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Some and essays
On 7 August 2012, Stephenson released a collection of essays and other previously published fiction entitled Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing.
Some of these essays previously appeared in " San Francisco's Appeal to Reason " ( 1981-1984 ), a leftist and counter-cultural tabloid newspaper for which Black wrote a column.
Two books have been published specifically devoted to critique and analysis of his artwork: Riding Some Kind of Unusual Skull Sleigh: On The Arts Of Don Van Vliet ( 1999 ) by W. C. Bamberger and Stand Up To Be Discontinued, first published in 1993, a now rare collection of essays on Van Vliet's work.
Some of his last essays, found in his nonfiction anthologies and in his posthumous collection Winter's Light, describe his struggle to come emotionally to terms with a disease that had already killed many of his friends and fellow writers.
Some of the essays in Variety were reprinted in this collection, and in the second volume is a comedy of Odd Whims, which was played at Ipswich.
His publications included a Handbook to the English Lakes ( 1859 ), and various volumes of occasional essays, Maxims by a Man of the World ( 1869 ), Some Private Views ( 1881 ), Some Literary Recollections ( 1884 ).
Some Baldwin essays are book-length, for instance The Fire Next Time ( 1963 ), No Name in the Street ( 1972 ), and The Devil Finds Work ( 1976 ).
The book includes four essays: Characteristics of Total Institutions ( 1957 ), The Moral Career of the Mental Patient ( 1959 ), The Underlife of a Public Institution: A Study of Ways of Making Out in a Mental Hospital, The Medical Model and Mental Hospitalization: Some Notes on the Vicissitudes of the Tinkering Trades.
Some of Sybel's numerous historical and political essays have been collected in Kleine historische Schriften ( 3 vols, 1863, 1869, 1881 ; new ed., 1897 ); Vorträge und Aufsätze ( Berlin, 1874 ); and Vorträge und Abhandlungen, published after his death with a biographical introduction by C. Varrentrapp ( Munich, 1897 ).
His Writer's Notebook was published posthumously in 2001, and a third volume of critical essays, Some Poets, Artists, and a Reference for Mellors, appeared in 2005.
Some of his essays were published by his sons ( 2 vols., 1831 ); and a memoir appeared in 1827 by W. Schröter.
Some states, such as Florida and New York, include both essays and multiple-choice questions in their state-specific sections ; Virginia uses full essays and short-answer questions in its state-specific section.
Some university and college students hire ghostwriters from essay mills to write entrance essays, term papers, theses, and dissertations.
Some university and college students hire ghostwriters from essay mills to write entrance essays, term papers, and theses and dissertations.
Some professors require students to submit electronic versions of their term papers, so that the text of the essay can be compared against databases of essays that are known to have been written by essay mills.
Some of the critical essays contributed to the literary journals were afterwards collected in his Essays in English Literature, 1780-1860 ( 2 vols., 1890 – 1895 ), Essays on French Novelists ( 1891 ), Miscellaneous Essays ( 1892 ), Corrected Impressions ( 1895 ).
Some of these were adapted as movies, and Anderson wrote the screenplays of other authors ' plays and novels – Death Takes a Holiday, All Quiet on the Western Front – in addition to books of poetry and essays.
Some of his Anglophile essays were printed by Mihail Fărcăşanu in Rumanian Quarterly, which sought to preserve Anglo – Romanian cooperation.
Some sound poets used be used by later poetry movements like the beat generation in the fifties or the spoken word movement in the 80's, and by other art and music movements that brought up new forms such as text sound art that may be used for sound poems which more closely resemble " fiction or even essays, as traditionally defined, than poetry ".
Some of his essays on special points in archaeology, such as the treatise on The Mode in which Light was introduced into Greek Temples, included theories on Greek Temples which have not received general acceptance.
Some of his early photo essays, notably A Midwife in Lapland ( 1945 ), Polar Bear Hunting in Spitzbergen ( 1947 ), and Fishermen at the Congo River ( 1948 ), brought him international attention after publication in Life, Illustrated, Picture Post, and elsewhere.
* Political Economy and Capitalism: Some essays in economic tradition, 1937
A collection of 140 of his The New Yorker reviews, essays, and profiles was published in 2002 under the title Nobody's Perfect — a nod to the final line of the film Some Like it Hot.

Some and have
Some painters have less interest in the experience of the moment, with its attendant urgencies and ambiguities, than in looking beyond the flux of particular impressions to a higher, more serene level of truth.
Some of the earlier episodes have touches of the supernatural, as suited to the legendary background.
Some historians have found his point of view not to their taste, others have complained that he makes the Tory tradition appear `` contemptible rather than intelligible '', while a sympathetic critic has remarked that the `` intricate interplay of social dynamics and political activity of which, at times, politicians are the ignorant marionettes is not a field for the exercise of his talents ''.
Some of these thoughts -- not all of them -- have taken organized form in later years.
He said, `` Some have criticized your book as being neither literary criticism nor history.
Some have felt that Washington Irving comes out rather slimly, but let them look at the title of the book ''.
Some of us have imagination and sensibility too.
Some of former President Truman's off-the-cuff discourses have been in that vein.
Some of the stumps are as much as three feet long, but most of them have been flattened by the pressure of the overlying sediments.
Some memorable plays have been drawn from books, notably Life With Father and Diary Of Anne Frank.
Some families already have held weekend rehearsals in their home shelters to learn the problems and to determine for themselves what supplies they would need.
Some special health requirements might have to be met.
Some weapons systems have become obsolescent while still in production, and some while still under development.
Some offices have very broad responsibilities, touching on almost all aspects of a university's instructional program.
Some manufacturers have had the foresight to provide a socket for the chuck key ; ;
Some recreation features, such as scenic values and water interest, also have greater overall value than other interests.
-- Some areas may already have been improved and contain buildings, roads, utilities, cleared land, etcetera which may raise the cost of the site.
Some distribution costs are kept up by competitive pressure, some by the fact that the customers have come to expect certain niceties and flourishes.
Some men have no talent for or interest in management ; ;
Some agents have been shown to be much more toxic or infectious to experimental animals when exposed to aerosols of optimum particle size than by the natural portal.
Some of those who question the value of BW have assumed that the only potential would be in the establishment of epidemics.
Some members of the bee family have become idlers, social parasites that live at the expense of their hardworking relatives.
Some investigators have found a parallelism between remissions and return of the sympathetic reactivity of the hypothalamus to the normal level as indicated by the Mecholyl test and, conversely, between clinical impairment and increasing deviation of this test from the norm.
Some of the oldest, most persistent, and most cohesive forms of social groupings have grown out of religion.

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