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Some and more
Some painters have less interest in the experience of the moment, with its attendant urgencies and ambiguities, than in looking beyond the flux of particular impressions to a higher, more serene level of truth.
Some plant-location specialists take these signs to mean St. Louis county doesn't want industry, and so they avoid the area, and more jobs are lost.
Some agents have been shown to be much more toxic or infectious to experimental animals when exposed to aerosols of optimum particle size than by the natural portal.
Some of the previously reported compounds have thus been reformulated and a series of new hydrido and carbonyl compounds discovered, the more representative examples being Af, Af, Af, Af and Af ( Af ).
Some psychologists, in fact, suggest that career-bound husbands often are more to blame for topsy-turvy marriages than their wives.
Some part-time farmers buy more land than they need in anticipation of suburban development.
Some clarets do not come into their own until they are ten or fifteen years of age, or even more.
Some churches require more.
Some churches have six or more training sessions of two hours each, generally held on Sunday night or during the week.
Some more recent studies have used the word anthophyte to describe a group which includes the angiosperms and a variety of fossils ( glossopterids, Pentoxylon, Bennettitales, and Caytonia ), but not the Gnetales.
Some are no more than a widening of a stream valley ; others, such as the Konya Ovasi, are large basins of inland drainage or are the result of limestone erosion.
Some consider this more of a short story collection ; Milne didn't like it and considered The Day's Play as his first book.
Some of the plants are herbs that produce enough scent to possibly dilute the odours of nearby plants, or the pheromones emitted by insects that find those plants, which would otherwise attract more pests.
Some axons can extend up to one meter or more while others stretch to as little as one millimeter ( inhibitory interneurons ).
Some details were changed slightly to allow more player choice-for example, players can be full Trump Artists without having walked the Pattern or the Logrus, which Merlin says is impossible ; and players ' psychic abilities are far greater than those shown in the books.
Some alloys are made by melting and mixing two or more metals.
Some opcodes require one or more operands as part of the instruction, and most assemblers can take labels and symbols as operands to represent addresses and constants, instead of hard coding them into the program.
Some contended an absolute minimum temperature occurred within earth ( as one of the four so-called " elements "), others within water, others air, and some more recently within nitre.
Some historians speculate that it was his conservative powerbase's disapproval of his foreign, non-Orthodox bride, more so than her appearance, that caused Alexei to spurn Charlotte.
Some of the more notable ones are:
Some port wines may contain 20 % ABV or more, which is 15 units of alcohol per bottle.
Some clever program counter catches meant that the ordinary system ROMs and any software using the OS calls could function without significant modification, making substantially more memory available for BASIC, View, Viewsheet and almost every other business application.
Some thinkers, for instance, have argued that the difference between fine art and applied art has more to do with the actual function of the object than any clear definitional difference.
Some of the ethnic groups that continued to influence the cuisine were here in prior years ; while others arrived more numerously during “ The Great Transatlantic Migration ( of 1870 — 1914 ) or other mass migrations.
Some of these more prominent groups include the following:

Some and advanced
Some aspects of brain structure are common to almost the entire range of animals species ; others distinguish " advanced " brains from more primitive ones, or distinguish vertebrates from invertebrates.
Some classical rabbinical literature argues that this was the original form of the name and was a reference to the advanced age of Jacob when Benjamin was born.
Some modern cooks apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation.
Some historians have speculated that since Rome lacked advanced naval technology the design of the warships was probably copied verbatim from captured Carthaginian triremes and quinqueremes or from ships that had beached on Roman shores due to storms.
Some, such as the 2010 edition, feature advanced, but rare, technology that is risky to use due to the average Gamma World character not knowing how to properly operate such devices.
Some general surgeons obtain advanced training and specialty certification in this field alone.
Some more advanced knitting techniques create a surprising variety of complex textures.
Some statistical evidence for the theory has also been advanced by Anwar Shaikh.
Some heroes and villains have no powers at all but depend instead on hand-to-hand combat training or advanced technological equipment.
* Some forms of movement disorders ( advanced Parkinson's disease, chorea ) this involves the use of specially developed minimally invasive stereotactic techniques ( functional, stereotactic neurosurgery ) such as ablative surgery and deep brain stimulation surgery
Some advanced face and eye powders contain optical brightener microspheres that brighten shadowed or dark areas of the skin, such as " tired eyes ".
Some project members and users have requested more advanced formats, believing them to be much easier to read.
Some games have multiple fee schedules, where players can pay more to perform advanced actions, or to take a greater number of actions in a turn.
Some advanced beaked forms were toothless, such as the pteranodonts and azhdarchids, and had larger, more extensive, and more bird-like beaks.
Some servers are content to use the serve simply to initiate the point ; however, advanced players often try to hit a winning shot with their serve.
* Filtering – Some advanced text editors allow the editor to send all or sections of the file being edited to another utility and read the result back into the file in place of the lines being " filtered ".
Some games feature more advanced blocking techniques: for example, Capcom's Street Fighter III features a move termed " parrying " which causes the attacker to become momentarily incapacitated ( a similar state is termed " just defended " in SNK's Garou: Mark of the Wolves ).
Some advanced, haptic systems now include tactile information, generally known as force feedback, in medical and gaming applications.
Some of his other political, social and economic ideas are remarkably advanced.
Some of Shen's most advanced theories include geomorphology and gradual climate change, while he improves Chinese astronomy by fixing the position of the pole star and correcting the lunar error by plotting its orbital course every night for a continuum of five years.
Some professional garden designers are also landscape architects, a more formal level of training that usually requires an advanced degree and often a state license.
Some consider the work of Paul Erdős as a whole to have advanced this view ( although he personally rejected it ) because of his uniquely broad collaborations, which prompted others to see and study " mathematics as a social activity ", e. g., via the Erdős number.
Some of the more advanced package management features offer " cascading package removal ", in which all packages that depend on the target package and all packages that only the target package depends on, are also removed.
Some Union troops eventually advanced and flanked to the right beyond the Crater to the earthworks and assaulted the Confederate lines, driving the Confederates back for several hours in hand-to-hand combat.
Some Vulcans appear with advanced mental abilities.

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