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Some and recirculating
Some birdbaths use a recirculating pump as part of a fountain or water feature, and can include filters, a float valve-water connection for automatic refilling, or a drip irrigation emitter aimed into the bowl.

Some and systems
Some weapons systems have become obsolescent while still in production, and some while still under development.
Some phonetic features, for example glottal catch or murmur, are sometimes to be assigned to segmental phonemics and sometimes to accentual systems.
Some school systems provide written instructions to principals and teachers designating when certain information is to be recorded on cumulative record forms and explaining how the information is to be summarized and used.
Some US School districts and systems return to school in August.
Some belief systems, such as those in the Abrahamic tradition, hold that the dead go to a specific plane of existence after death, as determined by a god, gods, or other divine judgment, based on their actions or beliefs during life.
Some, like Hernando De Soto, argue that much of the poverty in the Third World countries is caused by the lack of Western systems of laws and well-defined and universally recognized property rights.
Some home sewage treatment systems use biological treatment, usually beds of plants and aquaria, that absorb nutrients and bacteria and convert greywater and sewage to clear water.
Some systems are vacuum-insulated, acting something like large thermos bottles.
Some proven intensive, low-effort food-production systems include urban gardening ( indoors and outdoors ).
Some systems used a CD-ROM drive to make the files available.
Some bicycle parts, particularly hub-based gearing systems, are complex, and many cyclists prefer to leave maintenance and repairs to professional bicycle mechanics.
Some systems have proposed as many as 90 subspecies, while recent DNA analysis has identified as few as five clades.
Some modern editing systems can use OCR techniques to read BITC in situations where other forms of timecode are not available.
Some linguists, such as John DeFrancis and J. Marshall Unger have argued that genuine ideographic writing systems with the same capacities as natural languages do not exist.
Some writing systems of the world, notably the Arabic and Hebrew scripts, and derived systems such as the Urdu, Persian, Yiddish, Jawi, and Ladino scripts, are written in a form known as right-to-left ( RTL ), in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side.
Some systems used both codes and ciphers in one system, using superencipherment to increase the security.
Some take the approach of looking for coherent justifications of established copyright systems, while others start with general ethical theories, such as utilitarianism and try to analyse policy through that lens.
Some critics of this approach feel that while these models approach biological reality as a representation of how the system works, they lack explanatory powers because complicated systems of connections with even simple rules are extremely complex and often less interpretable than the system they model.
Some jurisdictions give priority to motorized traffic, for example setting up one-way street systems, free-right turns, high capacity roundabouts, and slip roads.
Some masters use different systems, or even no system at all.
Some light rail systems may run on a narrower gauge.
Some missiles can be fitted with any of a variety of navigation systems ( Inertial navigation, TERCOM, or satellite navigation ).
Some GC systems allow such other resources to be associated with a region of memory that, when collected, causes the other resource to be reclaimed ; this is called finalization.
Some, like VirtualBox and VMware Player run on Windows and Linux hosts and can run many other operating systems.

Some and reduce
Some companies also use BtuE6 in order to reduce confusion between a thousand Btu vs. a million Btu.
Some types of smaller thermionic rectifiers sometimes had mercury vapor fill to reduce their forward voltage drop and to increase current rating over thermionic hard-vacuum devices.
Some performers use a noise gate pedal at the end of a chain to reduce unwanted noise and hum introduced by overdrive units or vintage gear.
Some systems cannot be reduced to triangular form, yet still have at least one valid solution: for example, if y had not occurred in and after the first step above, the algorithm would have been unable to reduce the system to triangular form.
Some foods, e. g., herbs and spices, are irradiated at sufficient doses ( five kilograys or more ) to reduce the microbial counts by several orders of magnitude ; such ingredients do not carry over spoilage or pathogen microorganisms into the final product.
Some forms rather more familiar to Modern Japanese speakers begin to appear – the continuative ending-te begins to reduce onto the verb ( e. g. yonde for earlier yomite ), the-k-in the final syllable of adjectives drops out ( shiroi for earlier shiroki ); and some forms exist where modern standard Japanese has retained the earlier form ( e. g. hayaku > hayau > hayɔɔ, where modern Japanese just has hayaku, though the alternative form is preserved in the standard greeting o-hayō gozaimasu " good morning "; this ending is also seen in o-medetō " congratulations ", from medetaku ).
Some ear canals are more hairy than others, but commercial powders, cleansing fluids and plucking of the hair can greatly reduce infections.
Some types of modern mines are designed to self-destruct, or chemically render themselves inert after a period of weeks or months to reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties at the conflict's end.
Some writers also underline the letter ш to reduce ambiguity further.
Some systems use dedicated hardware to reduce the load on the host CPU, as with Symbolic Sound Corporation's Kyma System, and the Creamware / Sonic Core Pulsar / SCOPE systems, which used several DSP chips hosted on a PCI card to power an entire studio's worth of instruments, effects, and mixers.
Some stations emphasize music, and reduce gags and call-ins in this period.
Some evidence suggests that people with certain circulatory problems, such as varicose veins, may benefit from the consumption of EPA and DHA, which may stimulate blood circulation, increase the breakdown of fibrin, a compound involved in clot and scar formation, and, in addition, may reduce blood pressure.
Some keyboards, such as the Kinesis, retain the QWERTY layout but arrange the keys in vertical columns, to reduce unnecessary lateral finger motion.
Some ammunition is even coated with molybdenum disulfide to further reduce internal friction-the so-called ' moly-coated ' bullet.
Some species such as Rosa rugosa and Rosa pimpinellifolia have densely packed straight prickles, probably an adaptation to reduce browsing by animals, but also possibly an adaptation to trap wind-blown sand and so reduce erosion and protect their roots ( both of these species grow naturally on coastal sand dunes ).
Some speculate that higher taxes could help reduce soda consumption.
Some medical researchers have proposed restricting skateboarding to designated, specially designed areas, to reduce the number and severity of injuries, and to eliminate injuries caused by motor vehicles or to other pedestrians.
Some sources prefer the term safer sex to more precisely reflect the fact that these practices reduce, but do not completely eliminate, the risk of disease transmission.
* Male circumcision and HIV: Some research has suggested that male circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection in some countries.
Some terrestrial telescopes ( such as the Very Large Telescope ) can reduce atmospheric effects with adaptive optics.
Some designs for SSTO attempt to use airbreathing jet engines that collect oxidiser and reaction mass from the atmosphere to reduce the take-off weight of the vehicle.
Some studies also said, beyond the opportunity for space construction and maintenance experience, reactivating the station would free up shuttle flights for other uses, and reduce the need to modify the shuttle for long-duration missions.
Some principalities taxed windows, doors, or cabinets to reduce consumption of imported glass and hardware.
Some believe that the new electronic scoring system will help to reduce controversy concerning judging decisions, but this technology is still not universally accepted.

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