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Page "Book of Zephaniah" ¶ 1
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Some and question
Some of those who question the value of BW have assumed that the only potential would be in the establishment of epidemics.
Thus, if what is at issue is whether `` All S is P '', it is indifferent whether `` Some S is not P '' or `` No S is P '', since in either case the judgment in question is false.
Some believe the revision in question was the work of a single reviser, who in his changes and additions expressed the local interpretation put upon Acts in his own time.
Some scholars even question the intentions of those developing the field of study, claiming that efforts to " develop " the Global South were never about the South itself.
Some religious leaders in traditional creedal Churches have also come to question the utility of creeds.
Some definitions focus on the question of the probability of encountering a given condition of a system once characteristics of the system are specified.
Some scholars question whether Frege's negative review of the Philosophy of Arithmetic helped turn Husserl towards Platonism, but he had already discovered the work of Bernhard Bolzano independently around 1890 / 91 and explicitly mentioned Bernard Bolzano, Gottfried Leibniz and Hermann Lotze as inspirations for his newer position.
Some theologians, within the Roman Catholic Church and elsewhere, question whether all such consecrations have effect, on the grounds that an ordination is for service within a specific Christian church.
Some shooters desiring to reload for obsolete rimfire cartridges alter the firearm in question to function as a centerfire, which allows them to reload.
Some early sources say that this was the bat he received from Apollo, but others question the merits of this claim.
Some approaches center on the question of compliance: why states follow international norms in the absence of a coercitive power that ensures compliance.
Some of these items include providing creativity training, having leaders encourage and model innovation, allowing employees to question current procedures and rules, seeing that the implementation of innovations had real consequences, documenting innovations in a professional manner, allowing employees to have autonomy and freedom in their job roles, reducing the number of obstacles that may be in the way of innovation, and giving employees access to resources ( whether these are monetary, informational, or access to key people inside or outside of the organization ).
Some of the external arguments are " arguments from silence " that question the authenticity of the entire passage not for what it says, but due to lack of references to it among other ancient sources.
Some test subjects paused at 135 volts and began to question the purpose of the experiment.
Some commentators question the idea that one can meaningfully categorize culture in terms of discrete units.
Some of these fragments have even been thought to date as early as the 2nd century ( i. e., Papyrus 90, Papyrus 98, Papyrus 104, and famously Rylands Library Papyrus P52, though the early date of the latter has recently been called into question ).
Some commentators and scholars suggest that it means Nazareth was very small and unimportant, but the question does not speak of Nazareth ’ s size but of its goodness.
Some might try to argue that the answer to this question lies in the fact that such a creative being ( i. e. omnipotence ) isn't in need of any of those supposed necessities.
Some critics also question whether even such low goals are realistic or attainable, and whether success can only be framed in terms of high test scores and high incomes.
Some have called into question whether the Renaissance was a cultural " advance " from the Middle Ages, instead seeing it as a period of pessimism and nostalgia for the classical age, while social and economic historians of the longue durée especially have instead focused on the continuity between the two eras, linked, as Panofsky himself observed, " by a thousand ties ".
Some question or request for clarification is acknowledged, and then the exercise is performed with openness to the issue.
Some believe that the question of the existence of any god is most likely unascertainable or unknowable ( agnosticism ).
Some medical geneticists question whether the term " syndrome " is appropriate for this condition because its clinical phenotype is normal and the vast majority ( an estimated 97 % in Britain ) of 47, XYY males do not know their karyotype.
Some journalists were still calling his masculinity into question, going on at length about his pomaded hair, his dandyish clothing, his treatment of women, his views on women, and whether he was effeminate or not.

Some and whether
Some of this may prove to be true, or even considerable of it, whether by genetic ramification or by diffusion and coalescence.
Some appellate courts, particularly supreme courts, have the power of discretionary review, meaning that they can decide whether they will hear an appeal brought in a particular case.
Some scholars favor the unhyphenated form antisemitism to avoid possible confusion involving whether the term refers specifically to Jews, or to Semitic-language speakers as a whole.
Some reports suggest Haznawi was pulled aside for screening while others claim there is no record of whether any of the four were screened ; the lack of CCTV cameras at the time has compounded the problem.
Some doubt whether there is a unified cognitive science and prefer to speak of the cognitive sciences in plural.
This may be the case for words such as church in rhotic dialects of English, although phoneticians differ in whether they consider this to be a syllabic consonant,, or a rhotic vowel,: Some distinguish an approximant that corresponds to a vowel, for rural as or ; others see these as a single phoneme,.
Some casinos require all players to make a minimum Pass or Don't Pass bet whether they are currently shooting or not.
" Some commentators have questioned whether Thatcherism was consistent with the traditional concept of conservatism in the United Kingdom, and saw her views as more consistent with radical classical liberalism.
Some scholars argue that, regardless of whether one system is considered better or worse than another, experiencing a different way of education can often be considered to be the most important, enriching element of an international learning experience.
Some churches use bread without any raising agent ( whether leaven or yeast ), in view of the use of unleavened bread at Jewish Passover meals, while others use any bread available.
Some Christian theologians, some fundamentalists, and others pejoratively refer to any philosophy which they see as literal-minded or they believe carries a pretense of being the sole source of objective truth as fundamentalist, regardless of whether it is usually called a religion.
Some time ago, when the reading public was alarmed at being told how London milk is adulterated, timid persons deprecated the exposure, on the plea that it would give instructions in the art of adulterating milk ; a vain fear, milkmen knew all about it before, whether they practiced it or not ; and the exposure only taught purchasers the necessity of a little scrutiny and caution, leaving them to obey this necessity or not, as they pleased.
Some scholars who maintain the antiquity of the Gospel of Barnabas propose that the text purportedly discovered in 478 should be identified with the Gospel of Barnabas instead ; but this supposition is at variance with an account of Anthemios's gospel book by Severus of Antioch, who reported having examined the manuscript around the year 500, seeking to find whether it supported the piercing of the crucifed Jesus by a spear at Matthew 27: 49 ( it did not ).
Some authors have questioned whether this hunting method actually occurred successfully.
Some pansexuals suggest that they are gender-blind ; that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.
Some factors that influence which classification information should be assigned include how much value that information has to the organization, how old the information is and whether or not the information has become obsolete.
Some orientalists have also questioned whether he really visited China.
Some devices with a badly designed programming interface provide no way to determine whether they have requested service.
Some casinos automatically call the ball draw at preset timed intervals regardless of whether or not players are waiting to place a wager.

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