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from Brown Corpus
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Something and can
Something of the behavior of clouds of small particles can be illustrated by the following field trials:
Something that is bistable can be resting in either of two states.
Something of early Saxon religious practices in Britain can be gleaned from place names.
Something similar to the interface can be seen in MediaWiki with the classic skin.
* Something resembling the idea can be found in Greek mythology, in the story of Cassandra.
Norman indicated in 1991 that he had wanted to postpone Something New under the Son, the first album in a projected second cycle of seven albums, but to record: " a more street-orientated, guitar based, trash can orchestra of angry and honest songs I was writing and recording.
In And Now For Something Completely Different, at the end of the song the Lumberjack is pelted with rotten fruit and eggs by the Mounties, who can also be heard shouting insults.
Something of its 17th-century origins can be seen today in an inscription at the entrance gate to Bunhill Fields: This church-yard was inclosed with a brick wall at the sole charges of the City of London, in the mayoralty of Sir John Lawrence, Knt., Anno Domini 1665 ; and afterwards the gates thereof were built and finished in the mayoralty of Sir Thomas Bloudworth, Knt., Anno Domini, 1666.
Something similar can be done for periodic systems, such as electrons moving in the crystal lattice of metals and semiconductors, using the so called quasi-momentum or crystal momentum ( Bloch wave ).
Something similar can be said around the well-known Russell's paradox ( Does the set of all those sets that do not contain themselves contain itself?
(" Something better than death we can find anywhere.
* Something can always be used to distinguish between what has and hasn't been effected by a cause
* In Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, the carnival's carousel can cause riders to become younger or older depending on the direction in which they ride.
Something much more intelligent than we can exist.
Her fame can be in large part attributed to the 1969 documentary Something Beautiful for God, which was filmed by Malcolm Muggeridge and his 1971 book of the same title.
Guidebooks can indicate locations by verbal descriptions ( for example " start in the third left-facing corner below the large, orange roof, left of the route " Something Interesting ").
Something is certain only if no skepticism can occur.
' Something can be skookum meaning ' really good ' or ' right on!
Because one can discover that " Something has Happened!
Something that is mere " daydreaming " or " escapism " from the viewpoint of a technological-rational society might be a seed for a new and more humane social order, as it can be seen as an " immature, but honest substitute for revolution ".
Taproot's future wasn't looking too bright until Steve stepped out from behind the drumkit and attempted the vocal duties, it turned out that Steve could sing quite well which brought Dan back into the fold to lay down the bass on some demo tracks ( one of which included the song from Taproot's debut album, ... Something More Than Nothing, called " Negative Rein4sment ", in which Dan can also be heard busting a freestyle on ).
Something of their parallel development and underlying rivalry can be understood from their respective projects to combine sculpture and architecture.
Something Wicked This Way Comes can be interpreted as an autumn sequel to the summer of Bradbury's Dandelion Wine.
While none of the characters in Dandelion Wine make an appearance in Something Wicked, William Halloway and Jim Nightshade can be viewed as one-year older representations of Dandelion Wines Douglas Spaulding and John Huff, respectively.

Something and be
Something indirect, mixed, reconciling, tensional might well be the stratagem, the devious technique by which a poet indulged in all kinds of talk about love and anger and even in something like `` expressions '' of these emotions, without aiming at their incitement or even uttering anything that essentially involves their incitement ''.
Something had to be done ; ;
Something had to be done.
Something had to be done about the furnace, the fuel bills, the washing machine, the doctor and dentist bills, about making money stretch for food, for the mortgage, for taxes, for shoes, for half soles, for overshoes, for clothes, for the new leaks in the roof, for gas and light bills ; ;
Something might be a kludge if it fails in corner cases, but this is a less common sense as such situations are not expected to come up in typical usage.
: Something must be done.
In the 1971 film And Now For Something Completely Different, the sketch ends with the shopkeeper explaining that he always wanted to be a lumberjack, and ignoring Mr Praline's protests of that being irrelevant, subsequently begins singing " The Lumberjack Song ".
The joke was that " SECAM " stood for " Something exceedingly Contrary to the American Method " versus NTSC " Never Twice the Same Color " whilst " Peace At Last " or " Perfection At Last " could only be obtained through the PAL system.
The concept of the Illustrated Man would later be reused by Bradbury as an antagonistic character in Something Wicked This Way Comes, the tattoos coming to represent the souls of sinful victims of a mysterious carnival.
Something similar appears to be the case with Ket.
Something as large as an animal cell, then, would be " adequately determined " ( even in light of quantum indeterminacy ).
Something that appeared to witnesses to be like a parachute descended over Thermopolis, Wyoming.
Something which is signified by the fact the fort at Carlisle was able to be refurbished in 83AD using oak timbers from further afield rather than the local Alder.
Others included " Mean Mr. Mustard " and " Polythene Pam " ( both of which would be used for the medley on Abbey Road ); " Child of Nature " ( recorded with drastically different lyrics as " Jealous Guy " for Lennon's Imagine ); " Etcetera " ( a McCartney composition ); " The Long and Winding Road " ( completed in 1969 for the Let It Be LP ); " Something " ( which ended up on Abbey Road ); and " Sour Milk Sea " ( which Harrison gave to friend and Apple artist Jackie Lomax for his first LP, Is This What You Want ).
Something was done for its repression by a synod held by Turibius of Astorga in 446, and by that of Toledo in 447 ; as an openly professed creed it had to be declared heretical once more by the second synod of Braga in 563, a sign that Priscillianist asceticism was still strong long after his execution.
Co-creator Matt Maiellaro announced that for the 2012 season the show's title would be changed to Aqua Something You Know Whatever and that it is the producer's intention to change the title every year.
She wrote " Something borrowed ", which will be released as a movie in summer 2011.

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