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Some and older
Some of the poetic cadence of the older version certainly is lost in the newer one, but almost anyone, with a fair knowledge of the English language, can understand the meaning, without the necessity of interpretation by a Biblical scholar.
Some argue that the Aberdeen Bestiary might be the older of the two.
Some parents have said they allowed their children to cross-dress and, in many cases, the child stopped when they became older.
Some older astronomy books give an alternative spelling of the name, Camelopardus.
Some much older arches approximate catenaries, an example of which is the Arch of Taq-i Kisra in Ctesiphon.
Some critics have suggested that unlike CCM and older Christian rock, Christian alternative rock generally emphasizes musical style over lyrical content as a defining genre characteristic, though the degree to which the faith appears in the music varies from artist to artist.
Some gaps in the list of benefits bestowed on cities recently annexed by Hammurabi may imply that it is older than the famous stele ( it is currently dated to the early 18th century BC ).
Some older researchers including Richard Wright argue on the contrary that diprotodont remains from several sites, such as Tambar Springs and Trinkey and Lime Springs suggest that Diprotodon survived much longer, into the Holocene.
Some people refer to Emacs Lisp as Elisp, at the risk of confusion with an older unrelated Lisp dialect with the same name.
Some older or high-end instruments have inlays made of mother of pearl, abalone, ivory, colored wood or other exotic materials and designs.
Some older textbooks use ( a, b ).
Some older composers in Naples, notably Zingarelli and Paisiello, were inclined to intrigue against the success of the youthful composer, but all hostility was rendered futile by the enthusiasm that greeted the court performance of his Elisabetta, regina d ' Inghilterra, in which Isabella Colbran, who subsequently became the composer's wife, took a leading part.
Some studies suggest that adolescent perpetrators of sibling abuse choose younger victims, abuse victims over a lengthier period, use violence more frequently and severely than adult perpetrators, and that sibling abuse has a higher rate of penetrative acts than father or stepfather incest, with father and older brother incest resulting in greater reported distress than stepfather incest.
( Note: Some older operating systems may handle such values incorrectly ( i. e., signed instead of unsigned ), which would make it impossible to access files larger than 2 GB in size.
Some older sources list a birth year of 1715.
Some of the older buildings, especially in the engineering faculty and the Aurobindo Bhavan in particular, have a strong Bengali influence which can be seen in the design of the pillars and even the wooden doors and windows.
Some vendors still ship their own version of the older < tt > ksh88 </ tt >, sometimes with extensions.
Some older textbooks use b.
Some were older and were named Linear A.
Some sections use the older yellow low-pressure sodium ( SOX ) lighting while others use modern high-pressure sodium ( SON ) lighting.
Some claims of continuity between contemporary paganism and older forms of paganism have been shown to be spurious, or outright false, as in the case of Iolo Morganwg's Druid's Prayer.
Some older generations speak Newfoundland English, but it is more commonly used by the younger generations.
Some older Irish pseudo-penannular brooches were adapted to the Pictish style, for example the Breadalbane Brooch ( British Museum ).
Some antique quilts made in North America have worn-out blankets or older quilts as the internal batting layer, quilted between new layers of fabric and thereby extending the usefulness of old material.
Some systems using these older architectures are still in use today in data centers with high data volume needs, or where existing systems are so complex and abstract it would be cost-prohibitive to migrate to systems employing the relational model ; also of note are newer object-oriented databases.

Some and usages
Some of these usages will also be geographically specific.
Some scholars make sharp distinctions between moral or ethical usage of the word Dao that is prominent in Confucianism and religious Daoism and the more metaphysical usage of the term used in philosophical Daoism and most forms of Mahayana Buddhism ; others maintain that these are not separate usages or meanings, seeing them as mutually inclusive and compatible approaches to defining the concept.
Some current usages are in BMW, Daimler-Chrysler and TRW.
Some usages of stationery, such as sending a manufactured reply card to a wedding invitation, has changed from offensive to appropriate.
Some bus lines still have the word " stage " in their names, though it is difficult to say whether such usages come from actual corporate descent from predecessor stagecoach operators, or is just a marketing strategy.
Some scholars use either term to denote the same practice, while others apply code-mixing to denote the formal linguistic properties of said language-contact phenomena, and code-switching to denote the actual, spoken usages by multilingual persons.
Some usages of the term include even wider areas, while others are more specific though with little consistency of definition.
Some usages of network configuration tools also serve to display and diagnose networks, for example:
Some of the bat ' leth's notable usages were in the episode " Reunion ", where Worf taught his son, Alexander how to use a bat ' leth and used one to kill Duras, another Klingon who had killed Worf's mate, K ' Ehleyr.
Some usages in mainly American pop culture have contributed to the spread of this word.
Some of the better-known usages include:
Some of the most common usages are for parks, golf courses and other sports fields.
Some usages of the term suggest that the phenome of a given organism is best understood as a kind of matrix of data representing physical manifestation of phenotype.
Some languages use the same verbs for dynamic and stative situations, while other use different ( but often etymologically related ) verbs with some kind of qualifiers to distinguish between the usages.
Some usages are Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide, and various How to guides.
Some usages further distinguish:
Some usages further distinguish:
Some consider the terms ( or some usages of the terms ) as demeaning to ' secondaries ' and ' tertiaries ', or as an undesirable form of pigeonholing, and so prefer not to classify their relationships in this way.
Some of its usages resemble those of Freemasonry.
Some of the usages mentioned are common in Indian English as well

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