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Some Related Sentences

Some and well-known
Some examples of other well-known calculi are propositional calculus, variational calculus, lambda calculus, pi calculus, and join calculus.
Some well-known places have well-established names in other languages and writing systems, such as Russia or Rußland for Росси ́ я, but in other cases a system of transliteration or transcription is required.
Some well-known hemoglobin variants such as sickle-cell anemia are responsible for diseases, and are considered hemoglobinopathies.
Some well-known species give off a red color from carotenoid compounds.
Some well-known " true hackers " include:
Some well-known front ends, in alphabetical order, are:
Some well-known ferromagnetic materials that exhibit easily detectable magnetic properties ( to form magnets ) are nickel, iron, cobalt, gadolinium and their alloys.
Some well-known examples of custom microcode include Factor 5's N64 port of the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Star Wars: Battle for Naboo.
Some well-known music-radio formats are Top 40, Freeform Rock and AOR ( Album Oriented Rock ).
Some well-known songs are " Ol ' Man River ", " Can't Help Lovin ' That Man " and " Make Believe " from Show Boat ; " Indian Love Call " from Rose-Marie ; " People Will Say We're in Love " and " Oklahoma " ( which has been the official state song of Oklahoma since 1953 ) from Oklahoma!
Some of these depictions seem similar with Oriental depictions, especially with the well-known Babylonian daemons.
Some well-known punks have had biographical films made about them, such as Sid and Nancy, which tells the story of the Sex Pistols ' bassist Sid Vicious ( portrayed by Gary Oldman ) and Nancy Spungen ( portrayed by Chloe Webb ).
Some well-known female US vocal quartets include The Carter Sisters ; The Forester Sisters ; The Chiffons ; The Chordettes ; The Lennon Sisters ; and En Vogue.
Some well-known male US vocal quartets include The Statler Brothers ; The Ames Brothers ; The Chi-Lites ; Crosby Stills Nash & Young ; The Dixie Hummingbirds ; The Four Aces ; Four Freshmen ; The Four Seasons ; The Four Tops ; The Cathedral Quartet ; Ernie Haase and Signature Sound ; The Golden Gate Quartet ; The Hilltoppers ; The Jordanaires ; Mills Brothers ; The Rascals ; and The Skylarks.
Lardner went on to write such well-known stories as " Haircut ", " Some Like Them Cold ", " The Golden Honeymoon ", " Alibi Ike ", and " A Day with Conrad Green ".
Some of the more well-known topics in recreational mathematics are mathematical chess problems, magic squares and fractals.
Some of Suleiman's verses have become Turkish proverbs, such as the well-known Everyone aims at the same meaning, but many are the versions of the story.
Some secondary and tertiary sources including well-known and influential authors such as W. B.
Some of her more well-known successors include Lavinia Fontana, Barbara Longhi, Fede Galizia and Artemisia Gentileschi.
Some well-known examples of this include the back scabbard depicted in the movie Braveheart and the back scabbard seen in the video game series The Legend of Zelda.
Some well-known examples of tensors in differential geometry are quadratic forms such as metric tensors, and the Riemann curvature tensor.
Some well-known stories include Zhuan Zhu's assassination of King Liao of Wu, and most notably, Jing Ke's attempt on the life of the King of Qin ( who would become Qin Shi Huang later ).
Some are or were quite senior people at major hi-tech companies and others are well-known researchers ( see list with affiliations below ).
Some well-known men who adopted noms de guerre include Carlos the Jackal, for Ilich Ramírez Sánchez ; Willy Brandt, Chancellor of West Germany ; and Subcomandante Marcos, the spokesman of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation ( EZLN ).
Some well-known or commonly played Overtures:

Some and stories
Some of the oldest and most widespread stories in the world are stories of adventure such as Homer's The Odyssey.
Some hard science fiction stories use small ( possibly nano-sized ) paired wormholes dedicated to communication by means of a laser which traverses the wormhole.
Some such stories are exaggerations of actual events ; others are completely fictional tales set in a familiar setting, such as the American Old West, or the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Some stories say that he placed both Arcas and Callisto into the heavens as bears, forming the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations.
Some of the stories included in Saint Anthony's biography are perpetuated now mostly in paintings, where they give an opportunity for artists to depict their more lurid or bizarre interpretations.
Some early ' skyscrapers ' were made in masonry, and demonstrated the limitations of the material – for example, the Monadnock Building in Chicago ( opened in 1896 ) is masonry and just 17 stories high ; the ground walls are almost thick, clearly building any higher would lead to excessive loss of internal floor space on the lower floors.
Some stories he refers to are the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the departure of the Argonauts, Theseus and the Minotaur, Ariadne ’ s abandonment, Tereus and Procne, as well as Protesilaus and Laodamia.
Some songs are about history or stories of famous capoeiristas.
Some short stories set in the Anno Dracula universe have also included Carmilla.
Some anthologies of Linebarger's fiction include a chart, with each of his stories inserted into the appropriate slot in the timeline.
Some well known stories include the Yuan Dynasty story Circle of Chalk ( Chinese: 灰闌記 ), the Ming Dynasty story collection Bao Gong An ( Chinese: 包公案 ) and the 18th century Di Gong An ( Chinese: 狄公案 ) story collection.
Some of these stories are whodunits ; in others the criminal is well known, and it is a case of getting enough evidence.
Some of the gadgets ( dōgu ) are based on real Japanese household devices with fanciful twists, but most are completely science fiction ( although some may be based on folklore or religious stories ).
Some fans write fan fiction, stories based on the universe and characters of their chosen fandom.
Some parts of Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time ( 1840 ) are also considered to belong in the gothic genre, but they lack the supernatural elements of the other Russian gothic stories.
* Some scholars hold that there has been extensive editorial reshaping of the stories and statements within the Mishnah ( and later, in the Talmud.
Some stories claim the adolescent Matilda took the field in some of these engagements, but no evidence supports this.
Some of the Aztec stories about Moctezuma describe him as being fearful of the Spanish newcomers, and some sources, such as the Florentine codex, comment that the Aztecs believed the Spaniards to be gods and Cortés to be the returned god Quetzalcoatl.
Some scholars have theorized that Smith became familiar with the name " Moroni " through his study of the treasure-hunting stories of Captain William Kidd.
Some stories explore the relationships among child-rearing, pair-bonding ( romantic love ), and sexual activity.
Some regions independently developed a character similar to Nasreddin, and the stories have become part of a larger whole.
Some stories have been written with a proverb overtly as an opening, such as " A stitch in time saves nine " at the beginning of " Kitty's Class Day ", one of Louisa May Alcott's Proverb Stories.
Some of these books, such as The Number of the Beast and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, start out as tightly constructed adventure stories, but transform into philosophical fantasias at the end.
Some religious organizations and practitioners believe that some or all of their traditional stories are not only sacred and " true ", but also historically accurate and divinely revealed, and that calling such stories " myths " disrespects their special status.

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