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Some and view
Some historians have found his point of view not to their taste, others have complained that he makes the Tory tradition appear `` contemptible rather than intelligible '', while a sympathetic critic has remarked that the `` intricate interplay of social dynamics and political activity of which, at times, politicians are the ignorant marionettes is not a field for the exercise of his talents ''.
Supporters of this view believe that “ to a hypothetical outside reader, presents Christianity as enlightened, harmless, even beneficent .” Some believe that through this work, Luke intended to show the Roman Empire that the root of Christianity is within Judaism so that the Christians “ may receive the same freedom to practice their faith that the Roman Empire afforded the Jews .” Those who support the view of Luke ’ s work as political apology generally draw evidence from the facts that Christians are found innocent of committing any political crime ( Acts 25: 25 ; 19: 37 ; 19: 40 ) and that Roman officials ’ views towards Christians are generally positive.
Some scholars believe that the apologetic view of Luke ’ s work is overemphasized and that it should not be regarded as a “ major aim of the Lucan writings .” While Munck believes that purpose of Luke ’ s work is not that clear-cut and sympathizes with other claims, he believes that Luke ’ s work can function as an apology only in the sense that it “ presents a defense of Christianity and Paul ” and may serve to “ clarify the position of Christianity within Jewry and within the Roman Empire .” Pervo disagrees that Luke ’ s work is an apology and even that it could possibly be addressed to Rome because he believes that “ Luke and Acts speak to insiders, believers in Jesus .” Freedman believes that Luke is writing an apology but that his goal is “ not to defend the Christian movement as such but to defend God ’ s ways in history .”
Some argue that the view of Arianism that exists to this day among most Christians would not have existed were it not for Athanasius.
Some of this material has been revised by Leo XIII, in view of archaeological and other discoveries.
Some, like René Descartes, have thought that this is so ( this view is known as dualism, and functionalism also considers the mind as distinct from the body ), while others have thought that concepts of the mental can be reduced to physical concepts ( this is the view of physicalism or materialism ).
Some church officials came to view granting land to noble families amounted to outright alienation.
Some analysts take the view that business-to-business marketers should proceed cautiously when weaving social media into their business processes.
Some historians who have examined the life of Cotton Mather after Chadwick Hansen ’ s book also seem to yearn for a positive view of Cotton Mather.
Some people contrast content-control with censoring, claiming that limiting the content one can view is similar to how dictatorships limit the content its citizens can view in order to promote one idea.
Some Jews contend that Christians cite commandments from the Old Testament to support one point of view but then ignore other commandments of a similar class that are also of equal weight.
Some Christians who view the Jewish people as close to God seek to understand and incorporate elements of Jewish understanding or perspective into their beliefs as a means to respect their " parent " religion of Judaism, or to more fully seek out and return to their Christian roots.
Some of them claim to be the one true Catholic Church from which, in their view, other Christians, including those in communion with the Pope, have fallen away.
Some modern deists have modified this classical view and believe that humanity's relationship with God is transpersonal, which means that God transcends the personal / impersonal duality and moves beyond such human terms.
Some deists view God in classical terms and see God as observing humanity but not directly intervening in our lives ( Prime Observer ), while others see God as a subtle and persuasive spirit ( Prime Mover ).
Some took a more benign view ; Thomas Carlyle in his book Sartor Resartus, wrote that a dandy was no more than " a clothes-wearing man ".
Some Shaivites hold the view that he is incessantly destroying and creating the world.
Some churches use bread without any raising agent ( whether leaven or yeast ), in view of the use of unleavened bread at Jewish Passover meals, while others use any bread available.
Some of the scholars that espouse this view include Albertz, Benoit, Cerfaux, Goguel, Harrison, H. J. Holtzmann, Murphy-O ' Connor, and Wagenfuhrer.
Some, such as Kirsopp Lake, find this view less likely.
Some proponents of spelling reform view homophones as undesirable and would prefer that they were eliminated.

Some and period
Some pastors have two sessions in one evening, with a refreshment period between.
Some of these were built during a period of war between Bolivia and Paraguay, in order to transport Bolivian troops and their supplies to the war front in the lowlands of southeastern Bolivia and western Paraguay.
Some critics talked more positively of the film, with Variety calling it " an elegant looking, period romantic charade ".
Some drinkers may drink more than 600 ml of alcohol per day during a heavy drinking period.
Some of the early reports explicitly indicate that Athanasius spent this period of exile in his ancestral tomb.
Some of the more notable aerial battles in this period include the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Midway.
Some Christians, such as Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, also have traditions of fasting, in which saints, as well as Jesus, are claimed to have been able to go for a period of time ( without any food, or with no food but the Eucharist ).
Some of the churches originating during this period are historically connected to early-19th century camp meetings in the Midwest and Upstate New York.
Some hypothesize that large quantities of wood were buried during this period because animals and decomposing bacteria had not yet evolved that could effectively digest the new lignin.
Some collectors focus on coins of a certain nation or historic period.
Some anthropologists, such as Tim White, suggest that cannibalism was common in human societies prior to the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic period.
Some years after their arrival, the Nephites met with a similar group, the Mulekites who left the Middle East during the same period.
Some interpret a literal, future, thousand-year time period in which Christ will rule over the Earth, a time which will be characterized by peace and harmony.
Some continued to use one or other of the calendars in force in the 1628 – 1969 period.
Some monitors will also switch themselves off after a time period on standby.
Some shops in the streets near the temple have existed continuously in the same location since the Edo period.
Some celebrity Actors have favorite Cutters, and larger productions may hire several and have them on set at the same time, particularly in period film projects that might have complicated or expensive extras wardrobe.
Some fears, such as fear of heights, may be common to all mammals and developed during the mesozoic period.
Some dishes may be pre-Ottoman, only taking Turkish names later ; Ash and Dalby, for example, speculate that grape-leaf dolmathes were made by the early Byzantine period.
Some of the best-known civilizations of prehistoric Europe were Minoan and Mycenaean, which flourished during the Bronze Age until they collapsed in a short period of time around 1200 BC.
Some of Spain's greatest music is regarded as having been written in the period.
Some horror films during this period, such as The Thing from Another World ( 1951 ) and Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers ( 1956 ), managed to channel the paranoia of the Cold War into atmospheric creepiness.
Some of those who argue that the Homeric poems developed gradually over a long period of time give an even later date for the composition of the poems ; according to Gregory Nagy for example, they only became fixed texts in the 6th century BC.
Some modern commentators see this period as a civil war between hellenized and orthodox Jews.

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