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Some and closer
Some government scientists say privately that the figure probably is closer to 80 megatons, and that the full 50-megaton bomb that Khrushchev mentioned may still be detonated.
Some scholars have struggled to determine if either of these two versions is closer to the original text composed by the original author.
( Some newer protocols, such as Kerberos and Active Directory use DNS SRV records to identify services by name, which is much closer to the AppleTalk model.
Although noting in the introduction to ' The Protestors ' that ' Some recorded herein perhaps did not have " all the truth " — so the writer has been reminded ', Eyre nevertheless claimed that the purpose of the work was to ' tell how a number of little-known individuals, groups and religious communities strove to preserve or revive the original Christianity of apostolic times ', and that ' In faith and outlook they were far closer to the early springing shoots of first century Christianity and the penetrating spiritual challenge of Jesus himself than much that has passed for the religion of the Nazarene in the last nineteen centuries '.
Some electric guitar and electric bass guitar models feature piezoelectric pickups, which function as transducers to provide a sound closer to that of an acoustic guitar with the flip of a switch or knob, rather than switching guitars.
Some 5, 000 years ago, the area was not so arid and the vegetation might have been closer to a savanna.
) Some supporters advocate withdrawing from Kinmen and Matsu, which are controlled by Taiwan but are closer to mainland China.
Some aquatic turtles, such as snapping turtles and soft-shelled turtles, have eyes closer to the top of the head.
Some variants even replaced whole sections of distinctively " Rolemaster " rules, such as the combat system, with more traditional systems closer to the line established by Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
Some instructions are single byte / cycle ones, but a large amount of opcodes need two cycles and / or two bytes, so the raw performance would be closer to 0. 5 MIPS.
Some would argue that Bede's copy of Gildas was much closer to the original than any now extant ; however the age of a manuscript ( especially one no longer existing ) is not a conclusive guide to its accuracy.
Some British saints ' hagiographies indirectly support a date closer to 493 than 503.
Some works are closer to the core of intended copyright protection than others.
Some passengers in North Edison may actually live closer to, and prefer to use, the Metropark ( in neighboring Iselin ) or Metuchen stations.
Some linguists agree to some extent that Cantonese is closer to classical Chinese in its pronunciation and some grammar.
Some authors have used " best-first search " to refer specifically to a search with a heuristic that attempts to predict how close the end of a path is to a solution, so that paths which are judged to be closer to a solution are extended first.
Some of his later works are closer to the style of his contemporary Guido Reni, and are painted with more lightness and clearness.
Some Orthodox rationalists in Israel take a " restorationist " approach, reaching back in time for tools to simplify Rabbinic Judaism and bring all Jews, regardless of status or stream of Judaism, closer to observance of Halacha, Mitzvot, Kashrut and embrace of Maimonides ' " 13 Principles of Faith ".
Some of the oldest known references of incense appear within the Vedas ( ancient Hindu texts ) themselves, with frequent mention within the Atharva Veda, indicating that the use of incense is quite old, dating back at least 3500 years and more likely closer to 6000 to 8500 years old at a minimum.
Some coaches suggest if you lightly " kiss " the hurdle with the side of the leg closest to the hurdle, it can help with the runners speed by keeping the runner closer to the ground.
Some FPS maps may be designed to prevent sniping by not including any long hallways, while other maps may allow for a mix of sniping and closer combat.
Some areas to the north in Maharashtra while receiving heavier rainfall are followed by long dry spells, while regions closer to the equator receiving less annual rainfall, have rain spells lasting almost the entire year.
Some of the others are based in part on other parts of ISO 8859 but often rearranged to make them closer to 1252.
Some guitarists may choose to tap using the sharp edge of their pick instead of fingers to produce a faster, more rigid flurry of notes closer to that of trilling, with a technique known as pick tapping.
Some genera in one subfamily are closer to members of the other and vice-versa.

Some and sections
Some viewers were alienated by the new-look Coronation Street, and the sections of the media voiced their disapproval.
Some short sections have a speed limit of.
Some sections of the old Fenway Park were to be preserved ( mainly the original Green Monster and the third base side of the park ) as part of the overall new layout.
* Some processes propagate faster than c, but cannot carry information ( see examples in the sections immediately following ).
Some passages and sections of Melville's works demonstrate his willingness to address all forms of sexuality, including the homoerotic, in his works.
Some other parties claim to be universal in nature, but tend to draw support from particular sections of the population.
Some published the censored sections blacked out, to demonstrate the extent of government censorship.
Some of Bright's innovative mazes had no " dead ends " – although some clearly had looping sections ( or " islands ") that would cause careless explorers to keep looping back again and again to pathways they had already travelled.
Some, such as Oaxaca and panela, are made all over Mexico, but many are regional cheeses known only in certain sections on the country.
Some sections ( specially multicast programs ) are outdated and do not cover recent software.
Some sections use the older yellow low-pressure sodium ( SOX ) lighting while others use modern high-pressure sodium ( SON ) lighting.
Some sections of Christianity commonly view sex between a married couple for the purpose of reproduction as holy, while other sections may not.
Some sections of the Septuagint may show Semiticisms, or idioms and phrases based on Semitic languages like Hebrew and Aramaic.
Some SR systems use " training " where an individual speaker reads sections of text into the SR system.
* Filtering – Some advanced text editors allow the editor to send all or sections of the file being edited to another utility and read the result back into the file in place of the lines being " filtered ".
Some systems have both segregated and street-running sections, but are usually then referred to as trams, because it is the equipment for street-running which tends to be the decisive factor.
Some museums grapple with this issue by displaying different eras in the home ’ s history within different rooms or sections of the structure.
Some are so serious about realistic simulation that they will buy real aircraft parts, like complete nose sections of written-off aircraft, at aircraft boneyards.
Some sections of the ancient city walls remain on the North side of the city and in the late 20th century building work uncovered a section of Roman wall in the center of the city.
Some have said the 4 arms of cross are four seasons, where the division for 90-degree sections correspond to the solstices and equinoxes.
* Some cuts were made within the Act I finale ( No. 15 ) to shorten transitions between sections.
Some common group settings include music for Full Orchestra ( consisting of just about every instrument group ), Wind Ensemble ( or Concert Band, which consists of larger sections and greater diversity of wind, brass and percussion instruments than are usually found in the orchestra ), or a chamber group ( a small number of instruments, but at least two ).
Some copyright owners use EULAs in an effort to circumvent limitations the applicable copyright law places on their copyrights ( such as the limitations in sections 107-122 of the United States Copyright Act ), or to expand the scope of control over the work into areas for which copyright protection is denied by law ( such as attempting to charge for, regulate or prevent private performances of a work beyond a certain number of performances or beyond a certain period of time ).

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