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Some and people
Some people object to this in my writing.
Some people thought he lacked both ability and character, but most agreed that he was noble in appearance and, for a Russian, humane.
Some people believe she did.
Some people love to crack tile and it's amazing what beautiful designs they come up with as a result of their cracking good time.
Some people can carve most anything out of a piece of wood.
Some of those vaguely-imagined new, different people.
Some people have luck and some have no luck and that, whatever people who prefer order say, is the size of it.
Some of them came from people who identified themselves.
Some of the people who speak through my pages are famous ; ;
Some people said Linda had just announced the engagement to jolt John into some action, but when John came home from a business trip to Cleveland with Edythe, with Edythe his bride, it could no longer be John-and-Linda even to sentimental wishful thinkers.
Some people even focus on amateur telescope making as their primary interest within the hobby of amateur astronomy.
Some of the people of Curraun consider themselves Achill people, and most natives of Achill refer to this area as being " in Achill ".
Some people scream, cry, have trouble breathing, have excessive sweating or even heart trouble when they come in contact with an area near spiders or their webs.
Some researchers have speculated that this minority of Haplogroup C3 carriers among the Ainu may reflect a certain degree of unidirectional genetic influence from the Nivkhs, a traditionally nomadic people of northern Sakhalin and the adjacent mainland, with whom the Ainu have long-standing cultural interactions.
Some activists try to persuade people to change their behavior directly, rather than to persuade governments to change or not to change laws.
Some see them as a " popular university ", an occasion to make many people aware of the problems of globalization.
Some people, however, can continue to lose potassium while on an ACE inhibitor.
Some people suffer few apparent side effects from taking antipsychotic medication, whereas others may have serious adverse effects.
Some critics have also analyzed the use of alleged front organizations and conflicted patient " advocacy " groups funded by pharmaceutical companies that seek to set the mental health agenda, including the use of the law to force people to take antipsychotics against their will, often justified by claims about risk of violence.
Some people with albinism do well using bifocals ( with a strong reading lens ), prescription reading glasses, and / or hand-held devices such as magnifiers or monoculars.
Some people adjust easily.
Some people have reported a temperature differential as high as () between the inside of the dome and the outside.
Some bridges attract people attempting suicide, and become known as suicide bridges.

Some and contrast
Some believe that neck sizing will permit a larger number of reloads with a given case in contrast to full size resizing, although this is controversial.
Some areas, however, although arid, do have natural vegetation in contrast to the desert.
Some LCD monitors using this technology have a feature called " Dynamic Contrast " where the backlight is dimmed to the brightest color that appears on the screen, allowing the 1000: 1 contrast ratio of the LCD panel to be scaled to different light intensities, resulting in the " 30000: 1 " contrast ratios seen in the advertising on some of these monitors.
Some European languages, like Russian and Irish, contrast a palatalized lateral – rhotic pair with an unpalatalized ( or velarized ) set ( e. g. in Russian ).
Some films draw a direct contrast between the silent film era and the era of talkies.
Some The doctrinal problem of sangha-as-gem-to-be-revered they solve in two ways: firstly by stressing that the arya sangha is a much greater refuge than the lower levels of sangha, and secondly by stressing that sangha denotes the sacred dimensions of gathering as a community of Buddhists, in contrast with its more mundane dimensions.
Some of GIMP's tools have already been converted to GEGL operations ; mostly tools which modify colors, brightness or contrast have been converted.
Some languages contrast short and long diphthongs.
Some finishing processes may leave a corduroy effect, where the lines of harder late wood contrast with the often paler, softer, early wood.
Some of the pioneering techniques of contrast enhancement using Fourier analysis were developed at Ames in conjunction with researchers at ESL Inc.
Some idioms, in contrast, are transparent.
Some, like the Red Owl, have barely been seen or studied since their discovery, in contrast to the Common Barn Owl, which is one of the best known owl species in the world.
Some kaiju hung out with the heroes and provided comedy relief, in contrast to the darker approach to these characters from more mature franchises, like Kamen Rider.
Some of the Puritans, but by no means all, wore their hair closely cropped round the head, and there was thus an obvious contrast between them and the men of courtly fashion with their long ringlets.
Some teens were disappointed with the contrast between Spears's on screen personality as a " good girl " and her real life pregnancy.
Some variety developed within Lithuanian yeshivas to methods of studying Talmud and mussar, for example the contrast between breadth ( beki ' ut ) and depth ( iyyun ), or the place given to pilpul ( the type of casuistic argumentation popular from the 16th to 18th centuries ).
Some of the fan criticism is due to Jones ' high visibility and involvement as the " face of the team " which is in stark contrast to original owner Clint Murchison Jr.
Some evidence indicates that the cave bear only used caves for hibernation and was not inclined to use other locations, such as thickets, for this purpose, in contrast to the more versatile brown bear.
By contrast an anonymous 1881 review in the Peoria Journal said: “ they have lost the wild rhythms, the barbaric melody, the passion …. hey smack of the North ….” Some fifty years later, Zora Neale Hurston in her 1938 book The Sanctified Church criticized Fisk singers, and similar groups at Tuskegee and Hampton, as using a " Glee Club style " that was " full of musicians ' tricks " not to be found in the original Negro spirituals, urging readers to visit an " unfashionable Negro church " to experience real Negro spirituals.
Some of Tyson ’ s more hostile critics, by contrast, have acknowledged and respected the intellectual rigour of Tyson ’ s work, but have felt that he is too dispassionate and clinical an artist.
Some, like Sir Denis Bray, find the repetition of the words and rhymes to be a " serious technical blemish ", while others, like Kenneth Muir, think " the double use of ' state ' as a rhyme may be justified, in order to bring out the stark contrast between the Poet's apparently outcast state and the state of joy described in the third quatrain.
Some embrace it wholeheartedly as a sign of their connection to New Zealand, in contrast to the European identity of their forebears.
Some orientalists praised the religious tolerance of Islamic countries in contrast with the Christian West, or the status of scholarship in Mandarin China.

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