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Some and Park
Some 9, 000 people from the armed services and civilians were working at Bletchley Park at the height of the codebreaking efforts in January 1945, and over 12, 000 ( of whom more than 80 % were women ) worked there at some point during the war.
Some of the parks along the waterfront include Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Burnham Park and Jackson Park.
Some sections of the old Fenway Park were to be preserved ( mainly the original Green Monster and the third base side of the park ) as part of the overall new layout.
Some hotels are built with living trees as structural elements, for example the Treehotel near Piteå, Sweden, the Costa Rica Tree House in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica ; the Treetops Hotel in Aberdare National Park, Kenya ; the Ariau Towers near Manaus, Brazil, on the Rio Negro in the Amazon ; and Bayram's Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey.
Parks: Some popular parks are Bagh Ibne Qasim, Boat Basin Park, Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi Zoo, Hill Park, Safari Park, Bagh-e-Jinnah, PAF Museum Park, Maritime Museum Park, Aziz Bhatti Park and Jheel Park.
Some example are the Federal Protective Service, which patrols and protects government buildings ; the postal police, which protect postal buildings, vehicles and items ; the Park Police, which protect national parks, or Amtrak Police which patrol Amtrak stations and trains ..
Some of mud from the dredging was deposited at the western edge of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park to become a shallow-water wetlands habitat for marine and shore life.
Some debris from the aircraft were recovered nearby, including landing gear found on top of a building on the corner of West Broadway and Park Place, an engine found at Church & Murray Street, and a section of the fuselage landed on top of 5 World Trade Center.
Some filming locations are confidential, but many scenes were recorded in places such as the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, part of the Auckland Regional parks often credited at the end of the episodes.
Some fine National Parks include Doñana National Park in Spain, the Veluwe in the Netherlands, the Ardennes in Belgium, and Białowieża National Park of Poland.
Some recent studies such as those by Crickette Sanz in the Goualougo Triangle ( Congo ) and Christophe Boesch in the Taï National Park ( Côte d ' Ivoire ) have not shown the aggression observed in the Gombe studies.
Some of the rocks in the park are the oldest found in any U. S. National Park and have been dated at nearly 2. 7 billion years.
Some of the tools are made of obsidian which chemical analysis indicates came from sources near present day Teton Pass, south of Grand Teton National Park.
Some monies are allocated from congress via the Land and Water Conservation Fund, but Grand Teton National Park may not get all the money needed from the fund as it is divided up between four different federal agencies.
Some of the mansions from the Exposition's era survive along Lindell Boulevard at the north border of Forest Park.

Some and
Some believe that Luke s gospel can be seen to mirror the Jewish apologetic literature of the time which served to “ defend Jews against misunderstanding and persecution .” Acts is said to be a:
Supporters of this view believe that “ to a hypothetical outside reader, presents Christianity as enlightened, harmless, even beneficent .” Some believe that through this work, Luke intended to show the Roman Empire that the root of Christianity is within Judaism so that the Christians “ may receive the same freedom to practice their faith that the Roman Empire afforded the Jews .” Those who support the view of Luke s work as political apology generally draw evidence from the facts that Christians are found innocent of committing any political crime ( Acts 25: 25 ; 19: 37 ; 19: 40 ) and that Roman officials views towards Christians are generally positive.
Some believe that this appeal “ thereby shows Christian s of Luke s day both that their predecessors were innocent before the state and that Paul had no political quarrel with Rome ” but rather with the Jews who were accusing him.
Some scholars believe that the apologetic view of Luke s work is overemphasized and that it should not be regarded as a “ major aim of the Lucan writings .” While Munck believes that purpose of Luke s work is not that clear-cut and sympathizes with other claims, he believes that Luke s work can function as an apology only in the sense that it “ presents a defense of Christianity and Paul ” and may serve to “ clarify the position of Christianity within Jewry and within the Roman Empire .” Pervo disagrees that Luke s work is an apology and even that it could possibly be addressed to Rome because he believes that “ Luke and Acts speak to insiders, believers in Jesus .” Freedman believes that Luke is writing an apology but that his goal is “ not to defend the Christian movement as such but to defend God s ways in history .”
Some scholars have suggested that Amos s reference to Edom is symbolic of all nations who were once enemies of Israel and not meant to literally mean Edomites in the flesh.
Some stories he refers to are the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the departure of the Argonauts, Theseus and the Minotaur, Ariadne s abandonment, Tereus and Procne, as well as Protesilaus and Laodamia.
Some people argue that this is risky as specimens from a more protected population could be ‘ laundered through the borders of a Party whose population is not as strictly protected.
Some historians who have examined the life of Cotton Mather after Chadwick Hansen s book also seem to yearn for a positive view of Cotton Mather.
Some biblical references on this subject are debated depending on one s school of theology.
Some have found difficulty reconciling this claim when Biafra also licensed to major corporations, approving with the other band members use of Dead Kennedys songs in major studio film releases such as Neighbors, Freddy Got Fingered, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Some of Pope Gregory the Great s letters survive that relate to the mission of St. Augustine to Kent in 597 ; these letters provide information about the mission specifically, but also can be used to draw conclusions about the state of Kent and its relationships with its neighbours.
Some scholars believe that, because the only evidence for the " courts of love " is Andreas Capellanus s book The Art of Courtly Love, they probably never existed ; to further strengthen their argument, they say that there is also no evidence that Marie ever stayed with her mother in Poitiers, beyond her name being mentioned in Andreas s work.
Some version of Haeckel s drawings can be found in many modern biology textbooks in discussions of the history of embryology, with clarification that these are no longer considered valid.
Some of these methods are denying the in-group s harmful actions, denying responsibility, claiming actions by the in-group were just, focusing on positive aspects caused by the harmful action, and pointing out positive things in other areas to counterbalance the harm.
P. Lovecraft: Alone in Space ,” chapter 3 in Emperors of Dreams: Some Notes on Weird Poetry by S. T. Joshi ( Sydney: P rea Press, 2008: ISBN 978-0-9804625-3-1 ( pbk ) and ISBN 978-0-9804625-4-8 ( hbk )), discusses some of Lovecraft's weird poetry.
" Some people think ," he told a Berlin rally in June 1935, " that we haven t noticed how the Jews are trying once again to spread themselves over all our streets.
Some guitarists, such as Freddie Green of Count Basie s band, developed a guitar-specific style of accompaniment.
Some years later, in 1953, Grainger wrote a work titled Bell Piece ( Ramble on John Dowland s ‘ Now, O now I needs must part ’), which was a version scored for voice and wind band, based on his previously mentioned transcription.

Some and s
Some nematode s are also carnivorous, for instance this Mononchidae eating another Mononchidae.
Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase response tools and equipment for their members and team ( s ) ( subject to Stafford Act limitations ).
Some families leave a glass of sherry or mulled wine, mince pies, biscuits, or chocolate and a carrot for his reindeer near the stocking ( s ) as a present for him.
Some 500, 000 motorcycles were estimated to be operating in Mali in 2009, with two thirds of them inexpensive Chinese made cycles, known locally as " Jakarta " s, which boast better fuel economy but fewer safety features than more expensive Japanese or Western brands.
Some 1960s electronic organs used reverse colors or gray sharps or naturals to indicate the lower part ( s ) of a split keyboard: one divided into two parts, each of which produces a different Registration or sound.

Some and campsites
Some campsites permit the use of generators that operate at 65 dB or lower.
Some bands adapted as best they could and others did not want to readily leave their expanded homelands and campsites which were located off the reservation.
Some campsites have platforms for setting up summer camp tents, while others have a " house " frame with a platform to set the tents on.
Some of the campsites have evidence of populations of several hundred.
Some south, at campsites at Ras al-Shitan, near Nuweiba, two more bombings happened.

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