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Some and responsibilities
Some offices have very broad responsibilities, touching on almost all aspects of a university's instructional program.
Some consumer protection laws are enforced by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission, which also has anti-trust responsibilities.
Some of its foreign responsibilities were moved to the Office of Information Activities.
Some of the responsibilities of the Council include adopting ordinances, approval of contracts presented by the Mayor, scheduling times and places for council meetings and designation of the official newspapers of the municipality.
: Some responsibilities of owners of land crossed by a Public Right of Way
Some of these agencies exist solely for addressing certain types of emergencies whilst others deal with ad hoc emergencies as part of their normal responsibilities.
Some countries have issued penalties for those who trafficked child camel jockeys and ordered the owners responsibilities for returning the children back to their home countries.
Some of the basic roles, responsibilities, and powers of a city manager include:
Some blame the complete esteem with which the sovereign's office was held, justified by prominent French Roman Catholic theologians ( e. g. Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet ), and that the special powers of French Kings " were accompanied by explicit responsibilities, the foremost of which was combating heresy ".
Some of the responsibilities they must faithfully carry out are teaching, disciplining, the ban, leading in prayer, and the sacraments.
" Some contemporary Christian churches and religious groups hold the moral teachings of the Ten Commandments or of Jesus as the highest authority in any situation, regardless of the extent to which it involves responsibilities in law.
Some of the Council ’ s more important responsibilities and functions under the Act include:
Some of these states severed links with the British court system in 2001 by transferring the responsibilities of the Privy Council to the Caribbean Court of Justice, to speed up executions.
Some ministries have additional responsibilities in related policy areas such as infrastructure, public works, waterworks, construction, communication, housing and economic activities, such as industry and trade
Some provinces have bestowed foreign affairs responsibilities upon these ministers, although it is constitutionally outside of their jurisdiction to do so.
Some clinical dietitians have dual responsibilities with patient nutrition therapy and in foodservice or research ( described below ).
Some of the responsibilities of modern full-backs include:
Some academics expressed concern that governments could use republicanism to evade treaty responsibilities, while others, such as Professor Noel Cox, Chairman-Emeritus of Monarchy New Zealand, have argued a republic would not absolve the government of its obligations under the treaty.
Some of the department ’ s tasks are purely internal while others, for example personnel policy and common legal services, entail responsibilities across the sector as a whole.
Some ministries have additional responsibilities in related policy areas overseeing elections, directing the police, law reform.
Some seek this sort of salvation through forms and so escape responsibilities.
Some highway authorities neglected to carry out their responsibilities under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949.
Some powers of the county council were restored when the district councils delegated strategic responsibilities ( such as emergency services and public transport ) to the county-wide Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and joint boards.
Some of the captain's responsibilities are stipulated in the laws.

Some and Mayor
Since 2001, these have been led by democratically elected local councils, each headed by a Nazim ( the word means " supervisor " in Urdu, but is sometimes translated as Mayor ). Some districts, incorporating large metropolitan areas, are called City District.
Some cities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have the further distinction of having a Lord Mayor rather than a simple Mayor — in Scotland, the equivalent is the Lord Provost.
Some of the other important timba bands include Azúcar Negra, Bamboleo, Charanga Habanera, Havana d ' Primera, Klimax, Paulito FG, Pupy y Los Que Son, Salsa Mayor, and Tiempo Libre.
Some examples of colonial architecture include the Monastery of San Francisco, the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, Covenant of Santo Domingo, the Palace of Torre Tagle, and much more.
Some Beech Grove streets have been named in honor of notable citizens, such as Byland Drive ( Mayor Richard Byland ); Fletcher Lane ( former Fire Chief, City Councilman and business owner Robert Fletcher ); Killian Drive ( Father Peter Killian ); Newcomer Lane ( Town Board member and businessman W. S. Newcomer ); and Ticen Street ( Town Board member Willard Ticen ).
Some of its most famous people are former Mayor Burl Laxton, Al Carolla, Bradley Gregory, Eddie Payne, Davis and Dawson families.
Some of its most famous people are former Mayor Burl Laxton, Former Police chief Franklin Church, Al Carolla, Bradley Gregory, Eddie Payne, Davis and Dawson families.
Some believe the event was introduced in memoriam of Lord Archibald Kwigsworth MacKenzie Farkin, previous Lord Mayor of the City of Dundee, who was known to be fond of both fraternity and inebriation.
Some expected that Lastman would face Independent federal MP John Nunziata in the 2000 municipal election, but Nunziata nixed the rumours when he found that he could not hold onto his seat in Parliament while campaigning for Mayor.
Some have criticized Mayor Gavin Newsom for stealing Muni funds into the 3-1-1 system.
Some of those who attended the unveiling include The Edge of U2 and the Lord Mayor of Dublin.
Some of the Framework Knitters Homes date back to 1909, while the North Memorial Homes, financed by Sir Jonathan North ( former Mayor of Leicester ) were built in 1927 and opened in the same year by the Prince of Wales.
Some of the slogans used included " Vote for any candidate, but if you want well-being and hygiene, vote for Pulvapies ", and " For Mayor: Honorable Pulvapies.
Some believed that North York Mayor Mel Lastman ’ s political clout ( he was later elected Mayor of the amalgamated City of Toronto ) was crucial to the Sheppard Line proposal being implemented.
Some of the town's leading citizens were: the mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, Mayor Sam Booth, Sheriff Mort Metzger ( second sheriff seen in the series ), Sheriff Amos Tupper ( original sheriff ), and Doctor Seth Hazlitt.
Some of the more infamous cases included the assassinations of former progressive Mayor Manuel Colom and Social Democrat Party founder Alberto Fuentes ( both in 1979 ).
Some of their more visible actions included protests against an anti-gay episode on the popular TV series Marcus Welby, M. D., a zap of Mayor John Lindsay at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and later at Radio City Music Hall, a zap against Gov.
Some of Doyle's policies as Lord Mayor to make the CBD safer and more family friendly have caused mild controversy.
Some sources, such as dictionary published by the Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua, still use the five-vowel 1975 orthography.
Some argue that Badillo made a major career mistake in giving up his Congressional post for this appointed position under Mayor Koch.
Some of his well known roles included portraying collaborator entrepreneur Nathan Bates in the NBC television series V, Mayor Bates in the film Red Dawn, newspaper editor Perry White in the ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, district attorney Jim Trotter III in My Cousin Vinny and American President Richard Nixon in The Final Days, for which he received a Golden Globe award nomination.

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