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Some and fragments
Some remaining fragments of the Roman walls have been incorporated into the cathedral.
Some scholarly editions divide the Tales into ten " fragments.
Some of this work employed infrared technology — previously used for satellite imaging — to detect previously unknown material by Euripides in fragments of the Oxyrhynchus papyri, a collection of ancient manuscripts held by the university.
Some of these fragments have even been thought to date as early as the 2nd century ( i. e., Papyrus 90, Papyrus 98, Papyrus 104, and famously Rylands Library Papyrus P52, though the early date of the latter has recently been called into question ).
Some human bone fragments from the Paleolithic era were unearthed, but there is no clear evidence of Paleolithic remains.
Some varieties are comminuted, in which the cheese is processed into minute granules or fragments.
Some scholars also find fragments of the " warning letter ", or of other letters, in chapters 1-9, for instance that part of the " warning letter " is preserved in 2 Cor 6: 14-7: 1, but these hypotheses are less popular.
Some evidence exists that Barbados may not have been settled in the second millennium BC, but this is limited to fragments of conch lip adzes found in association with shells radiocarbon dated to c. 1630 BC.
Some of the fragments show the pastoral themes that were typical of ancient Greek bucolic poetry, while others attest the broader thematic interpretation of the bucolic form that prevailed in the later Hellenistic period.
Some fragments of other codes exist and have been published, but there still remain many points whereof we have no evidence.
Some more pieces of the Egyptian fragments were fitted together by Friedrich Blass in Germany and then followed the authoritative edition of Bacchylides ' poetry by Richard Claverhouse Jebb – a combination of scholars that inspired one academic to comment: " we almost had the Renaissance back again ".
Some of these sculptures have been lost or only fragments have been found.
Some of the surviving sculptures at the British Museum include fragments of statues and many slabs of the frieze showing the battle between the Greeks and the Amazons.
Some modern scholars defend his Lydian origin on the basis of the language of some fragments or the content.
Some statues seem to have been destroyed in a methodical way, with their fragments dispersed.
Some fragments of this work mention a birth of Ophioneus and a battle of the gods between Cronus ( not Chronos ) on one side and Ophioneus and his children on the other in which an agreement is made that whoever pushes the other side into Ogenos will lose and the winner will hold heaven.
Some fragments of his writings on astronomy survive through the treatise by Cleomedes, On the Circular Motions of the Celestial Bodies, the first chapter of the second book appearing to have been mostly copied from Posidonius.
Some stone fragments have been excavated, although no conclusive evidence of a fortified building has been produced here.
Some fragments can be seen breaking off.
Some fragments exist.
Some fragments exist, as well as titles and subjects of many of his books.
Some fragments of the priory travelled further afield.
Some airsoft masks are made with mesh screens, although there is debate that fragments from lower quality or bio-degradable BBs may pass through the mesh and enter the eye.
Some modern hollow-point defensive rounds have a soft polymer tip to help them pass through clothing without being plugged by cloth fragments.

Some and quoted
Some became independent companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, others were acquired by larger financial groups.
Young was once quoted as saying, " Some may have thought it was essential to know how to curve a ball before anything else.
Some of the reporters camped in front of Condit's Washington apartment house were quoted as saying that they would remain there " until he resigns.
* Some hacker related e-zines, which, like samizdat, were distributed via email and FTP over early Internet links and BBS quoted and developed ideas coming from SI.
:" Some of the faction of the Sicarion ... not content with having saved themselves, again embarked on new revolutionary scheming, persuading those that received them there to assert their freedom, to esteem the Romans as no better than themselves and to look upon God as their only Lord and Master " ( quoted by Eisenman, p 180 ).
Some information is quoted from the 2010 enumeration, however, other information may be outdated.
Some of the motifs he identified began to appear in the published musical scores of the operas, arousing Wagner's annoyance ; his wife Cosima Wagner quoted him as saying ' People will think all this nonsense is done at my request !'.
Some of his phrases have been often quoted by the advocates of peasant proprietorship as favouring their view.
Some suggest that Garrison will be remembered positively, including political analyst Carl Oglesby who was quoted as saying, "... I have done a study of Garrison: I come out of it thinking that he is one of the really first-rate class-act heroes of this whole ugly story killing of John F. Kennedy, the cover-up, and subsequent investigation, which suffers so badly for heroes.
Some well-known soul jazz recordings are Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder ( 1963 ), Herbie Hancock's " Cantaloupe Island " ( 1964 ) ( which was popularized further when sampled by US3 on " Cantaloop ( Flip Fantasia )"), Horace Silver's " Song for My Father " ( 1964 ) ( quoted by Steely Dan in their " Rikki Don't Lose That Number "), Ramsey Lewis's " The In Crowd " ( a top-five hit in 1965 ), and Cannonball Adderley's " Mercy, Mercy, Mercy " ( 1966 ) ( also popularized further when covered as a top 40 pop song by The Buckinghams ).
Some of his verses are also quoted in The Knights and The Clouds.
Some chronicle accounts of the battle include an invented pre-battle speech on the glorious deeds of the Normans, occasionally quoted as good contemporary evidence of the high opinion the Normans held of themselves.
Some other quoted risk factors are likely, in part, to be related to prolonged alcohol and tobacco consumption.
Some style guides recommend that, as a general rule, quoted material in replies should be trimmed or summarized as much as possible, keeping only the parts that are necessary to make the readers understand the replies.
Some fragmentary verses that do not appear in the collections that survive are only known because they were quoted by a Church Father.
Some of the BHHRG's statements have been favorably quoted by the isolationist right in the US, by opponents of US foreign policy, as well as governments regarded by Western authorities as authoritarian and criminal, such as that of Belarus.
Some fields must be quoted, as specified in following rules.
Some, especially those with diacritics, are not considered distinct letters: French é and German ö, for example, are not used in the commonly quoted alphabet sequences.
* SovMusic. ru Some revolutionary songs quoted in the symphony can be heard here.
Some passages of the commentary are quoted by Alfasi and Hananeel on Yoma, and by Solomon ibn Adret in his Hiddushim.
Some commodity market prices are quoted in customary units ( such as barrels of oil, troy ounces of gold, pounds of frozen pork bellies, etc .).
That summary quoted, for example, the review by Michael Kuchwara for the AP: " Some reviewers felt Lloyd Webber took the sting out of a cynical tale.
Some vocal fans and drivers contend that the races at Pocono take too long, and several Sprint Cup Series drivers were quoted on FOX asserting that Pocono was the least exciting track on the circuit, including Denny Hamlin, who swept the speedway's races in 2006, and that they would like to see them shortened to.
" ( Some have it quoted as " Yeah, right.

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