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Some and smallpipe
Some of these can be played on Border pipes or an open-ended smallpipe like the modern Scottish smallpipes, but about half the tunes have a single octave range and sound well on the single-octave, simple, keyless Northumbrian pipe chanter.
Some of the tunes correspond to later versions of known smallpipe tunes ; others, with a nine-note compass, must have been played either on Border pipes or on an open-ended smallpipe, like the Scottish smallpipes.

Some and tunes
Some people even wrote code to vibrate the head at different frequencies to play simple tunes.
Some players use the more nimble tips of the fingers to play fast-moving solo passages or to pluck lightly for quiet tunes. The use of amplification allows the player to have more control over the tone of the instrument, because amplifiers have equalization controls that allow the bassist to accentuate certain frequencies ( often the bass frequencies ) while de-accentuating some frequencies ( often the high frequencies, so that there is less finger noise ).
Some stations insert a short snippet of stand-up comedy (" 5 O ' Clock Funnies ") around 5 o ' clock when commuters leave work, or play specifically selected " car tunes " ideal for listening while driving.
Some bands remain faithful to the original roots, while others continually expand the jug band repertoire to include other folk music, popular music, jazz and classical music forms, such as The Juggernaut Jug Band of Louisville, Kentucky ( formed in the late 1960s and possibly the only full-time jug band in existence at this time ), The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs ( who also have been together for 40 years ), The Carolina Chocolate Drops ( an African American jug band that also plays old-time African American fiddle tunes ), The Hobo Gobbelins, The Kitchen Syncopators and The Inkwell Rhythm Makers.
* Some of the tunes in the film are different takes than those on the album.
Some considered the sound to be mechanistic but producers and songwriters such as Phil Spector brought artistic judgement to the three minute tunes.
Some Shetland fiddle tunes are said to have come to human fiddlers when they heard the trows playing.
* 1970: Painter John Baldessari exhibits a film in which he sets a series of erudite statements by Sol LeWitt on the subject of conceptual art to popular tunes like ' Camptown Races ' and ' Some Enchanted Evening '.
Some chanters can play chromatic notes however, and some old tunes, for instance Bold Wilkinson or Wat ye what I got late yestreen, suggest a dorian scale may also sometimes have been used, requiring minor third instead of the major third of the mixolydian scale.
Some of these are limited to a single octave, and many of this group correspond closely to tunes for Northumbrian smallpipes known from early 19th century sources-Apprentice Lads of Alnwick is one of these ; others are melodically and harmonically richer-using the full nine-note compass and the G major subtonic chord-a fine example of this group is Dorrington.
Some of the original Dongas ( as they became called ) of the mid 1990s were musicians who made a living by busking, sometimes using ancient sounding original folk tunes from Brittany in France.
Some of the tunes, as " Madrid, Madrid, Madrid ", by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara become very well known in all Spain.
Some of the new tunes were debuted at Tonic in December 2004, as a mini festival.
Some later tunes, like those used for Morris dance, may have their origins in this period, but it is impossible to be certain of these relationships.
Some folk tunes have Cornish lyrics written since the language revival of the 1920s.
Some scholars also identified Bathala to Mallari ( Mayari ) a Zambal deity, though according to San Nicolas ( 1664, 420 ) Bathala Mey kapal ( Maykapal ) was also listed among their deities, whose false genealogies and fabulous deeds they celebrated in certain tunes and verses like hymns, according to William Henry Scott this may due to the influences of the Tagalogs in their culture or beliefs.
Some of his most famous tunes to date are " Bad Ass " and " Jungle Brother ".
Some unlocked " town tunes ", which were played each time you talked to an animal, still others were " sibling " cards ( series 2 – 4 ) with two related characters on the front, and yet more were tailor design cards, which unlocked new designs to be used around the village.
Some folk dance tunes were also part of the repertoire.
Some tunes contain strong Spanish influences.
Some traditional tunes were used for hymns and carols.
Some folk tunes have Cornish lyrics written since the language revival of the 1920s.
Some of his best-known songs are Could I Have This Dance, Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, Till The Rivers All Run Dry, You're the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had, Only Here For a Little While, Meanwhile, Nobody Likes Sad Songs and several more recognizable tunes.

Some and book
He said, `` Some have criticized your book as being neither literary criticism nor history.
Some have felt that Washington Irving comes out rather slimly, but let them look at the title of the book ''.
Some consider this more of a short story collection ; Milne didn't like it and considered The Day's Play as his first book.
It was Laura Clifford Barney who, by asking questions of ` Abdu ' l-Bahá over many years and many visits to Haifa, compiled what later became the book Some Answered Questions.
Some modern scholars suggest the book of Esther to be a historical novella.
Some scholars note affinities between Zechariah 9-14 and the book of Malachi.
Some scholars accept the book as the writings of one individual.
Some scholars suggest that Chapter 3 may be a later independent addition to the book, in part because it is not included among the Dea Sea Scrolls.
Some commercial bookbinders may refer to the cover and the inside of the book instead, but a few others, attached to their traditions, still use the terms " codex " and " case ".
Some interpreters find support for the " midtrib " position by comparing a passage in Paul's epistles with the book of Revelation.
Some early sources refer to pall mall being played over a large distance ( as in golf ), however an image in Strutt's 1801 book clearly shows a croquet-like ground billiards game ( balls on ground, hoop, bats and peg ) being played over a, garden-sized distance.
Some think the name was chosen from the classic Chinese book the I Ching ; others note that the first character of his courtesy name is also the first character of the courtesy name of his brother and other male relatives on the same generation line, while the second character of his courtesy name shi ( 石 — meaning " stone ") suggests the second character of his " register name " tai ( 泰 — the famous Mount Tai of China ).
Some historians who have examined the life of Cotton Mather after Chadwick Hansen ’ s book also seem to yearn for a positive view of Cotton Mather.
Some Christians believe that the book of Leviticus contains prohibitions against male-male sexuality.
Some book titles use both terms.
Some day, if I ever get a chance, I shall write a book, or warning, on the character and temperament of the dachshund and why he can't be trained and shouldn't be.
Some took a more benign view ; Thomas Carlyle in his book Sartor Resartus, wrote that a dandy was no more than " a clothes-wearing man ".
Some scholars believe that, because the only evidence for the " courts of love " is Andreas Capellanus ’ s book The Art of Courtly Love, they probably never existed ; to further strengthen their argument, they say that there is also no evidence that Marie ever stayed with her mother in Poitiers, beyond her name being mentioned in Andreas ’ s work.
Some scholars who maintain the antiquity of the Gospel of Barnabas propose that the text purportedly discovered in 478 should be identified with the Gospel of Barnabas instead ; but this supposition is at variance with an account of Anthemios's gospel book by Severus of Antioch, who reported having examined the manuscript around the year 500, seeking to find whether it supported the piercing of the crucifed Jesus by a spear at Matthew 27: 49 ( it did not ).
Some of his followers had heard of it and read it but Manson never used the book to justify the murders or any of his other activities.
Some breed registries have a closed stud book, where registration is based on pedigree, and no outside animals can gain admittance.
Some of these are collected in the book Roman cookery.
Some mosques have Islamic calligraphy and Quranic verses on the walls to assist worshippers in focusing on the beauty of Islam and its holiest book, the Quran, as well as for decoration.
Some of the early comic book competitors were Nuts !, Get Lost, Whack, Riot, Flip, Eh !, From Here to Insanity, and Madhouse ; only the last of these lasted as many as eight issues, and some were canceled after an issue or two.
Some parapsychologists have claimed that the aggregate results of ganzfeld experiments indicate that, on average, the target image is selected by the receiver more often than would be expected by chance alone ; these claims have been summarized by parapsychologist Dean Radin in his book The Conscious Universe.

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