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Some and best-known
Some of his best-known titles include El Grande, Tikal, Princes of Florence, and Torres.
Some of the best-known civilizations of prehistoric Europe were Minoan and Mycenaean, which flourished during the Bronze Age until they collapsed in a short period of time around 1200 BC.
Some of the best-known traditions, including carnival parades and masquerade ball masquerading, were first recorded in medieval Italy.
Some of the best-known pirate bases were New Providence, in the Bahamas from 1715 to 1725, Tortuga established in the 1640s and Port Royal after 1655.
Some of the best-known remains from the period include the " peat bog corpses ", among them the well-preserved bodies of two people deliberately strangled: Tollund Man and Haraldskær Woman.
Some of his best-known major motion films include: Tron ( and its sequel ), Fearless, Iron Man,, Starman, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Jagged Edge, Against All Odds,, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Seabiscuit, Arlington Road, and The Big Lebowski.
Some of the best-known and most popular acts in this period were Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and Ray Brown & The Whispers, The Easybeats, The Bee Gees, The Masters Apprentices, The Twilights, The Groop, The Groove, The Loved Ones and cult acts like The Throb and solo star Normie Rowe, who quickly became Australia's most popular male pop vocalist.
Some of its articles were written by the best-known scholars of the time.
Some articles were written by the best-known scholars of the time, such as Edmund Gosse, J.
Some of the best-known evidence of the power of selective breeding comes from an experiment by Russian scientist, Dmitri K. Belyaev, in the 1950s.
Some of the drivers to have taken part are among the best-known names in rallying, such as Juha Kankkunen, Bruno Thiry, Henri Toivonen, Colin McRae, Jimmy McRae, Marc Duez, François Duval, and Freddy Loix among others.
Some of the best-known examples of quorum sensing come from studies of bacteria.
Some of Murakami's best-known works include Norwegian Wood ( 1987 ) and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle ( 1994 – 1995 ).
Some of the best-known picture books are Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings, Dr. Seuss ' The Cat In The Hat, and Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.
Some of the best-known examples are:
Some of their best-known comedy routines and songs include " Earache My Eye ", " Basketball Jones ", " Santa Claus and His Old Lady ", and " Sister Mary Elephant ".
Some saw The Old Gold Comedy Theater as being a lighter version of Lux Radio Theater, and it featured some of the best-known film and radio personalities of the day, including Fred Allen, June Allyson, Lucille Ball, Ralph Bellamy, Linda Darnell, Susan Hayward, Herbert Marshall, Dick Powell, Edward G. Robinson, Jane Wyman, and Alan Young, among others.
Some of his best-known films are Fifa e Arena, Totò al Giro d ' Italia, Totò Sceicco, Guardie e ladri, Totò e le donne, Totò Tarzan, Totò terzo uomo, Totò a colori ( the first Italian color movie, 1952, in Ferraniacolor ), I soliti ignoti, Totò, Peppino e la malafemmina, La legge è legge.
Some of the best-known anadromous fish are the six species of Pacific salmon, which are Chinook ( King ), Coho ( Silver ), Sockeye ( Red ), Chum ( Dog ), Pink ( Humpback ), and Cherry.
Some of the best-known cases have been the " Bob and Sue " case with reporter Neville Thurlbeck, and various cases involving journalist Mazher Mahmood.
Some of the best-known badland formations can be found in the United States and Canada.
Some of the best-known electronic music labels are among all Sähkö Recordings, Kahvi Records, Dum Records ( run by Kimmo Rapatti a. k. a. Mono Junk ) and Jyväskylä's Rikos Records.
Some of the best-known examples of Mexican music in the United States is " La Cucaracha " and the Jarabe tapatío ( referred to as the Mexican Hat Dance in the United States ).
Some of his best-known works constantly portray their themes through use of this literary tool.
Some of the finest and best-known henges are at:

Some and songs
Some songs address the theme of exile, love and politics, among others.
Some songs from special events include " One Moment in Time " for Cal Ripken's record-breaking game.
" Some of Stephen Foster's songs exemplify this genre.
Some songs are about history or stories of famous capoeiristas.
Some songs are about what is going on within the roda.
Some have found difficulty reconciling this claim when Biafra also licensed to major corporations, approving with the other band members use of Dead Kennedys ’ songs in major studio film releases such as Neighbors, Freddy Got Fingered, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Some of his more notable songs include " The Treaty ", " The Battle of the Kegs ", and " The New Roof, a song for Federal Mechanics ".
Some disco songs incorporated sounds produced with synthesizers and drum machines, and some compositions were entirely electronic ; examples include Giorgio Moroder's late 1970s productions such as Donna Summer's hit single " I Feel Love " from 1977, Cerrone's Supernature ( 1977 ), Yellow Magic Orchestra's synth-disco-pop productions from their self-titled album ( 1978 ), Solid State Survivor ( 1979 ), and several early 1980s disco-pop productions by the Hi-NRG group Lime.
Lemmon played the piano and recorded his own versions of Monroe's trademark songs, I Wanna Be Loved By You and I'm Through With Love, for the album which was released in 1959 as A Twist of Lemmon / Some Like It Hot.
Some of the cassettes for the Sing Along machines were recorded by Filipino cover bands for popular songs so that the vocals and accompaniment could be played independently.
Some low-end machines attempt to provide vocal suppression so that one can feed regular songs into the machine and remove the voice of the original singer ; however, this is rarely effective.
Some songs were written for the gods but many were written to describe important events.
Some well-known songs are " Ol ' Man River ", " Can't Help Lovin ' That Man " and " Make Believe " from Show Boat ; " Indian Love Call " from Rose-Marie ; " People Will Say We're in Love " and " Oklahoma " ( which has been the official state song of Oklahoma since 1953 ) from Oklahoma!
Some of these songs, such as " Chad Gadiyah " are allegorical.
" Some critics said Caress of Steel was unfocused and an audacious move for the band because of the placement of two back-to-back protracted songs, as well as a heavier reliance on atmospherics and story-telling, a large deviation from Fly by Night.
Some of these songs, along with others performed but not included on the album, were included on Colin Newman's post-Wire solo albums ( 5 / 10, We Meet Under Tables ), while others were released by Gilbert and Lewis ' primary post-Wire outlet Dome ( And Then ..., Ritual View ).
Some songs consisted of wordless vocalizations, in a style that would influence Meredith Monk, and other musical artists who have used screams and vocal noise in lieu of words.
Some images are motivated by the biography of the person depicted, but some designs just draw their motif from the poet's name ( thus, Dietmar is shown riding a mule, since his name can be interpreted as meaning people's horse ), while others draw on imagery from their lyrics ( Walther von der Vogelweide is shown in a thoughtful pose which exactly matches the description of himself in one of his most famous songs ).
Some scholars, such as Daniel W. Patterson and Roger Lee Hall, have compiled books of Shaker songs, and groups have been formed to sing the songs and perform the dances.
Some songs express a prayer that the Beit Hamikdash will soon be rebuilt.
Some are used from particular songs which are familiar.
Some nu metal bands such as Korn and Disturbed use the style in some of their songs, such as " Twist " and " Down with the Sickness ".
In March 1955, the group had four songs in Cash Box magazines top 50 songs: " Dim, Dim the Lights, ( I Want Some Atmosphere )", " Birth of the Boogie ", " Mambo Rock ", and " Shake, Rattle and Roll ".

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