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Some and phonetic
Some pairs of consonants like p :: b, t :: d are sometimes called fortis and lenis, but this is a phonological rather than phonetic distinction.
Some websites and tools exist which provide a phonetic guide for Japanese web pages ( in hiragana, romaji or kiriji ); these are popular with both Japanese children and foreign Japanese learners.
Some backward messages are produced by deliberate backmasking, while others are simply phonetic reversals resulting from random combinations of words.
Some transcriptions render notation of phonetic variants used in some Vedic shakhas with variant transcription ().
Some old orthographic systems of Slavonic and Baltic languages used ſ and s as two separate letters with different phonetic value.
Some simplifications were based on popular cursive forms embodying graphic or phonetic simplifications of the traditional forms.
Some Swiss German dialects have three phonemes, / e /, and, in the phonetic space where Standard German has only two phonemes, ( Berlin ' Berlin ', Bären ' bears ') and ( Beeren ' berries ').
Some dialogue and song lyrics, especially for the chorus, are a phonetic approximation of West Country speech.
His literary and linguistic training consisted in a BA Degree ( 1934 ), followed by a Masters thesis ( or " dissertation "), submitted to the University of Cape Town ( UCT ) in 1942, entitled Some features of the phonetic and grammatical structure of Baca ( that is, of Bhaca ), which was an important early contribution to the study of non-standard Nguni languages, specifically, of a Tekela Nguni language.
Some phonetic characteristics of the language may be regarded as quite certain:
Some historians believe that the term Barghawata is a phonetic deformation of the term Barbati, a nickname which Tarif carried.
Some of the phonetic characteristics of the Faliscan language are:
Some accounts distinguish between " intrusive vowels ", vowel-like releases of consonants as phonetic detail, and true epenthetic vowels, which are required by the phonotactics of the language and acoustically identical with phonemic vowels.
Some Manchu names seem nothing more than partial phonetic alternation of other ones.
Some newspaper translations used also names Kelvin & Celsjusz ( after the Kelvin and Celsius temperature scales ) and Kalwin i Hops ( Hops is both attempt at phonetic approximation of Hobbes ' name, and onomatopoeia meaning ' jump ').
Some dialects may show more than one phonetic form, but the conditioning factors for such variation are unknown.
Some of these homophonic signs have received further attention and new phonetic interpretation in recent years, e. g. tà has been found to stand for / da /.< ref > Rieken, E. ( 2008 ): " Die Zeichen < ta >, < tá > und < tà > in den hieroglyphen-luwischen Inschriften der Nachgroßreichszeit.
She enrolled at UCLA, received her master's in 1963 and her Ph. D in 1965 ; her thesis was entitled, " Some phonetic specifications of linguistic units: an electromyographic investigation ".

Some and features
Some recreation features, such as scenic values and water interest, also have greater overall value than other interests.
Some of the features of the top portions of Figure 1 and Figure 2 were mentioned in discussing Table 1.
Some of their features are primitive while others are derived.
Some bridges accommodate other purposes, such as the tower of Nový Most Bridge in Bratislava, which features a restaurant.
Some components, which are often optional accessories on sports bicycles, are standard features on utility bicycles to enhance their usefulness and comfort.
Some breasts are mounted high upon the chest wall, are of rounded shape, and project almost horizontally from the chest, which features are common to girls and women in the early stages of thelarchic development, the sprouting of the breasts.
The John Lennon album Some Time in New York City features a song entitled " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", inspired by the incident, as well as the song " The Luck of the Irish ", which dealt more with the Irish conflict in general.
Some cultural features and customs of Hinduism continue to exist within the current society.
Some have suggested, however, that a fear of clowns may stem from early childhood experience, when infants begin to process and make sense of facial features.
Some proteins that are made in the cytoplasm contain structural features that target them for transport into mitochondria or the nucleus.
Some volcanic features can resemble impact craters, and brecciated rocks are associated with other geological formations besides impact craters.
Some mods add bots, while others remove features of the game, and others create different modes of play.
Some other features of this kind are helmet streamers — large cap-like coronal structures with long pointed peaks that usually overlie sunspots and active regions.
Some post-relational products extend relational systems with non-relational features.
Some of these common features are entirely realistic ( language, art ), and others plainly related to the game's fantasy elements ( magic, knowledge of the Fortune Deck ).
Some scholars consider the transition to have been more gradual, with some features already appearing among Archaic Homo sapiens already around 200, 000 years ago.
Some file managers contain features inspired by web browsers, including forward and back navigational buttons.
Some countries ' dances have features that are unique to that country, although neighboring countries sometimes have similar features.
Some notable observed features of galaxy structure ( including our own Milky Way ) that astronomers wish to explain with galactic formation theories include ( but are certainly not limited to ) the following:
Some of the drainage features on Grenada remain from its volcanic past.
Some publishers design games that contain instructions and game elements in more than one language, e. g. the game Ursuppe comes with rules and cards in both German and English ; Khronos features instructions in French, English, and German, and a Swiss game, Enchanted Owls, provides French, German, Italian, and Romansh rules.
Some of Galeon's features were subsequently ported to Epiphany ( now called Web ) – the descendent of Galeon.
Some features of Windows 7 are faster booting, Device Stage, Windows PowerShell, less obtrusive User Account Control, multi-touch, and improved window management.

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