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Some and theologians
Some Conservative theologians, like Seymour Siegel have stressed that the word, " Conservative ," must be understood in the way it is used in the British political system: that the laws and traditions have to be conserved or preserved, with changes allowed only when there is an overriding reason — almost always, an overriding ethical reason — to do so.
Some theologians, within the Roman Catholic Church and elsewhere, question whether all such consecrations have effect, on the grounds that an ordination is for service within a specific Christian church.
Some theologians, such as Frank Charles Thompson, agree the main theme of Ephesians is in response to the newly converted Jews who often separated themselves from their Gentile brethren.
Some Christian theologians, some fundamentalists, and others pejoratively refer to any philosophy which they see as literal-minded or they believe carries a pretense of being the sole source of objective truth as fundamentalist, regardless of whether it is usually called a religion.
Some of the questions feminist theologians ask are:
Some theologians ' understanding is that Jesus healed all who were present every single time.
Some Christian theologians ( particularly neo-Scholastics ) saw Cantor's work as a challenge to the uniqueness of the absolute infinity in the nature of God — on one occasion equating the theory of transfinite numbers with pantheism — a proposition which Cantor vigorously rejected.
Some Western theologians have incorporated the essence-energies distinction into their own thinking.
Some contemporary Catholic theologians, such as John Wijngaards, dispute the Magisterium's interpretation of Natural Law as applied to specific points of sexual ethics, such as in the areas of contraceptives and homosexual unions.
Some modern Christian theologians argue that God's omniscience is inherent rather than total, and that God chooses to limit his omniscience in order to preserve the freewill and dignity of his creatures.
Some theologians have viewed God as all-powerful and human life as being between the hope that God will be merciful and the fear that he will not.
Some, including many Roman Catholic theologians, do not believe in a " time of trouble " period as usually described by tribulationists, but rather that there will be a near utopian period led by the Antichrist.
" Some people argue that this can also be taken as meaning not to kill at all, animals nor humans, or at least " that one shall not kill unnecessarily ," in the same manner that onerous restrictions on slavery in the Bible have been interpreted by modern theologians as to suggest banning the practice.
Some liberation theologians base their social action upon the Bible scriptures describing the mission of Jesus Christ, as bringing a sword ( social unrest ), e. g.,, — and not as bringing peace ( social order ).
Some liberation theologians, however, including Gutierrez, had been barred from attending the Puebla Conference.
Some Christian theologians, beginning with Paul of Tarsus writing in Galatians, have interpreted an allusion to crucifixion in Deuteronomy.
Some theologians argued that only after proof of the " quickening " ( when the mother can feel the fetus's movement in her womb, usually about 20 weeks into gestation ) that there was incontrovertible evidence that ensoulment had already occurred.
Some theologians say that, with divine providence, God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well.
Some Christian theologians have connected the concept of Shekhinah to the Greek term " Parousia ", " presence " " arrival ," which is used in the New Testament in a similar way for " Divine Presence ".
Some theologians explain that the redemptive value of pain makes pain lovable in its effects, even though by itself it is not.
Some Reformed theologians have mistakenly used the term " Arminianism " to include some who hold the Semipelagian doctrine of limited depravity, which allows for an " island of righteousness " in human hearts that is uncorrupted by sin and able to accept God's offer of salvation without a special dispensation of grace.
Some scholars have noted a possible motivation for this notorious advice: the theologians believed they had advised Philip as a pastor would his parishioner, and that a lie was justified to guard the privacy of their confessional counsel.
Some blame the complete esteem with which the sovereign's office was held, justified by prominent French Roman Catholic theologians ( e. g. Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet ), and that the special powers of French Kings " were accompanied by explicit responsibilities, the foremost of which was combating heresy ".
Some of the Monarchies of Asia Minor and European welcomed expelled Jewish Merchants, scholars and theologians.

Some and say
Some even say that this is the reason for the ultimate acceptance of the former.
Some reports say he was rescued from timely retirement by his friend, Congressman Walter of Pennsylvania, at a moment when the Kennedy Administration was diligently searching for all the House votes it could get.
Some critics say that the length of stay in a hospital is too long.
Some government scientists say privately that the figure probably is closer to 80 megatons, and that the full 50-megaton bomb that Khrushchev mentioned may still be detonated.
Some would say that they were not permitted to run their businesses only for profit ; ;
Some plants go overboard on one type of fringe -- say a liberal retirement plan -- and find themselves vulnerable elsewhere.
Some people have luck and some have no luck and that, whatever people who prefer order say, is the size of it.
Some say that literary criticism is a subset of literary theory.
Some stories say that he placed both Arcas and Callisto into the heavens as bears, forming the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations.
Some sources say that the city may have been named after the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca, who was supposed to have founded the city in the 3rd century BC.
Some sources say he used it as a base for his raids on shipping, yet there is no documentary evidence for this assertion.
Some toques were created so capoeiristas could communicate with each other within the roda without having to say a word, like Cavalaria, while others were created to define a style, like Regional de Bimba.
Some say the call to be eunuchs for the sake of heaven in Matthew 19 was a call to be sexually continent and that this developed into mandatory celibacy for priests as the successors of the apostles.
Some say he died after prolonged suffering following a single dose at dinner, and some have him recovering only to be poisoned again.
Some sources say McBride was asked for thousands of dollars in compensation from a businessman who owned the rights to the name Cleveland Panthers, an earlier failed football team.
Some Christian authorities say that the New Testament regards marriage as instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife.
Some say that the Greeks took the constellation of Centaurus, and also its name " piercing bull ", from Mesopotamia, where it symbolized the god Baal who represents rain and fertility, fighting with and piercing with his horns the demon Mot who represents the summer drought.
Some say that their canonicity seems not to have been doubted in the Church until it was challenged by Jews after AD 100, sometimes postulating a hypothetical Council of Jamnia.
Some theorists prefer to stick to Euclidean space and say that there is no dual.
Some sources say Poe's final words were " Lord help my poor soul.
Some mark Haeckel's definition as the beginning ; others say it was Eugenius Warming with the writing of Oecology of Plants: An Introduction to the Study of Plant Communities ( 1895 ), or Carl Linnaeus ' principles on the economy of nature that matured in the early 18th century.
Some say that they were godless people, who in their lifetime had denied the resurrection, and committed other sins ; others think they were those Ephraimites who tried to escape from Egypt before Moses and perished in the attempt.
Some, such as John of Salisbury and William of Tyre say Eleanor's reputation was sullied by rumours of an affair with her uncle Raymond of Poitiers, Prince of Antioch.
Some scholars believe that, because the only evidence for the " courts of love " is Andreas Capellanus ’ s book The Art of Courtly Love, they probably never existed ; to further strengthen their argument, they say that there is also no evidence that Marie ever stayed with her mother in Poitiers, beyond her name being mentioned in Andreas ’ s work.
Two months later Rowland Whyte wrote to Sir Robert Sidney that ' Some say my Lord of Oxford is dead '.

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