists had discovered a number of improvements and different designs for a more efficient weapon.
Some abolitionists and slaveholders collaborated on the idea to set up a colony in Africa for former African-American slaves.
Some later historian aver that Beatrice went willingly to see her former homeland.
Some train operating companies continue to use the former British Rail Rail Alphabet lettering to varying degrees in station signage, although its use is no longer universal ; however it remains compulsory ( under Railway Group Standards ) for safety signage in trackside areas and is still common ( although not universal ) on rolling stock.
Some radioisotope thermoelectric generators have been created to power space probes ( for example, the Cassini probe ), some lighthouses in the former Soviet Union, and some pacemakers.
* Some of his movies feature strong conflicts between father and son that usually end with the latter killing the former ( Blade Runner, Gladiator ) or witnessing the event ( Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood ).
Some in the literary community expressed disapproval of the award: Richard Snyder, the former CEO of Simon & Schuster, described King's work as " non-literature ", and critic Harold Bloom denounced the choice:
Some of the dredge spoils were initially dumped in the bay shallows ( including helping to create Treasure Island on the former shoals to the north of Yerba Buena Island ) and used to raise an island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Some and President
Richard Nixon, then President, spoke of Eisenhower, Some men are considered great because they lead great armies or they lead powerful nations.
Some believe, including Afghan President Hamid Karzai, that the untapped minerals are worth at least $ 3 trillion.
Some US colleges are now going green by signing the " President's Climate Commitment ," a document that a college President can sign to enable said colleges to practice environmentalism by switching to solar power, etc.
Some of those rates were legally recognized in 1990 when President Callejas introduced a major series of economic policy reforms, which included reducing the maximum import tariff rate from 90 percent to 40 percent and getting rid of most surcharges and exemptions.
Some public opinion has started to turn against Hezbollah for their support of Syrian President Assad's attacks on the opposition movement in Syria Crowds in Cairo shouted out against Iran and Hezbollah, at a public speech by Hamas President Ismail Haniya in February 2012, when Hamas changed its support to the Syrian opposition.
Some theories allege that individuals in the government, including President Bill Clinton, knew of the impending bombing and intentionally failed to act on that knowledge.
Some presidencies, such as that of Ireland, are largely ceremonial, whereas other systems vest the President with substantive powers such as the appointment and dismissal of Prime Ministers or cabinets, the power to declare war, and powers of veto on legislation.
Some treaties grant the President the authority to fill in the gaps with executive agreements, rather than additional treaties or protocols.
Some Cabinet-level officials, including the Vice President and the White House Chief of Staff, have their salaries determined differently.
Some contend attorney Belva Lockwood was the first woman to run for President, because she was the legal age at the time of candidacy, but other critiques were similarly posed against the legality of her candidacy.
Some scholars say that it was not until passage of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote, that women implicitly had the right to run for President.
Some months later Wilson met with Taft ( Knox was out of town on vacation ), and upon hearing the information, the President immediately and unilaterally ordered a mobilization of 25, 000 troops to the Mexican border as well as naval maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico.
Some reformers were disappointed that President Garfield had advocated limited tenure only to minor office seekers and had given appointments to his old friends.
Some commentators have argued that pardoning Nixon contributed to President Ford's loss of the presidential election of 1976.
Some 200 Central African Republic soldiers mutinied in Bangui in May 1996, demanding back pay and the resignation of President Ange-Félix Patassé.
Some accounts of Glenn's years at NASA suggest that Glenn was prevented from flying in Gemini or Apollo missions, either by President Kennedy, or by NASA management, on the grounds that the subsequent loss of a national hero of such stature would seriously harm or even end the manned space program.
Some argue that it could even give the President de facto legislative authority in altering the law which could violate the principles, and perhaps even the letter, of the Constitution.
Some republicans voted no because they did not agree with provisions such as the President being instantly dismissable by the Prime Minister.
Some called it " Eleanor's folly ", after President Franklin Roosevelt's wife.
Some argue that the Twenty-second Amendment and Twelfth Amendment bar any two-term president from later serving as Vice President as well as from succeeding to the presidency from any point in the United States presidential line of succession.
Some pieces are also owned by the jewellery collector Aimée de Heeren, former mistress of President Getúlio Vargas.
Some historians believe President Thomas Jefferson invented a forerunner of the wooden clothes hanger.

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