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Some and researchers
Some researchers have speculated that this minority of Haplogroup C3 carriers among the Ainu may reflect a certain degree of unidirectional genetic influence from the Nivkhs, a traditionally nomadic people of northern Sakhalin and the adjacent mainland, with whom the Ainu have long-standing cultural interactions.
Some researchers state that the evidence-based approach to defining CAM is problematic because some CAM is tested, and research suggests that many mainstream medical techniques lack solid evidence.
Some researchers still advocate a handful of alternative cosmologies ; however, cosmologists generally agree that the Big Bang theory best explains observations.
Some clinicians and researchers are cognitively oriented ( e. g. cognitive restructuring ), while others are more behaviorally oriented ( e. g. in vivo exposure therapy ).
Some researchers think the spells are related to centers inside the brain, that regulate breathing, which may not be fully developed.
Some refer to this as addiction, but other researchers contest the use of the word " addiction " in this instance.
Some researchers on clairvoyance have tended to purposefully exclude negative findings from their reviews, thus biasing their own conclusions.
Some researchers suggest that sleep spindle, a burst of brain activity occurring during stage 2 sleep, plays a role in boosting consolidation of declarative memories.
Some older researchers including Richard Wright argue on the contrary that diprotodont remains from several sites, such as Tambar Springs and Trinkey and Lime Springs suggest that Diprotodon survived much longer, into the Holocene.
Some researchers have taken up speculative views, such as Jerzy Strzelczyk, who assumed that in the light of contemporary concepts and habits of marriage of that time ( when as a rule marriages were contracted with teenage girls ) is assumed that Dobrawa had passed her early youth, so, it's probable that she was in her late teens or twenties.
Some researchers claim that current cost efficient comparisons are not easy to make as public schools leave out major costs when calculating per pupil spending.
Some researchers such as Brengelman ( 1970 ), have suggested that, in addition to this marking of word origin, these spellings indicate a more formal level of style or register in a given text, although Rollins ( 2004 ) finds this point to be exaggerated as there would be many exceptions where a word with one of these spellings, such as ⟨ ph ⟩ for ( like telephone ), could occur in an informal text.
Some researchers state that 4GLs are a subset of DSLs.
Some researchers believe that there are actually two types of gambler's fallacy: Type I and Type II.
Some researchers note that his views failed to change in the face of increased social change of that time, invalidating many of his strongly held views.
Some researchers have attributed this rise to the baby boomer generation.
1 ) Some researchers ( e. g., Dalakas ) advocate the theory that the inflammation-immune reaction, caused by an unknown trigger – likely an undiscovered virus or an autoimmune disorder, is the primary, proximal cause of sIBM and that the degeneration of muscle fibres and protein abnormalities are secondary features.
2 ) Some researchers ( e. g., Engel and Askanas ) advocate the theory that sIBM is a degenerative disorder related to aging of the muscle fibres and that abnormal, potentially pathogenic protein accumulations in myofibers play a key causative role in s-IBM ( apparently before the immune system comes into play ).
Some language acquisition researchers, such as Elissa Newport, Richard Aslin, and Jenny Saffran, believe that language acquisition is based primarily on general learning mechanisms, namely statistical learning.
Some researchers have proposed a link to languages like Tungusic and Turkic, which are often included alongside Mongolic in a group called Altaic languages, though this is controversial.
Some researchers hypothesize that cholinergic treatments, such as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors ( AChEIs ), may have beneficial effects on myelination, myelin repair, and myelin integrity.
Some researchers add that Nichiren strongly criticized the esoteric rituals of other schools: “ As Sasaki notes, Nichiren ’ s view of the shift of authority from GoToba to Yoshitoki was inseparable from his criticism of the esoteric teachings.
Some researchers and clinicians working with PKU are finding Kuvan a safe and effective addition to dietary treatment and beneficial to patients with PKU.
Some instances of fraud amongst spiritualist mediums were exposed by early psychical researchers such as Richard Hodgson and Harry Price.

Some and consider
Some persons consider the work on a farm recreational.
Some consider this more of a short story collection ; Milne didn't like it and considered The Day's Play as his first book.
Some of the people of Curraun consider themselves Achill people, and most natives of Achill refer to this area as being " in Achill ".
Some consider that naming the concept " Kolmogorov complexity " is an example of the Matthew effect.
Some consider such use of the term " incorrect.
Some Protestants feel that such claims of apostolic succession are proven false by the differences in traditions and doctrines between these churches: Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox consider both the Church of the East and the Oriental Orthodox churches to be heretical, having been anathematized in the early ecumenical councils of Ephesus ( 431 ) and Chalcedon ( 451 ) respectively.
Some authors, however, consider alkaloids a special case of amines.
Some consider that this makes a case for replacing ATM with Ethernet in the network backbone.
Some mathematicians, especially in set theory, do not consider the sets and to be part of the relation, and therefore define a binary relation as being a subset of x, that is, just the graph.
Some Christian readers consider this story to contain an allegory, representing the interaction between the church as ' bride ' and God.
Some Anglican churches consider themselves both Protestant and Catholic.
Some Anglicans consider their church a branch of the " One Holy Catholic Church " alongside of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, a concept rejected by the Roman Catholic Church and some Eastern Orthodox.
Some theorists, however, have speculated on what they consider suitable pre-conditions, and basic mechanisms that might have been important driving forces.
Some within the cognitive science community, however, consider these to be vital topics, and advocate the importance of investigating them.
This may be the case for words such as church in rhotic dialects of English, although phoneticians differ in whether they consider this to be a syllabic consonant,, or a rhotic vowel,: Some distinguish an approximant that corresponds to a vowel, for rural as or ; others see these as a single phoneme,.
Some critical observers consider that Uribe's policies, while admittedly reducing crime and guerrilla activity, might be too slanted in favor of a military solution to Colombia's internal war, neglecting grave social and human rights concerns to a certain extent.
Some groups, Christadelphians in particular, consider that it is not a universal resurrection, and that at this time of resurrection that the Last Judgment will take place.
Some people, however, consider this tantamount to censorship.
Some speculate that the pope could leave instructions in writing, perhaps in his will, for the appointment to be made known after his death ; but it is difficult to imagine a case in which the pope would consider that his own death would remove the obstacle in the way of publishing the name.
Some authors have used " basal " differently to mean a clade that is " more primitive " or less species-rich than its sister clade ; others consider this usage to be incorrect, and many now discourage the use of that term altogether to avoid such implications.
Some European communities, claims Lemon, consider the Roma people to be of low caste.
Some professional exegetes consider the Bible, to a greater or lesser degree, to be a document of its time, taking on attitudes which may not be God's.
Some consider literary theory merely an aesthetic concern, as articulated, for example, in Joseph Addison's notion of a critic as one who helps understand and interpret literary works: " A true critic ought to dwell rather upon excellences than imperfections, to discover the concealed beauties of a writer, and communicate to the world such things as are worth their observation.
Some Anglicans and Old Catholics accept that the Bishop of Rome is primus inter pares among all primates, but they embrace Conciliarism as a necessary check on what they consider to be the " excesses " of Ultramontanism.

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