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Some and phenomena
Some of the earliest attempts to apply scientific methods to the study of phenomena relating to an afterlife were conducted by this organization.
Some years after the 1900-1901 publication of his main work, the Logische Untersuchungen ( Logical Investigations ), Husserl made some key conceptual elaborations which led him to assert that in order to study the structure of consciousness, one would have to distinguish between the act of consciousness and the phenomena at which it is directed ( the objects as intended ).
Some of the objects or phenomena designated as kami are qualities of growth, fertility, and production ; natural phenomena like wind and thunder ; natural objects like the sun, mountains, rivers, trees, and rocks ; some animals ; and ancestral spirits.
Some chemical theorists apply statistical mechanics to provide a bridge between the microscopic phenomena of the quantum world and the macroscopic bulk properties of systems.
Some phenomena are yet to be conclusively explained and may possibly be some form of optical phenomena.
Some philosophers focus on analyzing linguistic phenomena, such as sentences, while others focus on psychological phenomena, such as sense-data.
Some approaches tend to avoid giving any interpretation of phenomena or formalism.
Some of the precipitated water becomes groundwater, and groundwater flow includes phenomena such as percolation, while the conductivity of water makes electrical and electromagnetic methods useful for tracking groundwater flow.
Some minerals exhibit unusual optical phenomena, such as asterism ( the display of a star-shaped luminous area ) or chatoyancy ( the display of luminous bands, which appear to move as the specimen is rotated ).
* Some of Lem's other novels with similar themes ( the futile attempt at communication with alien phenomena which possess apparent traits of intelligence ) are His Master's Voice, Fiasco, and The Invincible
Some years after the publication of the Logical Investigations, Husserl made some key elaborations that led him to the distinction between the act of consciousness ( noesis ) and the phenomena at which it is directed ( the noemata ).
Some researchers simply study the beliefs in the paranormal regardless of whether the phenomena are considered to objectively exist.
Some of the specific mechanisms responsible for cultural and martial change extended from phenomena such as war, political and social systems, technology, trade and of course, simple practicality.
Some species of Armillaria are bioluminescent and may be responsible for the phenomena known as foxfire and perhaps will o ' the wisp.
Some quantum phenomena used for random number generation include:
Some phenomena are not best grasped from a more objective perspective.
Some of the natural phenomena seen in the sky are clouds, rainbows, and aurorae.
Some consider it the simplest theory to explain quantum phenomena.
Some scholars use either term to denote the same practice, while others apply code-mixing to denote the formal linguistic properties of said language-contact phenomena, and code-switching to denote the actual, spoken usages by multilingual persons.
Some onlookers reported other phenomena, including luminous mist and the showers of flower petals seen around and above the tree during previous visitations.
Some deities and sacred natural phenomena are also listed below ( Geary 2003: 155-164 ).

Some and depend
Some games, such as chess, depend almost entirely on player skill.
Some of these games, such as Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica, become real card games as the holder of the intellectual property develops and markets a suitable deck and ruleset for the game, while others, such as " Exploding Snap " from the Harry Potter franchise, lack sufficient descriptions of rules, or depend on cards or other hardware that are infeasible or physically impossible.
Some models in econophysics have shown that when agents are allowed to interact locally in a free market ( i. e. their decisions depend not only on utility and purchasing power, but also on their peers ' decisions ), prices can become unstable and diverge from the equilibrium, often in an abrupt manner.
Some applications of lasers depend on a beam whose output power is constant over time.
Some heroes and villains have no powers at all but depend instead on hand-to-hand combat training or advanced technological equipment.
Some agricultural areas depend on an accumulation of snow during winter that will melt gradually in spring, providing water for crop growth.
Some symbiotic relationships are obligate, meaning that both symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival.
Some types of transmitting antenna systems in the VLF, LF, MF and lower SW range depend on a good ground to operate efficiently.
Some countries also require that a naturalized national must renounce any other citizenship that they currently hold, forbidding dual citizenship, but whether this renunciation actually causes loss of the person's original citizenship will again depend on the laws of the countries involved.
Some Greens, such as those in Hawaii, find more effective alliances with more conservative groups ( Blue-Green alliance ) or indigenous peoples-who seek to prevent disruption of traditional ways of life or to save ecological resources they depend on.
Some shorebirds that depend on the resources of Mono Lake include American avocets, killdeer and sandpipers.
Some of the more advanced package management features offer " cascading package removal ", in which all packages that depend on the target package and all packages that only the target package depends on, are also removed.
Some courts and observers opine that cases must be dismissed because this is a constitutional bar, and there is no " case or controversy "; others have rejected the pure constitutional approach and adopted a so-called " prudential " view, where dismissal may depend upon a host of factors, whether the particular person has lost a viable interest in the case, or whether the issue itself survives outside the interests of the particular person, whether the circumstance are likely to recur, etc.
Some of the birds that depend on these marshes include: Wilson's phalarope, red-necked phalarope, American avocet, black-necked stilt, marbled godwit, Snowy Plover, western sandpiper, long-billed dowitcher, tundra swan, American white pelican, white-faced ibis, California gull, eared grebe, peregrine falcon, bald eagle, plus large populations of various ducks and geese.
Some other villages, such as Marmarita depend heavily on tourist activity.
Some viruses, with HIV / AIDS among them, depend on proteases in their reproductive cycle.
Some nations have moved to limit foreign ownership of cropland in order to ensure that food is available for local consumption while others have sold food land and depend on the World Food Programme.
Some of them have decreasing elements that depend on the size of the sorted array ( N ).
Some of the proofs of Fermat's little theorem given below depend on two simplifications.
Some depend on the executable storing explicit paths to the libraries.
Some depend on the special status of a person in Judaism ( such as kohanim ), while others apply only to men and others only to women.
Some versions of the Langlands conjectures are vague, or depend on objects such as the Langlands groups, whose existence in unproven, or on the L-group that has several inequivalent definitions.
Some think that sustainable flooring creates safer and healthier buildings and guarantees a future for traditional producers of renewable resources that many communities depend on.
Some Lauraceae species have adapted to demanding conditions in semi-arid climates but they tend to depend on favorable edaphic conditions, for example, perennial aquifers, periodic groundwater flows, or periodically flooded forests in sand that contains hardly any nutrients.

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