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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 472
from Brown Corpus
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Some and us
Some of us have imagination and sensibility too.
`` Some day '', I told Eileen, `` that guy will kill us both ''.
Some sort of nemesis was haunting his footsteps, he told us in a quavering voice -- either an ape specter or Abe Spector, a process-server, we couldn't determine which.
Some of the lime that is always on hand in the Capitol basement for plaster repairs was slaked several months for us ; ;
Some lines of the Roman poet Claudian inform us that he heard a voice proceeding from a sacred grove, " Break off all delays, Alaric.
Some Boeotian vase-paintings show a caricature version of the episode, acted out by dwarf pygmies with negroid attributes, and an aged and lame Odysseus leaning on a staff ; they are the mute survivors of some rustic comedy tradition that is impenetrable to us.
Underlying all of this, however, is the idea that " Some things are up to us and some are not up to us " and we must react and interact with those things accordingly.
Some of these potential sources have not come down to us, and all of them influenced each other, which adds to the difficulties.
Reflecting the changed mood, the Conservative M. P Alfred Duff Cooper wrote in a letter to The Times :“ Some of us are getting rather tired of the sanctimonious attitude which seeks to take upon our shoulders the blame for every crime committed in Europe.
Some philosophers ( e. g. existentialists, pragmatists ) think philosophy is ultimately a practical discipline that should help us lead meaningful lives by showing us who we are, how we relate to the world around us and what we should do.
Some of the techniques that would be applied in anō pankration and katō pankration, respectively, are known to us through depictions on ancient pottery and sculptures, as well as in descriptions in ancient literature.
Some of the parts that would seem obviously the work of one of us were actually first penned by the other — I remember for example, writing the section on Gould's snails.
Some of these rays travel in such a way that they hit our eye, causing us to see the scene and so contribute to the final rendered image.
:* Victorinus had this to say of them " Some had doubts about the baptism of those who appeared to recognize the same Father with the Son with us, yet who received the new prophets.
Some scholars believe that Wilde would today have wanted us to read the version he originally submitted to Lippincott's.
Some philosophers have brought up some puzzles that are supposed to cast some doubt on whether the notion of omnipotence is coherent, or that are supposed to force us to rethink our notion of what omnipotence might be, anyway.
Some years ago one of us ( Novikov < sup > 10 </ sup >) briefly considered the possibility that CTCs might exist and argued that they cannot entail this type of causality violation: Events on a CTC are already guaranteed to be self-consistent, Novikov argued ; they influence each other around a closed curve in a self-adjusted, cyclical, self-consistent way.
Some are still trusted by us and are being trained as our successors, persons like Khruschev for example, who are still nestling beside us.
She imagines that " the quick comedians / Extemporally will stage us, and present / Our Alexandrian revels: Antony / Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see / Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness / I ' th ' posture of a whore.
Some commentators justify his acceptance of immoral and criminal actions by leaders by arguing that he lived during a time of continuous political conflict and instability in Italy, and that his influence has increased the " pleasures, equality and freedom " of many people, loosening the grip of medieval Catholicism's " classical teleology ", which " disregarded not only the needs of individuals and the wants of the common man, but stifled innovation, enterprise, and enquiry into cause and effect relationships that now allow us to control nature ".

Some and might
Some day we might see a Federation of Prison and Jail Inmates, with a leader busily trying to organize reformatory occupants, defendants out on bail, convicts opposed to probation officers, etc..
Some special health requirements might have to be met.
Some observers speculated that this might be his revenge on his home town.
Some medications someone with this phobia might take would include anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants.
Some jurisdictions allow force to be used in defense of property, to prevent damage either in its own right, or under one or both of the preceding classes of defense in that a threat or attempt to damage property might be considered a crime ( in English law, under s5 Criminal Damage Act 1971 it may be argued that the defendant has a lawful excuse to damaging property during the defense and a defense under s3 Criminal Law Act 1967 ) subject to the need to deter vigilantes and excessive self-help.
Some evidence also suggests ACE inhibitors might increase inflammation-related pain, perhaps mediated by the buildup of bradykinin that accompanies ACE inhibition.
Some argue that the Aberdeen Bestiary might be the older of the two.
Some time later, they were taken from Alexandria to Constantinople, so that they might escape the destruction being perpetrated by invading Saracens.
Some fire departments also use a converted bus as a command post, while those in cold climates might retain a bus as a heated shelter at fire scenes.
Some organisations adapt and operate playbuses or learning buses to provide a playground or learning environments to children who might not have access to proper play areas.
Some theorists, however, have speculated on what they consider suitable pre-conditions, and basic mechanisms that might have been important driving forces.
Some music historians argue that Chicanos of Los Angeles in the late 1970s might have independently co-founded punk rock along with the already-acknowledged founders from British-European sources when introduced to the US in major cities.
Some nationwide celebrities might command some attention outside their own nation ; for example, the singer Lara Fabian is widely known in the French-speaking world, but only had a couple of Billboard hits in the U. S., whereas the francophone Canadian singer Celine Dion is well known in both the French-speaking world and in the U. S.
Some critical observers consider that Uribe's policies, while admittedly reducing crime and guerrilla activity, might be too slanted in favor of a military solution to Colombia's internal war, neglecting grave social and human rights concerns to a certain extent.
Some astronomers had suggested that the impacts might have a noticeable effect on the Io torus, a torus of high-energy particles connecting Jupiter with the highly volcanic moon Io.
Some might, for instance, see Christ's death and resurrection in terms not of actual physical reanimation, but in terms of the good news of Jesus ' teaching: that God's children are no longer slaves to the power of death.
Some elaboration is needed because ƒ ( t ) might not even be integrable.
Some suggested various industrial activities around the Dead Sea might need to be reduced.
Some examples might be " all houses ", " all two-story houses ", or " all places where people spend time ".
Some scholars, such as Michael V. Fox, have suggested that Ecclesiastes might have been influenced by philosophies such as Stoicism and Epicureanism:
Some celebrity Actors have favorite Cutters, and larger productions may hire several and have them on set at the same time, particularly in period film projects that might have complicated or expensive extras wardrobe.
Some fantasy-type films might also include quasi-religious or supernatural characters such as angels, lesser gods, fairies or in the case of live action / animation hybrids cartoon characters.
Some councils, like that at Stroud, Gloucestershire and Loerrach provide approved areas round the town where graffiti artists can showcase their talents, including underpasses, car parks and walls that might otherwise prove a target for the ' spray and run.
Some assume that tongues are " a sign for unbelievers that they might believe ", and so advocate it as a means of evangelism.

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