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Some and simply
Some early AGP boards used graphics processors built around PCI and were simply bridged to AGP.
Some accounts claim that he simply vanished, however he suddenly collapsed.
Some of the authorship is attributed to " Men of Hezekiah " ( 25: 1 ), though it is stated that they simply transcribed the proverbs rather than writing them of their own accord.
Some groups of individuals who hold basic Protestant tenets identify themselves simply as " Christians " or " born-again Christians ".
Some designs had no explicit spring as such ; it was simply a compliant mechanism.
Some of them, such as the DBI family of modules used for interfacing with SQL databases, are nearly irreplaceable in their area of function ; others, such as the List :: Util module, are simply handy resources containing a few common functions.
Some sites are major FTP servers which mirror lots of other software, but others are simply servers owned by companies that use Perl heavily.
Some Christian groups focus on simply refraining from gay sex, such as Courage International and North Star.
Some examples include: to develop reasoning about perennial questions, to master the methods of scientific inquiry, to cultivate the intellect, to create positive change agents, or simply to teach pupils how to think.
Some ancient sources, such as Hippolytus, and some modern scholars consider that the epistle " from Laodicea " was never a lost epistle, but simply Paul recycling one of his other letters ( the most common candidate is the contemporary Letter to the Ephesians ), just as he asks for the copying and forwarding of the Letter to Colossians to Laodicea.
Some argue that these changes invalidate previous criticisms ; others claim that this is simply watering the process down.
Some modern reference works of history call Keitai simply King Ohoto of Koshi.
Some people flirt simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship.
Some defeated units simply left the battlefield and travelled home, regardless of orders.
Some scholars, for example A. Rousseau and L. Doutreleau, translators of the French edition ( 1974 ), consider that Irenaeus sometimes uses gnostikos to simply mean " intellectual ", as in 1. 25. 6, 1. 11. 3, 1. 11. 5, whereas his mention of " the intellectual sect " ( Adv.
Some listeners, such as Digby Pearson, considered them to be simply an in-joke or parody of grindcore.
Some individualist anarchists, such as Thoreau, do not speak of economics but simply the right of " disunion " from the state, and foresee the gradual elimination of the state through social evolution.
Some believe that the modern movement of anarcho-capitalism is the result of simply removing the labor theory of value from ideas of the 19th century American individualist anarchists: " Their successors today, such as Murray Rothbard, having abandoned the labor theory of value, describe themselves as anarcho-capitalists.
Some of this work led to pure improvisational performance styles, while others simply added to the theatrical vocabulary and were, on the whole, avant garde experiments.
Some drives will simply regard them as an even larger CD, but many models, recognising that there are no dual layer CDs, only permitted access to the first layer.
* Some transient receptor potential channels: This group of channels, normally referred to simply as TRP channels, is named after their role in Drosophila phototransduction.
Some believers claim that God, being omnipotent, simply altered things as needed and sustained Jonah-the same as in other miraculous accounts in the Hebrew scriptures.
Some lasers are pulsed simply because they cannot be run in continuous mode.
Some, such as David Lewis, have objected to paraconsistent logic on the ground that it is simply impossible for a statement and its negation to be jointly true.
Some misogynists may simply be prejudiced against all women, or may hate women who do not fall into one or more acceptable categories.

Some and advertise
Some scammers will advertise phony academic conferences in exotic or international locations, complete with fake websites, scheduled agendas and advertising experts in a particular field that will be presenting there.
Some panels advertise a resolution only slightly smaller than the native, such as 1360 × 765.
Some companies with ties to the government of China never advertise in any papers or magazines owned by Next Media.
Some animals advertise their defensive measures in advance, in case deployment occurs too late.
Some may even advertise services for transcript notation and diploma verification in order to seem more legitimate.
Some advertise other indicators of authenticity that are not relevant to academic credentials.
Some vendors advertise 24p products as a cheaper alternative to film acquisition.
Some blamed the failure on consumer confusion ; the large number of models was intended to accommodate retailers, who could advertise that they could beat their competitors ' price on equivalent models, while at the same time making sure that they didn't carry the same models as their competitors.
Some manufacturers maintain factory outlets which serve as both warehouse and retail store, selling products directly to consumers at wholesale prices ( although many retail stores falsely advertise as factory outlets ).
Some believe that because the film is a unique combination of genuine romance and dark thriller, there was no easy way to advertise it.
Some of Buzz's commercials were used to advertise the cerial in the UK during the early through to mid 2000s, when the name was changed and he was removed from being the mascot.
Some television networks use an on-screen graphic to advertise upcoming programs ( usually programs scheduled later the same day, but can also be for " significant " upcoming programs as much as a week in advance ) — this is generally displayed after the opening, during in-program credits, and when returning from a commercial break.
Some animals make use of aposematic signals, for example bright warning colouration, or sounds and smells, so as to advertise that they are poisonous.
Some animals, particularly gazelles, are known to stot, which, among other things, may advertise their unprofitability to predators.
Some supermarkets advertise the quality of their premium own-brands for example Sainsbury's television commercial featuring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.
Some bureaux advertise themselves as commission-free, which mathematically just means they further load their offered exchange rates.
Some New York establishments advertise " Cal-Mex " or " San Francisco style " burritos.
Some falsely advertise that they offer abortion services, attracting clients who wish to have an abortion.
Some crisis pregnancy centers advertise in a manner called deceptive by " the Texas Attorney General, the North Dakota Supreme Court, the Federal Centers for Disease Control, the National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood the New York Metropolitan Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights ", " NARAL Pro Choice America, Planned Parenthood Federation of America the National Abortion Federation, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union ".
Some companies started large mass media campaigns to advertise the fact that they had the latest tunes and largest collections of ring tones.

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