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Some and psychologists
Some sociologists and psychologists have noted that autobiography offers the author the ability to recreate history.
Some evolutionary psychologists apply the same thinking to psychology, arguing that the mind has a modular structure similar to that of the body, with different modular adaptations serving different functions.
Some psychologists claim that research evidence for this type of far transfer is scarce, while others claim there is abundant evidence of far transfer in specific domains.
Some psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that there is only a small set of basic or innate emotions and that fear is one of them.
Some psychologists argue that only the " higher " intellectual functions constitute mind, particularly reason and memory.
Some psychologists propose that this processing gives rise to particular mental states ( cognitivism ) whilst others envisage a direct path back into the external world in the form of action ( radical behaviourism ).
Some philosophers and psychologists have tended to understand thought as basically a form of internal speech, suggesting that either this speech must be innate or thought has to be learned while acquiring language.
Some biologists, anthropologists and evolutionary psychologists believe this in-group / out-group discrimination has evolved because it enhances group survival.
Some U. S. states and territories, following the creation of the prescriptive authority for psychologists movement, have granted prescriptive privileges to clinical psychologists who have undergone additional specialised education and training in medical psychology.
Some psychologists use " confirmation bias " to refer to any way in which people avoid rejecting a belief, whether in searching for evidence, interpreting it, or recalling it from memory.
Some social psychologists identify it as linked to a signal of high social status.
Some psychologists ( Fordor, 1959 ; Ehrenwald, 1974 ) proposed that an OBE is a defense mechanism designed to deal with the threat of death.
Some psychologists advocate a positive psychology, and explicitly embrace an empirical self-help philosophy ; " the role of positive psychology is to become a bridge between the ivory tower and the main street-between the rigor of academe and the fun of the self-help movement.
Some psychologists cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.
Some evolutionary psychologists, in effect agreeing with Chomsky, argue that the apparent impossibility of teaching language to animals is indicative that the ability to use language is an innately human development.
Some social psychologists have argued that the act of freely choosing a specific therapy, together with the effort and money invested by the client in order to continue to engage in the chosen therapy, positively influences the effectiveness of therapy.
Some psychologists suggest changing norms of sunlight in particular can cause Seasonal affective disorder.
Some psychologists have theorized that the formation of youth culture is an attempt to adopt an identity that reconciles these two conflicting expectations.
Some psychotherapists and psychologists practicing various kinds of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology have continued to use Reich's proposed emotional-release methods and character-analysis ideas, but use of orgone equipment is rare, limited mainly to therapists who have been trained in " Reichian " institutions such as the American College of Orgonomy.
Some feminists and psychologists argue that such objectification can lead to negative psychological effects including depression and hopelessness, and can give women negative self-images because of the belief that their intelligence and competence are currently not being, or will never be, acknowledged by society.
Some, especially depth psychologists, also study the unconscious mind.
Some psychologists believe that a significant portion of human behavior is energized and directed by unconscious motives.
Some severe cases of micromanagement arise from other underlying mental-health conditions such as obsessive – compulsive personality disorder, although not all allegations of such conditions by subordinates and other " armchair psychologists " are accurate.

Some and fact
Some of us might be inclined to argue, in fact, that an independence of mind and action and an intolerance of regimentation, either mental or physical, are particularly Southern traits.
Some of them are obvious, such as the fact that we associate recorded and live music with our responses and behavior in different types of environments and social settings.
Some distribution costs are kept up by competitive pressure, some by the fact that the customers have come to expect certain niceties and flourishes.
Some clue to the character of London's approach in these discs may be gained immediately from the fact that ten of the 12 titles include the word `` percussion '' or `` percussive ''.
Some have understood Ammianus's testimony as a claim that at the time of Atlantis's actual sinking into the sea, its inhabitants fled to western Europe ; but Ammianus in fact says that “ the Drasidae ( Druids ) recall that a part of the population is indigenous but others also migrated in from islands and lands beyond the Rhine " ( Res Gestae 15. 9 ), an indication that the immigrants came to Gaul from the north ( Britain, the Netherlands or Germany ), not from a theorized location in the Atlantic Ocean to the south-west.
Some source texts discuss meat eating as a fact without referring to the ethical side of the issue.
Some question whether the translation " You, also, O Ethiopians / Shall be killed by my sword " is a good translation, given the fact that Ethiopia is a long way away from Jerusalem.
* Some disappearances had, in fact, never happened.
Some small differences arise from the fact that it has a higher atomic mass and is more electropositive than other ( nonradioactive ) alkali metals.
Some genetic studies seem to prove a Celtic descendence of most inhabitants in the region, but not Germanic in fact, that is reinforced by the Gaulish toponyms such as those ending with the suffix-ago < Celtic -* ako ( n ) ( f. e.
Some of the princes of these states were Persian client kings ; a disturbing fact in light of increasing tensions with that kingdom.
Some properties of the GCD are in fact easier to see with this description, for instance the fact that any common divisor of a and b also divides the GCD ( it divides both terms of ua + vb ).
Some sources indicate that Arden was Catholic based solely on the fact that she had, at one point, attended a Roman Catholic convent school.
Some arguments are based on linguistic analysis, others on the fact that Freyja was not known in southern Germany, only in the north, and in some places the two goddesses were considered to be the same, while in others they were considered to be different.
Some gemstone treatments make use of the fact that these impurities can be " manipulated ", thus changing the color of the gem.
Some of the effects of hydrocodone come from the fact that a fraction of it is changed to hydromorphone in the liver, as is the case with all codeine-based analgesics ( codeine into morphine, dihydrocodeine into dihydromorphine, nicocodeine into nicomorphine etc .).
Some chess pundits said she was unprepared for the tournament and appeared affected by the fact that she'd played less chess in the last three years to concentrate on her two children.
The Chinese translation of many Buddhist sutras has in fact replaced the Chinese transliteration of Avalokitesvara with Guanshiyin ( 觀世音 ) Some Daoist scriptures give her the title of Guanyin Dashi, and sometimes informally as Guanyin Fozu.
Some Japanese macrobiotic theorists, including George Ohsawa, stress the fact that yin and yang are relative qualities that can only be determined in a comparison.
Some suggest that a fealty relationship could in fact be involved.
Some phenomena depend on the fact that light has both wave-like and particle-like properties.
Some might try to argue that the answer to this question lies in the fact that such a creative being ( i. e. omnipotence ) isn't in need of any of those supposed necessities.
Some of the young polygynous men indicated that they found themselves trapped in polygyny as a result of the large number of single women who needed and were actually willing to have them as their husband regardless of the fact that they were already married.

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