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Some and prepaid
Some companies charge for technical support, either prepaid or by using a premium-rate telephone number ( such as the 1 – 900 numbers in North America ).
Some passes allow you to get free ( or prepaid for the duration of the pass ) parking, and free coupons to what non-holders
Some rebate programs offer several payout options to consumers, including a paper check, a prepaid card that can be spent immediately without a trip to the bank or even PayPal payout.

Some and card
* Surrender ( only available as first decision of a hand ): Some games offer the option to " surrender ", usually in hole card games and directly after the dealer has checked for blackjack ( but see below for variations ).
Some card games are designed specifically to be played as drinking games.
Some of these games, such as Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica, become real card games as the holder of the intellectual property develops and markets a suitable deck and ruleset for the game, while others, such as " Exploding Snap " from the Harry Potter franchise, lack sufficient descriptions of rules, or depend on cards or other hardware that are infeasible or physically impossible.
Some private car owners, known as white card drivers, provide a taxi service for a nominal fee.
Some third party hard disks for IBM PCs were sold as kits including a controller card and replacement power supply, and some were integrated with their controller into a single expansion card, commonly called a " Hard Card ".
Some retailers run their own rewards programs, such as The Body Shop's Love Your Body Card, Shoppers Drug Mart's Shoppers Optimum Card, Staples Business Depot's easyRewards Savings Card ( formerly Dividends ) and Sobeys Club Sobeys card.
Some systems use dedicated hardware to reduce the load on the host CPU, as with Symbolic Sound Corporation's Kyma System, and the Creamware / Sonic Core Pulsar / SCOPE systems, which used several DSP chips hosted on a PCI card to power an entire studio's worth of instruments, effects, and mixers.
Some early PDAs were able to connect to the Internet indirectly by means off an external modem connected via the PDA's serial port or " sync " connector, or directly by using an expansion card that provided an Ethernet port.
Some telephones have facilities to make calls through a calling card service whose access details and PIN are also stored in the telephone's memory.
Some role-playing game systems which describe themselves as " storytelling games " nevertheless use randomisers rather than story in the arbitration of the rules, often in the form of a contest of Rock, Paper, Scissors or a card drawn from a deck of cards.
Some hospitals and SAMU organisations now use the " Cruciform " card referred to elsewhere.
Some use word processors for letter writing, résumé creation, and card creation.
Some readers may have additional features such as LCD and function buttons for data collection purposes ( i. e. clock-in / clock-out events for attendance reports ), camera / speaker / microphone for intercom, and smart card read / write support.
* Some modern CPUs and microcontrollers ( for example, TI OMAP ) or sometimes even DSPs may have boot ROM with boot code integrated directly into their silicon, so such a processor could perform quite a sophisticated boot sequence on its own and load boot programs from various sources like NAND flash, SD or MMC card and so on.
Some argue that the benefits of playing this team strategy card game extend to those skills and strategies used in business and that the playing of these games help to automate strategic awareness.
Some variants require the player to announce when he only has one card left in his hand.
Some card readers have their own numeric keypad.
Some Type II cards, most notably network interface and modem cards have a retractable jack, which can be pushed into the card and will pop out when needed, allowing insertion of a cable from above.
Some nations have an identity card system to aid identification, whilst many, such as Britain, are considering it but face public opposition.
Some imagery remains close to that found in earlier decks, but overall the Waite-Smith card designs represent a substantial departure from their predecessors.
Some interpretations also suggest a link between the card and the myth of Isis and Osiris, a claim made about many cards.
Some say the card corresponds to the astrological sign of Taurus, others Leo.
Some decks, such as the Tarot of Marseilles, omit the name from the card.

Some and companies
Some companies find a little imagination helpful.
Some large telephone companies have toll-free numbers set up.
Some NES titles were developed by companies who had licensed their title from a different arcade manufacturer.
Some of the late 90s / early 2000s games were under development by other companies at one time, but rights to the game programs and all of the existing code was bought and finished by other developers.
Some critics have also analyzed the use of alleged front organizations and conflicted patient " advocacy " groups funded by pharmaceutical companies that seek to set the mental health agenda, including the use of the law to force people to take antipsychotics against their will, often justified by claims about risk of violence.
Some companies were able to make the move to the Internet and provide commercial products with BBS capabilities.
Some companies such as Topdeck Travel were set up to specifically use buses to drive the hippie trail or travel to places like north Africa.
Some companies are now making saxophones from phosphor bronze ( 3. 5 to 10 % tin and up to 1 % phosphorus content ).
Some companies also use BtuE6 in order to reduce confusion between a thousand Btu vs. a million Btu.
Some became independent companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, others were acquired by larger financial groups.
Some strips which are still in affiliation with the original creator are produced by small teams or entire companies, such as Jim Davis ' Garfield, however there is some debate if these strips fall in this category.
Some independent comics continued in the tradition of underground comics, though their content was generally less explicit, and others resembled the output of mainstream publishers in format and genre but were published by smaller artist-owned companies or by single artists.
Some sites are major FTP servers which mirror lots of other software, but others are simply servers owned by companies that use Perl heavily.
Some major companies include: Universal Spirit, AmeriCheer, Cheersport, Planet Spirit, Eastern Cheer and Dance Association, and the JAM Brands.
Some companies released patches for their products to make them function on the 6x86.
Some developments and shifts have made companies more conscious of the life-cycle of a customer relationship management system.
Some content-control software companies responded by claiming that their filtering criteria were backed by intensive manual checking.
Some companies, particularly breweries such as Alexander Keith's and Moosehead have played up a connection between folklore with alcohol consumption during their marketing campaigns.
Some individuals and companies also keep their backups in safe deposit boxes inside bank vaults.
Some generating companies are under capitalized and at times unable to purchase adequate fuel supplies.
Some companies, such as Pets. com, failed completely.
Some companies in the U. S. mainland still treat Guam as a foreign country and refuse to sell and ship items to Guam.
Some companies have a telecom team that is responsible for the phone infrastructure such as PBX, voicemail, VOIP, telephone sets, modems and fax machines.
Some companies sold new hard drives with OSR2 preinstalled ( officially justifying this as needed due to the hard drive's capacity ).
Some companies and independent smiths outside of Japan produce katana as well, with varying levels of quality.

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